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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 9.06 - 15.06.2014

Nike's Dystopian World Cup Ad is Like 'Gattaca' for Soccer

If Wayne Rooney wasn't a footballer, he'd probably be a fisherman. But the only way he wouldn't be a footballer is if the clones took over. Nike's latest ad, "The Last Game," in support of World Cup fever takes on a similar premise to the latest dystopian sci-fi movie. Raises $11M To Rival Facebook For Simple Online Identity, the second-time around startup that lets you create a simple page about yourself online that others can use to find out a bit more about you, is today announcing another round funding, its second since getting spun out of TC's owner AOL after AOL originally acquired the startup in 2010.

Content Marketing: powstała grupa robocza w IAB Polska

W maju IAB Polska powołało do życia grupę roboczą content marketingu. Priorytetowym celem członków grupy będzie stworzenie Praktycznego Przewodnika Content Marketingu. -Źródło: IAB Polska; Photo: © thinglass - : : 29 maja, w siedzibie IAB Polska, została powołana grupa robocza ds. content marketingu w skład której weszli przedstawiciele agencji oraz wydawców.

Facebook Will Now Tell You Why You're Seeing Those Ads

Facebook is addressing the ick factor related to targeted advertising with a new feature that lets you discover why the company is showing you the ads you're seeing. There is also a mechanism to opt out of such targeting. The company in 2012 introduced ads that were served up based on the sites you visited.

Najlepsze zwiastuny z E3 2014 - od Call of Duty, przez Halo, Uncharted, aż po Wiedźmina [AKTUALIZACJA]

Największa, najbardziej ekscytująca cześć E3 już za nami - przynajmniej z punktu widzenia Jana Kowalskiego, śledzącego targi sprzed komputera w Polsce. Podczas gdy dziennikarze z całego świata ogrywają niektóre z najbardziej interesujących gier w Los Angeles, nam pozostają jeno zwiastuny. Które zrobiły największe wrażenie?

Clever Domino's Applies Physics Principles to Pizza Delivery

Thanks to a new innovation from Domino's it's a great time to be a pizza consumer, but not so great to be a pizza deliverer. As this video shows, the fast food chain is applying physics principles to pizza delivery to ensure your pie doesn't arrive resembling a regurgitated hunk of lasagna.

Instagram Expands Ads to International Users

Instagram is taking its advertising strategy global. The photo-sharing service owned by Facebook announced on Tuesday that it will begin showing in-feed ads to international users "in the coming months," according to a company spokesperson. Instagram will start with three countries - Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia - but more countries could be added in the future.

Case Study: How Pepe Jeans grew international influence, engagement through Facebook - Inside Facebook

Pepe Jeans London is one of the world's largest fashion brands. With over 300 stores on 5 continents, it is also one of the most global. And no one region dominates their global presence, rare even in the internationally-driven fashion world.

George R.R. Martin Joins Twitter, But He Won't Be Tweeting Much

George R.R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice of Fire, an epic fantasy novel series adapted into HBO's dramatic series Game of Thrones, has joined Twitter on Monday. Writing under the handle @GRRMspeaking, Martin published just one (slightly disappointing) tweet so far, saying he doesn't tweet much and pointing users to his LiveJournal page.

Facebook Poaches PayPal President David Marcus To Run Messenger, Maybe Monetize It With Payments

Facebook doesn't show ads in Messenger or WhatsApp. Instead, payments could be the key to earning money on chat, especially in the developing world where ad rates are low. If that's the strategy, Facebook just got the perfect executive to lead the charge. It's poached PayPal's president David Marcus to run its Messenger unit.

Ad of the Day: GoPro Gets Closer to Brazilian Futebol Than Anyone in Great World Cup Spot

From surfing the Pacific to hugging lions in South Africa, GoPro has built its brand around being a lens into parts of the world many of us will never see. But for this newest ad, the camera's crew got to experience their subject in a way even more personal than before.

Beckham and Zidane Star in Adidas World Cup Ad That's Actually, You Know, Fun

Epic ads are crowding the field ahead of Thursday's World Cup kickoff, but Adidas doesn't mind just having a little fun, sometimes. This spot from the official sponsor, via TBWA\Chiat\Day, finds retired giants of the game David Beckham (age 39) and Zinedine Zidane (41) bored while watching whippersnappers Gareth Bale (24) and Lucas Moura (21) playing EA Sports' 2014 FIFA World Cup video game.

Facebook Upgrades Embedded Posts

Today Facebook rolled on on update for embedded posts. The upgraded embedded posts now focus on visual content and faster load times. Embedded posts allow you to add any public Facebook post to a blog or website by simply copying and pasting the given HTML code into your site.

Nowy Listonic to już nie tylko lista zakupów. Polacy chcą stworzyć zakupowy odpowiednik Google Now

Listonic znów się zmienia i jest to kolejny krok w stronę podboju zachodu. Nowe wersje dla Androida i iOS doczekały się kilku drobnych zmian, a mimo to twórcy podkreślają, że ich aplikacja przestała już być tym, czym była do tej pory. Gdybyśmy pisali o wszystkich aktualizacjach w aplikacjach mobilnych zabrakłoby nam w redakcji rąk do pracy.

Google Is Making It Easier to Keep Up With the World Cup

Google is going for the goal in its coverage of this year's FIFA World Cup. Google launched a World Cup website - as a part of its Google Trends section - on Wednesday to make it easier for fans to get the latest stats, player news and live game updates in one spot.

SwiftKey for Android is now free with paid keyboard themes

SwiftKey is doing something unusual. It's long been one of the most popular paid Android add-ons to date, but apparently that's not good enough. The company is dropping the price of its keyboard completely, offering it for free worldwide.

President Obama invited Tumblr to the White House for questions and GIFs

President Obama has taken to nearly every major internet platform to hold online chats with Americans, and today he added Tumblr to that list. Obama invited founder David Karp and Tumblr to the White House for an education-focused Q&A session.

Nintendo will let you build your own Super Mario Bros. game

During its E3 presentation Nintendo just announced one of the most compelling reasons yet to pick up a Wii U. Mario Maker is essentially a Mario Bros. game construction set for the Wii U, letting users build their own levels - either in the classic Super Mario Bros.

Samsung "#GALAXY11: The Match Part 1″

Client: Samsung - Agency: Cheil Worldwide

Adeevee - Hellmann's ReciTweet: #ReciTweet action beats all records on Hellmann's Brazil Twitter page

The #ReciTweet action on Hellmann's Brazil official Twitter page (@hellmannsbrasil), which consisted in personalized recipes that were based on ingredients tweeted by users with the hashtag #PreparaPraMim (#PrepareForMe) without having to download any app or doing any research, achieved a record number for the page.

Oreo: #Dunkathon | Ads of the World™

Advertising Agency: Interface Communications, Mumbai, India National Creative Director: Robby Mathew Creative Directors: Ashutosh Joshi, Sricharan

Bic Is Trying To Make a Font Based on All the World's Handwriting

In yet another crushing blow to Comic Sans, pen-maker Bic is currently soliciting handwriting samples from anyone on Earth who wants to participate in its Universal Typeface Experiment. The goal is to create a universal font that will presumably supplant Comic Sans as the go-to typeface for amateur designers making birthday cards, lunch room signage, or business cards for toddlers.

HBO Play z nagrodą Promax

Aplikacja HBO Play otrzymała trzecią nagrodę w kategorii „gra promująca kanał albo program telewizyjny" w konkursie światowym PromaxBDA. HBO Play jest unikatową aplikacją dostępną na Facebooku służącą do budowania relacji HBO z fanami. Użytkownicy mogą brać udział w wielu różnych zadaniach, po ukończeniu których są nagradzani punktami.

Feedly And Evernote Go Down As Attackers Demand Ransom [Update: Second attack has been neutralized]

Update: 11:30am (June 13th) PST: "The second line of defence is up and wave #2 has been neutralized. You should be able to access feedly via, feedly mobile apps and third party apps. These criminals are determined to try to extort some money and we are determined to say no to extortion and focus on [...]