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Kick (what’s behind the story)

Kick (what’s behind the story)

Kick is all set to release on Eid 25th july in the month of Ramdan. Kick starring Salman Khan in negative role as he plays as devil in the movie. Among the three Khan’s SRK and Amir has successfully played devil as in DON and in DHOOM3. In 2014 Salman’s playing as devil is going to hit silver screen. Now the question arises will DABANG Khan do it this time also by surpassing Dhoom3’s record of collecting more than Rs 500Cr business.

Inclusion of Sex Trade and Drug Trafficking in GDP – Where the Western Culture is Heading?

In the Bible, financial transactions based on interest are prohibited explicitly. This divine instruction was strictly followed by Jesus. It is written in the Bible that once Jesus threw out those Moneylenders from the premises of the temple who were involved in the money lending business based on interest. Read More

Murder and Gangrapes in India- Post Mortem of Indian Judiciary (Part – 3)

Murder and Gangrapes in India- Post Mortem of Indian Judiciary (Part - 3) Till now we have discussed various laws that have been introduced in the constitution to help the rape victims in India. Also, we have discussed other issues that influence the implementation of these laws and their consequences.