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Sotrender Research Insight - zasięg płatny przewyższa organiczny

Czy treści, które użytkownicy oglądają w swoich News Feedach angażują ich coraz mniej, mimo że administratorzy stron płacą coraz więcej za reklamę? Czy zasięgi po zmianach EdgeRanku wciąż spadają, a zasięg płatny przewyższył już zasięg organiczny? Te i inne wątpliwości postanowiliśmy rozwiać w majowym Sotrender Research Insight.

Newcastle Brown Ale Is Giving Money To Twitter Followers

Since the 2014 superball and its now cult "If We Made It" ad campaign, Newcastle Brown Ale gained itself a place in our top "Stunt Marketing" players. And now they are back, this time they are going after Twitter followers.

Instagram 6.0 Seduces Pro Photographers With Adjustable Filters And 9 New Effects

"People come to Instagram today to post their photos but haven't come back to edit their photos" Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom tells me. So today Instagram is adding sliders to control 9 new photo effects and the intensity of its existing filters.

Is this Android's new logo?

Android's current wordmark, set in a futuristic typeface, has remained basically unchanged for as long as the platform has existed - but now, some 5 1/2 years after the T-Mobile G1's commercial release, it might be time for an update.

Nike, Samsung Top List of 'Braziliant' World Cup Brands

Greg Jarboe | May 29, 2014 | Comments Marketing technology platform Unruly has revealed the 11 advertisers whose soccer-themed ads have attracted the most shares online. Nike and Samsung are leading the race to become the top two social video soccer brands of 2014, according to the Unruly "Braziliant" Brands Tracker Chart.

7 Essential Free Tools for Social Media Design

Design plays a major part of any web or social media presence. Even though you may not have been schooled in the Visual Arts, these resources can help turn your Social Media content from mediocre to professional. Once you choose network and know the correct specs, read on to discover 7 resources that can help you create amazing Social Media content.

Eric Schmidt ogłosił: w Polsce powstanie Google Campus - centrum dla młodych przedsiębiorców. To trzecie takie miejsc...

Po specjalnym spotkaniu z premierem Tuskiem prezes wykonawczy Google, Eric Schmidt, ogłosił, że w Warszawie powstanie Google Campus. To specjalny ośrodek poświęcony wspieraniu młodych przedsiębiorców. Campus zostanie uruchomiony w pierwszej połowie 2015 roku.

Wiadro Internetów należy od KFC - - Najlepsze komentarze i cięte riposty z polskich forów oraz zaskaku...

Najlepsze komentarze i cięte riposty z polskich forów oraz zaskakujące skriny z innych stron

George R.R. Martin Wants to Kill You for $20,000

A gory death at the hands of Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin can be yours for the one-time price of $20,000. The death will, of course, be of the text-only variety. The honor is reserved for a top-tier donator on Martin's Prizeo crowdfunding campaign, raising money to support the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Food Depot in Martin's adopted hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ogilvy's 'Sketches' for Dove Takes Grand Effie

The applause for Dove's "Sketches" campaign from Ogilvy & Mather continued tonight, with the brand and agency claiming the top prize at the Effie Awards in New York. A jury of six men and two women awarded "Sketches" the Grand Effie, based on it driving $24 million in incremental sales and garnering $52 million worth of media exposure, all on a budget of just $925,000, according to the winning entry.

These TV Series Had the Biggest Reach on Twitter Last Season

Television watching habits have changed a lot over the last few years. With so many ways to tune in, through mobile devices as well as traditional TV screens, watching TV has become a more social activity. According to a recent Neilsen report, many TV series engaged their fans beyond simply watching from week to week.

This Is the Man Who Made Grumpy Cat Rich

The weird and wonderful world of Internet memes may seem random and ephemeral. But one management company is taking this new kind of entertainment and helping its creators turn 15 minutes of web fame into actual profit. In the latest episode of the Dailymotion/Mashable series , the spotlight is on Ben Lashes and his stable of meme makers.

Couples Are Signing 'Social Media Prenups' To Prevent Spouses From Posting Unflattering Photos Of Each Other

Couples are signing "social media prenups" before they tie the knot; agreements that state, very clearly, what each spouse is allowed to put online and what consequences will follow if the rules are broken.Welcome to 2014. ABC News talked to Ann-Margaret Carrozza, a New York attorney, who says this is a fairly new development in pre-wedding day logistics.

Twitter Buying Native Advertising Firm Namo Media

Twitter has purchased Namo Media, a native ad firm.

Królowie Newsfeeda z

Poststicker to nowa usługa Stick and Play, firmy która początkowo oferowała gry uruchamiana w news feedzie na Facebooku. Od dziś poszerzają jednak swoją działalność o zestaw kolejnych ciekawych aplikacji które będziemy mogli uruchomić w news feedzie. Na stronie znajdziemy prosty i przyjazny kreator brandowanych aplikacji, które uruchamiane są w News Feedzie Facebooka.

Fanpage Trends -

Raport Fanpage Trends. Sotrender - lepsze decyzje w marketingu w social media. Analizy, badania, optymalizacja oraz dopasowane rekomendacje dla Facebooka, YouTube'a i Twittera.

Coca-Cola Invents 16 Crazy Caps to Turn Empty Bottles Into Useful Objects

Rejoice, happy-go-lucky and environmentally conscious Coca-Cola lovers. Thanks to this new "2nd Lives" kit from the brand, you can now transform your Coke into something even more delightful. Is that just an empty soda bottle? Nope, it's a squirt gun. Useless piece of trash? Nope, it's a pencil sharpener, or the perfect rattle for your baby.

Organic Reach on Facebook: Your Questions Answered

Organic Reach on Facebook: Your Questions Answered Over the past few months, I've read articles and answered questions from many people who are concerned about declines in organic reach for their Facebook Pages. Organic reach refers to how many people you can reach for free on Facebook by posting to your Page.

Netsprint: nowi właściciele i strategia rozwoju

Netsprint, firma specjalizująca się w rozwiązaniach technologicznych wspierających marketing internetowy, ponownie stał się polską spółką. Nowymi właścicielami zostało kilku prywatnych polskich inwestorów, w tym prezes zarządu Artur Banach. Jednocześnie Netsprint ogłasza strategię 2014-2016, nastawioną na przyspieszenie rozwoju firmy, wprowadzenie szeregu nowych produktów, ale też wzrost rentowności spółki.

Pinterest Revamps Analytics Dashboard and Expands Promoted Pins Test

Brand pinaholics, rejoice! Today, Pinterest announced two updates to get a little friendlier with brands. Soon, all brands will have access to a brand new analytics dashboard and the ability to use Promoted Pins. Yep, that means if you're one of those marketers who's obsessed with squeezing value out of Pinterest, this is your lucky day.

Facebook Chat Heads w Chrome. A wszystko dzięki sprytnemu rozszerzeniu

Facebook Chat Heads to jeden z bardziej trafnych pomysłów Facebooka. Dowodem na to są chociażby dziesiątki klonów, które storpedowały Androida, a teraz rozprzestrzeniają się również na innych platformach. Co byście powiedzieli na analogiczne rozwiązanie w przeglądarce Chrome? Zapewnić ma to nam proste i małe rozszerzenie

Instagram Absolutely Loved This Young Woman's Snowboarding Stunt

It's a great time of year for sports, with the NBA Finals, the French Open in its final stretch, the World Cup almost here and the MLB regular season in full swing. So it's not shocking to see sports brands dominating the Adweek/Shareablee weekly chart for the second week in a row.

Hootsuite Has A New Image And New Features

Mike is a Social Media Consultant and Blog Coach in St. Louis. He has been working with websites and the Internet since the early '90's. He is active on all of the major social networks and enjoys writing and teaching small business owners on how to leverage the Internet to promote and grow their business.

Facebook Content With Hashtags Added To Google Search Results?

Starting June 23, go beyond your existing knowledge of the major social media platforms to create a complete strategy for your brand! Through a series of weeklong webcasts, you will learn from marketing, social, and content management experts how to integrate social into your marketing plan, develop a strategy across key platforms, understand metrics and analytics to evaluate your campaigns, and more!