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Degrease Shampoo

DeGrease doesn't only maintain moisture control by utilizing natural components which help balance sebum secretion levels, but it provides a solution instead of just keeping it under control. Your hair will be replenished and feeling better than ever. There's no need for an overload of vitamins or science lessons on how your scalps work. Simple problem, simple solution.

Hydrate: Shampoo for Dry Hair

Hydrate Shampoo is like a cold water bottle for a parched wanderer in the desert. Combining oil treatment with our premium dry skin shampoo formula for maximum results, a little bit goes a long way.

Sage for Dandruff

Shedding dry skin cells can be a major health and social hazard. Unfortunately, many hop from product to product aimlessly searching for the solution. Look no further - if you have serious dandruff, it's time for a serious solution. Empower the scalp. SAGE for dandruff.

Tea tree

Our Tea Tree Shampoo contains a special formula comprised of natural ingredients for those looking to combat mild-to-moderate dandruff and heal scalp blemishes - while clearing out old skin cells from hair follicles to stimulate new hair growth. This formula guarantees your hair the feeling freshness and revitalization after each use.

Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath

By taking advantage of a combination of aromatherapy and a profusion of bubbles, Lavender Hybrid Bubble Bath is a gentle and pleasant additive to any bath, whether it be a hot or warm. Both children and parents alike can enjoy the non-irritating bubbles which generously provide a full, thick layer of lavender hybrid bubbles across the tub.

Eye Cream

Opulence Eye Cream is the most efficient eye cream for dry, puffy, and sensitive skin under the eye. The reason? Opulence doesn't coat the eyes with vitamins which lighten the skin, rather a holistic approach is taken by first understanding what makes the skin around the eyes appear as it does, and then treating those imbalances resulting in naturally healthy skin.

Foot Scrub

Dry and calloused feet are not only highly unattractive, but uncomfortable and existent in the majority of the population in one area of their foot or the other. Assuage for Feet is a premium foot scrub that uses a natural, holistic approach to restoring smoothness to your soles.

Hand Cream

Assuage for Hands is a premium hand cream that uses a natural, holistic approach to restoring smoothness to your hands. Containing a moisturizing cream base with a unique formula attributing to the causes and conditions of dry, irritated hands.

Mud Mask

Maple Holistics’ Dead Sea Mud Mask: Mineral Youth is infused with this impeccable synergistic blend which carries a plethora of therapeutic benefits. This mud mask has created countless opportunities by reducing wrinkling and aging skin while providing a relaxing home spa experience.

Bath Salts From the Dead Sea with Lavender, Palmarosa & Clary Sage 100% Natural and Pure - Best Dead Sea Salt for Det...

No other formula for relaxation on the market compares to the therapeutic results you can reap from Moonlight. The end of the day is usually when you process the all of the events that occurred, which can sometimes be stimulating to the point that this keeps some up at night. This relaxing and highly therapeutic formula is infused with the necessary aromatherapy to help quiet the mind and the body. With Moonlight, you're getting the most out of your nighttime body soak while nourishing your body at the same time. Go to bed feeling relaxed and content.

Pure Dead Sea Salt with Eucalyptus for Men & Women - Four Different Pure Eucalyptus Species Synergy for Aromatherapy ...

Dead Sea Salt Eucalyptus Hybrid utilizes an effective combination of Dead Sea Salt (85%) and Epsom Salt (15%) to provide the most effective bath soak experience. Pure and straight from the source, Dead Sea Salt from Israel contains more minerals than any other sea salt (or salt substance) on Planet Earth.

Purest Vitamin C Serum + Vitamin E + Hyaluronic Acid

100% Undiluted and Natural Vitamin C Serum is the purest and most effective facial serum on the market. Maple Holistics Vitamin C Serum contains high-strength Vitamin C, with added Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid for boosted benefits.

Pure Clay Mask Treatment - 100% Pure French Green, Bentonite, and Fuller's Earth Clay Combination - Highest Grade & Q...

Ancient Clay utilizes a timeless blend of 100% Pure, straight-from-the-source clays for impeccable facial skin health.

Maple Holistics Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with Highest Quality HCA Formula & Premium 1500mg Per Daily Serving - ...

100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia weight loss and appetite suppressing supplement contains 65% HCA, with twice the amount of naturally occuring Potassium and Calcium of the market standard.

Maple Holistics Eucalyptus Serum

100% Pure Eucalyptus - Steam Distilled, No Additives, Unadulterated
Naturally herbaceous with soft woody undertones
Purest form of Eucalyptus essential oil available (Therapeutic Grade)

  • Maple Holistics is a dedicated provider of holistic and therapeutic beauty products. We have one vision in mind - to provide a natural, holistic panel of premium homeopathic products. The definition of homeopathy is 'working against the causes and conditions' of the product, as opposed to allopathy, which means' treating the problem by the use of agents that produce effects different from those of what you're treating'. Carefully formulated to provide the upmost quality, the products don't rely on perfumes drowned in sulphatic chemicals to do the job. Every product available is designed to target a specific problem and outlines the benefits in an uncomplicated, easy-to-understand way.

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