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Latest SmartPhones News

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iPhone 6 New Features Release Date, Price And Specs

iPhone 6 Release Date Rumos, Price And Specification: The iPhone 6 is one of the most talked about smartphones of the year. So here we toured all there is to say about it until Apple actually announces the device.

Sony Xperia XX KitKat 12MP Camera

Sony Xperia XX Android KitKat With 12MP Camera: Sony will release S ony Xperia Z2 Compact. This device is a model Xperia mini Z2 with extra body.It appears Sony will launch the Xperia Z2 Compact in Japan. However before the phone is actually launched officially, seemed on the Internet a new idea mobile phone named the Sony Xperia XX.

New LG G3 Will Launch In June 2014

New LG G3 Will Launch In June 2014: LG is often reported is preparing the launch of a new flagship smartphone G3, before the end of this year. Some information about this device also continues to brighten the virtual world.The latest report which revealed that LG plans to introduce the G3 in June 2014 and sold a month later.

Nexus 5 Gets Port Of HTC Sence 6

Nexus 5 Gets Port Of HTC Sence 6: Many Android enthusiasts buy the Nexus line of devices not the lowest price, but for action Android. It's almost the only way to get Android stock and fast updates from Google directly anymore, but the Moto X is pretty close.

Samsung Launches Galaxy S5 In 125 Countries

Samsung Launches Galaxy S5 In 125 Countries: After its official debut in February, latest flagship smartphone Samsung officially become shelves around the world. Galaxy S5 does not walk around stores by his lonely though. The Gear 2 Gear 2 Gear Neo Fit also launching. In total Samsung says its new hardware comes in 125 countries.

Nokia 225 Widescreen Internet Phone

Nokia 225 Widescreen Internet Phone: Nokia 225 is equipped with the 2.8 inch widescreen, will sell at a limited number of markets in the next 3 months. Nokia has officially announced the model 225-Ordinary phone line Series 30+. It also added a second SIM. Both will be sold in certain markets for about 40 euros.

Samsung To Lunch Galaxy S3 Neo Dual SIM in India

Samsung To Lunch Galaxy S3 Neo Dual SIM in India: Samsung has launched a new variant of the Galaxy S3 Neo phones in the Indian market. The device continues to own mid-range configuration. This will have dual sim slots support 2 SIM users to run both at the same time.

How Can A Mobile Get Recharge In 30 Seconds?

SmartPhone Can Get Recharge In 30 Seconds: Battery life has long been a major issue in mobile. It is only recently that we are lastly seeing how companies of smartphones are approaching the issue. This typically involves either creating CPU cores additional low power, or put in top gear TAC in our smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style Android KitKat

Samsung has not said exactly where the device will start or how much it will cost when it does. Considering both their specifications and the fact that Samsung describes as agile and easy to use, which means " Samsung Launch Galaxy Ace Style With Android 4.4 KitKat: Samsung just announced the Galaxy Ace Style, their latest Android smartphone Galaxy brand.

HTC One M8 With New Amazing Features

HTC One (M8) With Amazing Features: The HTC One M8 has a high resistance to water even though the device does not have an official certificate waterproof. Not only is resistant to water, It also has a high body toughness. Three tests were performed, the test falls, scratch test, and the water resistance test.

Sony Xperia SP Android KitKat Update

Sony Xperia SP Android KitKat Update: The market for mid-level phones is exploding and manufacturers are rushing to offer even more options for those on a tighter budget. So the Xperia SP carries a mid-range price with a lot of technology borrowed from its big brother Xperia Z.

Cheap Android Smartphones Nokia X And Asus Zenfone 4

Two Cheap Android Smartphones Over Gloves: Both Asus and Nokia are launching cheap android smartphones in 2014. Two representatives Zenfone 4 and Nokia X will be the most accessible model through cheap. Zenfone 4 and Nokia X are about to present two models in the coming months.

Nokia New Android Smartphones

Nokia New Android Smartphones: The relationship between Google and Microsoft is always tense and the launch of Android running on Nokia X has left many questions unanswered. Just weeks before the hand of Microsoft , Nokia launched a product can be considered as a painful blow to Windows Phone - Nokia X.

Sony Xperia Z3 Will Release In May

Sony Xperia Z3 will be released on 8 May, 2014, this means that the Xperia Z2 is just the beginning of Sony equipment in a mere 6 months. Yoshiro Kurozumi, Creative Director of Sony Mobile said a half year cycle suitable for upgrade products in the industry mobile phone.

Students Of University Of Harvard Are Working On Ophone

Students At Harvard University Are Working On A Phone Accessory: Students at Harvard University are collaborating with experts in laboratory 'Le Laboratoire' in order to create a ophone. This is a phone accessory that allows users to send instant messages smell from around the world like send text or voice messages normally.

Panasonic To Reveal Durable Smartphone At MWC 2014

Panasonic Will Unveil Durable Smartphone At MWC 2014: Panasonic left the mobile market last fall after the disappearance of his Eluga range that failed to connect with consumers. Now it seems that Panasonic is making a comeback at the Mobile World Congress this year, with a new rugged smartphone designed for businesses like construction companies.

Top 5 Dual Sim Big Screen Smartphones

Top 5 Smartphones With Dual SIM and Significant Big Screen: Just owning a large screen, the integrated dual SIM, the model like Grand Galaxy 2, Xperia C is attracting great attention from users. If the 2 SIM smartphone was previously considered exclusive of the brand last year (2013), the major manufacturers have also entered the war and launched a series of dual SIM models.

Apple And Samsung Accounts Over 60% Of U.S. Market

Apple and Samsung Accounts For Over 60% of U.S. Market: Two major manufacturer has maintained the first position in the table statistics in the U.S. market two years ago. Latest results show that Apple accounted for 42 % market share in the U.S. , a significant increase compared with 35 % of you IV/2012.

Rumor Of LG G3 5.5 Inch QHD Screen Resolution

LG G3 5.5 Inch QHD Screen Size Smartphone Rumor: Rumors of the leading products of LG began to heat up again in 2014 with latest features. The company is planning to launch the 2nd generation of the G Optimus Pro, announced at MWC expected to come.

Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC M8 Horrible Factors

Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC M8 Horrible Factors: If the Xperia Z2 can be equipped with 23 megapixel rear camera with M8, users have the opportunity to own HD screen and dual camera products Ultra pixel. HTC is expected to Xperia M8 and Z2 to debut at MWC next exhibition.

Sony Xperia Z2 Blockbuster Reveal Real Pictures

Sony Xperia Z2 Blockbuster Reveal Its New Actual Pictures: A forum on the image Sony has revealed a strange supposedly Xperia Xperia Sirius. The Digi-wo, specializing in web site of Sony products in Japan, the actual number of members Latte21 photos posted on the Xperia Sirius.

HTC One + M8 Specs and Reviews

Mike1986 is the programmer behind the Revolution HD ROM was leaked and also the new version of software for machine HTC. He recently revealed that the M8 , equipment successor to the HTC One , will be officially named

Apple Might Launch 4.7″ and 5.7″ Screen Size iPhone 6

Rumors About Apple - iPhone 6 Will Have Two Screen Size Of 4.7 " and 5.7″: Multiple sources inside Foxconn has recently revealed that the iPhone 6 will have two versions, one property screen 4.7 " screen and uses a 5.7″. Another agent said the size of the iPhone screen Apple is testing even surpassing 5.7″ again.

Will Microsoft Make Windows Phone Free Like Android?

Windows Phone will be free like Android?: The world's largest software company 'Microsoft' has had a huge change in the business strategy of his cell. Microsoft is currently in talks with Sony to start selling Windows Phone smartphone Sony logo in 2014.

Outrageous Gossips About Apple and Its Products

Rumors About Apple and Its Products: iRing, Math 4.8-inch iPhone or a cheap iPhone have appeared very much in form of rumors in the past year, but we did not get a chance to appear on the market. Maybe Apple is considered confidential technology companies in the world.