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Updated by Nivedita Ramakrishnan on Jun 26, 2014
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Top 5 Rotti of Karnataka, India

South Indian food has too many varieties in just one dish, and that's a fact. Here are the few top Rotti that are ever so predominant almost always. NOTE: Rotti are available almost everywhere, in all shops in Karnataka. Further, there are also specific shops in many areas dedicated to selling only rottis.

Akki rotti

Yes yes, the link has the basic to-knows. But take it from me that this everyday Rotti makes do for eating at literally anytime. It can be eaten just fine without any dips as it contains a myriad of vegetables it itself. This is a personal all-time favorite.

Jolada rotti

Corn makes up the main ingredient for this rotti. Surprising how corn can influence such a dish, eh? This fills the stomach so good that it forms a part of everyday meal. Its goodness is that great that there are many who simply cannot do without it!


Kadak rotti

Kadak rotti

A friend's mother hailing from North Karnataka says: 't's the dried version of rotti. Like a ready-to-be-made-rotti made from corn. Papad version of rotti' is what she says. It is crunchier than the other rotti and provides a good feel after eating.

Mangalorean Kori Rotti

"Kori Rotti is a Mangalorean speciality. Kori means chicken, and rottis, in this case, are not the traditional chapattis or rotis. They are a special kind of bread, which are made of rice paste and then dried, so quite hard and crispy and are made into sheets that are then broken into pieces."

Ragi rotti

This is by far the most widely consumed rotti in Karnataka. Let's just say that there are thousands of regions in Karnataka where Ragi rotti is just about staple food.
"Ragi is one of the ancient grains, native to Africa but very popular in Karnataka. It has been consumed for a long time and has remained popular even though evolving food pattern"