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Top Videos for Cruise Destination Little Diomede Island, AK–Created by Staff

Top Videos for Cruise Destination Little Diomede Island, AK – Created by Staff. Feel Free to add, vote or provide feedback to the list.

Our Alaska: Little Diomede Island

Visit Little Diomede, the one place in Alaska where you really can see Russia from your porch.

Little Diomede

The village of Little Diomede, Alaska.

Flying by Chopper from Little Diomede Island to Wales, AK

This is how we get off the island. 12/15/10

Landing at Little Diomede Island, Alaska

Coming in for a landing at the helipad at Diomede.

CNN Visits The Diomede Islands

Broadcast September 30, 2008. Gary Tuchman reports.

Landing sea ice at Little Diomede Island

University of Alaska Fairbanks Permafrost outreach network team (Kenji &Kaji, Dave as Pilot) landing at Little Diomede community (April 6, 2011).

Little Diomede Island

Long cut off from the world, the people of Little Diomede -- an Alaska village closer to Russia than America -- wants a boat harbor estimated to cost up to $30 million. Will the project usher in a new future for the village?

Going Up Top on Little Diomede Island

Going Up Top on Little Diomede Island Music by the Great Lake Swimmers Song: "Pulling on a Line" Used with permission -- check the band out at -- They are awesome!

Little Diomede in a Caravan

Short landing a caravan on the frozen ocean near Little Diomede island in Alaska.

Little Diomede Island: How We Get Mail

This is how we get mail. :) "A Letter always seemed to me like Immortality, for is it not the Mind alone without corporeal Friend?" - Emily Dickinson