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Updated by WebMedia University on Aug 17, 2016
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Social Media Marketing

How to Turn a Twitter Follower Into a Lead

One of the biggest criticisms that businesses have about Twitter is that for all the hype surrounding it, the platform doesn't drive real results. Although it's easy to understand why plenty of businesses feel that way, it's not actually a problem with Twitter.

7 Smart Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

After you get used to how Pinterest works, one of the goals you'll likely have is to increase your total number of followers. While pursuing quantity simply for the sake of vanity metrics isn't the most effective strategy, there are definite benefits to increasing the number of targeted followers your profile has.

6 Social Media Do's and Don'ts from the Experts

I've always felt that the best way to learn something new is to follow the lead of people I admire, and learn from the work they've done to be successful. Social media is a great example of this. Recently, I've been keeping an eye on some well-known social media experts or, "influencers," to see what I could learn.

The Top 5 Pinterest Marketing

Earlier this year, Pinterest's head engineer, Joy Jenkins, said, "Pinterest isn't fundamentally about connecting people to other people. It's about connecting people to interests." To some, Jenkins may have sounded like a character from HBO's Silicon Valley. After all, isn't the ultimate purpose of any social-media channel to connect people in some way?

Pinterest Group Boards - What are the Pros and Cons?

It generally doesn't take a whole lot of time for new Pinterest users to be invited to participate in a group board. One reason those invitations are so common is because it's quite easy to start this type of board. All it requires is for at least two people to pin on the same board.

5 Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Social media marketing holds a special allure for startups. It is the best vehicle, ever, for propelling your new business forward fast and gaining momentum you can build on. However, social media has to be done right. To execute properly, you have to begin strong, know what to do and what to avoid.

Web Media University Offers Social Media Management Certification

Social media marketing is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the latest CMO survey from the Duke University Fuqua School of Business found out that companies will spend more than 10% of their marketing budgets on social media efforts this year.

Why Social Media Marketing? - Social Media Quickstarter

A report from Monetate, an e-commerce software firm, has found that email marketing is still driving more overall sales than social media efforts. But there's no need to start grappling your forehead and deleting Facebook Pages left and right. It's important to keep in mind that all of these channels work together, not against each other.

4 Great Ways You Can Use Content Marketing to Build Your Personal Brand

You've probably read at least a handful of blog posts that talk about content marketing. If you spend a fair amount of time reading about online marketing, you've probably actually come across a few case studies about content marketing.

Clear Your Mind, Be the Brand and Take the Social-Media Spotlight

Being the voice of a brand in social media is like acting on a stage. Having worked with social media for restaurants, wineries, music artists and many other brands, I've learned to take many queues from the basic principles of acting.

What's the Best Way to Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing?

Although hashtags started out as something that only applied to Twitter, as a result of their ongoing popularity among social media users, they've become part of other sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Top 10 Social Media Tips for Small Business Marketing

Social media, popular Web-based technologies that let people socially interact with one another online, has changed the way small businesses communicate with customers and market products and services. Social media lets many businesses -- especially small businesses that cannot afford to launch private online communities -- interact with customers in a more personal way to build better customer relationships.

YouTube Training Guide: Why All Businesses Should Have a YouTube Channel

While just about everyone has watched videos on YouTube, not every business is sure if this site is the right fit for them. Since the homepage is often filled with cats, pranks, sports clips and music videos, it may seem like the wrong place to focus any online marketing effort.

9 Proven Steps To Improve Your Google Rankings

Posted by John Paul Aguiar in SEO Steps To Improve Google Rankings Today I wanted to share some basic steps to getting higher Google rankings for your blog.

5 New & Improved Twitter Features Marketers Should Use

Twitter continued to evolve its business as a media, advertising, and social platform to tackle the challenge of connecting every day with users and rolled out a new design that looks very similar to Facebook. The revised design offers several new features for marketers to take advantage of with brands, from advertising options to revised page layouts.

Essential LinkedIn Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide

Whether you’re using LinkedIn as an individual or as a brand, here you’ll find expert articles to help you develop a LinkedIn marketing plan and find prospects and leads.

4 Ways We Suggest Using Pinterest for Your Business

It is probably a very small secret to all of you that I am Pinterest obsessed. I jumped on to the Pinterest craze pretty early on and have been using it since I waited patiently for my invite for nearly 3 months when it first started. I remember reading about the goals of Pinterest and feeling as if someone finally figured out the exact tool I needed. Gone were the days of me creating folders with ideas and pictures of things I loved on my desktop. The Friday evenings I spent in high school cutting up magazines and collaging all my favorite images and type together trumped the Friday night football lights. Knowing all that, it is TRULY no surprise that I love Pinterest.

6 Things To Look For In A Social Media Certification Program

Thinking about a social media certificate? Make sure not to waste your money by checking for these 6 features in a course.

How to Double Your List With Your Fan Page

There is no substitute for an engaged, healthy email list. While I obviously LOVE social media, your email list is one of the few properties you actually own online. It is your real estate! With Facebook increasingly limiting our access and exposure to our fans’ newsfeeds, funneling your social media audience into your email list is more important than ever.

Things You Should Not Share on Social Media

Social media is so irresistible that it’s almost impossible to stay away from it. How many times have you come across a situation where you wanted to sign up for a new product or service and it wants you to sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account?

11 Tips for Using Images on Twitter

If you are one of those people who only uses Twitter via a tool such as Hootsuite, you may have missed all the image-related improvements made on Twitter in recent months. Twitter profiles have changed their look and you can now tweet images directly. In short, the site is now much more visual. Here are 11 tips for Using Images on Twitter:

Traffic Diversion Technique

Today I am going to share a foundational technique I use for all my new websites and the websites I am continuing to promote. This technique results in some highly relevant, very timely but lower quality backlinks going to my sites but more importantly FREE TRAFFIC!!

Tweet without worrying about the 140-character limit anymore

Imagine having to explain what your company does to someone or giving complex answers to questions on Twitter. Not easy, right?

Well, good news! Here is a little tool that will solve the problem for you.

Little Pork Chop slices long written content into 140-character chunks and publish them for you, one tweet at a time.

3 Tips To Take Advantage Of LinkedIn

It seems that new social media sites pop up almost on a daily basis, with a variety of quick-hitting pages appearing on the small business radar and then moving on just as fast. However, several stalwarts remain, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In order to help you with that important goal, here are three useful tips to take full advantage of LinkedIn:

Mobile Marketing: How to Target Your Local Audience Using Mobile Marketing

If you want to learn more about mobile marketing and how your business can successfully utilize it, be sure to take a look at our mobile marketing training.

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