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Updated by KarenWendy Irving on Jun 13, 2014
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Great resources for bloggers

IFTTT | Social Automation for Working Smarter Not Harder

Julie Deneen shares how she manages to keep all her juggling balls in the air--and Julie's got a lot of balls! Wait, that came out wrong. But she really is a busy lady, and a wonderful resource person for anyone who wants to get a handle on this blogging thing. IFTTT (If This Then That) is a site where you can set up "recipes" to help curate content to your social streams...without annoying your followers. Always a good idea.

How To Find Your Social Share Stats in 5 minutes

The Blogging Betties are chock-full of excellent information, from "finding your social share stats" (say what?!) to blog monetization. You really want to check them out. Seriously, you do.

59 Tools, 9 Books, and 7 Great Pieces of Advice on Productivity

On Wednesday, June 11, Buffer kicked off a new weekly Twitter chat called #Bufferchat. I use Buffer to keep my social media under control, and I found the information from this chat invaluable. (If you have trouble keeping up with Twitter chats, try using the Tweetchat app to keep it all straight.)

How Graphics Can Increase Your Conversion Rate - Starting Today

I am a completely unabashed Canva fan. And the Canva blog is a fantastic resource for anyone who's interested in adding excellent graphics to their posts or social media shares. This article on "increasing conversions" with graphics is helpful, even if you're not sure what a "conversion" is (outside of religion or football, that is).

23 Rather Marvellous Twitter Best Practices for 2014

So you think you can Twitter? Sure, anyone can slap up a 140-word tweet...but there's more to it than squishing your thought into a tiny space. Passion Digital shows us how it's done!

Content Week: How to Consistently Come up With Great Post Ideas for Your Blog. : @ProBlogger

You've been there. We've been there. That horribly moment when you think, "ACK!! MY BRAIN IS EMPTY!!" Copyblogger to the rescue, with a list of places where you can find stuff to write about. And if you really get stuck, there's always the old standby, the post about your cat(s).

Shh! Work-around Can Help Recover Facebook Page Views

Okay, I admit it. I wrote this. But if you're a blogger who's run up against Facebook's new sharing algorithm for its Pages, you'll want to know: there's a fix. It's quick, it's dirty, and it least until they shift their algorithm again. So use this one while it's hot.

Feeling Uncomfortable: The Way to Create Amazing Content

More from the Buffer blog. Yep, I love this blog. They're constantly sharing information that helps me hone my blogging and social media sharing skills, and their ideas are the kind you can put into action right here, right now.

The Art of Blogosphere Conversation: Responding to Readers

Whether you blog on or not, the Wordpress Daily Post has excellent tips for bloggers, along with prompts and ideas for those days when you can't think of anything to write.

The Definitive Checklist For Effective Blog Post Promotion

Promoting a blog can be harder than writing it. Here's a checklist to help keep you on track!

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