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Updated by MaryLou Leeder on Jun 08, 2014
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Sites to Share w/BE Staff

See Your Virtual Team Live Throughout The Day - And Instantly IM

So THIS is an interesting concept. If you work virtually with other people on your team around the world in different places, it sometimes can get lonely. And sometimes, you feel disconnected. Squiggle gives real-time photo snapshots of the people on your team, in intervals, so you can always see their face and instantly IM them for anything you need. :)

Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity!

This is going to sound crazy, but did you know that ambient noise, like the noise from a coffee shop, has been shown to increase your creativity?

Glossi Magazine Publisher

Make a gorgeous digital magazine (free!) without any tech knowledge. I LOVE THIS. Add images, photos, videos, animations and audio. Customize and publish for desktop and mobile devices.

Clickmeter - Tracks Your Clicks So You Know What's Working

I love Clickmeter because it lets me see exactly how many people are clicking, say, a product link in our product shop, versus the same product link in our blog posts, versus the same product link somewhere else---so I can see where our sales are really coming from. It can also track your conversions, too, and tell you not just how many clicks, but how many dollars were generated from those clicks. :) Isn't this fun?


When you need to look like a pro but have no idea how to make a graphic to save your life.

When you need to look like a pro but have no idea how to make a graphic to save your life.

Graphic River is great when you need an editable template for a banner or a badge or even a logo, and you've got some time to play! You'll be AMAZED.

Crazy Egg - Increase Conversions like WHOA.

My favorite thing here? SCROLL MAPS. What Crazy Egg can tell you is where people are scrolling to on your website - and then stopping. Xing out. And going away. And what does that mean? It means now you know exactly where you need to tweak your web copy, because apparently right in there? You're losing people. Causing eye glaze. And they're abandoning. Crazy Egg is like the CIA of websites - and they make YOU a top secret agent.

Instantly Remove Image Backgrounds Online - Clipping Magic

You really wish you could cut yourself, or objects, out of photos, and have no background, but you suck at Photoshop. VOILA - this is seriously a crazy easy tool. Just found it recently and it's great for a quick cut out!

Website at

FINALLY! A button in your toolbar that takes a screenshot of THE WHOLE WEBSITE - and not just what's visible on your screen. I've been waiting for a simple, pretty tool like this for a while. So handy!

Recite - Make Cool Posters With Quotes

You know those cool posters you see all over Pinterest that look like they've been professionally designed? With recite, you just enter in any text, pick one of their many templates, and voila - picture-perfect sharable poster in minutes.

How we deliver downloadable links that expire (so people can't spread them around the internet.)

Fetch is awesome for DELIVERING online products, videos, courses, books & files you sell. You can link it right up with a payment processor, and they'll take care of the rest. (Including making sure no one can pass around your stuff for free.)

Words That Start With

Find words that start with, end with, or contain the letters, prefix or phrase. REALLY useful when you need to add some alliteration to your writing, but can't think of the perfect word. :)