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Updated by Elizabeth Kohut on Jul 12, 2014
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"Look Inside a Digital Classroom" Leadership Institute 2014

3 Smart Ways to Share Web Content and Playlists with Students ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

June 5 , 2014 Searching the web can be a daunting and time consuming task particularly for the less search savvy students. Needless to mention the proliferation of junk information and amateur knowledge that can deceptively lure students into using it as a source in their learning projects.

Top 10 Things Teachers Want From Their Digital Classrooms

Yes…The digital classroom. Yes, it is here, even if you can’t see it. It’s in the minds of your students, even if you make them switch off their mobile phones. It’s a nagging presence in the back of your mind, even if you still insist on using a cassette player from the 1980s in your classroom. The world is changing even if you are in denial.

Profile of a Digital Classroom

On this page we describe our vision of the one-to-one tablet classroom using digital tools to support and enhance teaching & learning. A rubric aligned to the categories below is here: Use of projector with tablet: The digital teacher uses the projected tablet screen to display and write most notes and work in class.

Newseum Digital Classroom | Digital Classroom

In partnership with Annenberg Learner, the Newseum is excited to offer a FREE three-day institute for teachers using new media that will include hands-on activities, exploration of artifacts from our collection with an archivist, and time to explore the museum independently.

The Elements Of A Digital Classroom

What are the components of a digital classroom? From eBooks to smartboards, iTunesU implementation to online learning, the classroom as we know it is changing. It's true that a digital classroom is a vague idea. And subjective-one educator's cutting edge learning laboratory is the next educator's been there, done that.

Intel® Teach Elements-Online Professional Development Courses

Engaging eLearning courses for K-12 educators Explore 21st century learning concepts Intel Teachhelps K-12 teachers of all subjects engage students with digital learning, including digital content, Web 2.0, social networking, and online tools and resources.

Profile of a Digital Classroom

On this page we describe our vision of the one-to-one tablet classroom using digital tools to support and enhance teaching & learning. A rubric aligned to the categories below is here: Use of projector with tablet: The digital teacher uses the projected tablet screen to display and write most notes and work in class.

EDCompass blog " "1:1 is Not About the Device" and Other Advice from HISD's Lenny Schad

Lenny Schad is the CIO of Houston ISD in Texas and held the same position at Katy ISD. He's a customer who we've enjoyed learning from and working with over the years. He has a lot of advice to share about BYOD and 1:1 initiatives so we asked him to share some of those insights on our blog.

K-12 Solutions

The way students learn is fundamentally changing. A flexible, blended classroom model is replacing the one-size-fits-all classroom approach that was confined to set hours and locations. Teachers are using digital technologies to engage students with more personalized learning experiences. Students are collaborating across geographical boundaries, and consuming and producing innovative education-related content.

A Great New Technology Integration Matrix for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

May 18, 2014 I just received this technology integration matrix from a fellow teacher and want you have a look. I have spent some time going through its content and I really liked it. This will definitely help you better leverage the power of technology in your classroom.

Cool Tool | lea(R)n | on

With more than 20,000 education apps out there, from lesson planning tools to learning games, teachers and administrators have plenty to review. Karl Rectanus, co-founder of lea(R)n, believes he has an evaluation and certification system that would make that easier, and bring effective tools into the classroom faster.

Amazing Facts about Teachers Technology Use in The classroom ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

A few months ago PBS Learning released the findings of a national survey polling pre-K-12 US teachers on their technology practices in classrooms. The survey focused particularly on the following areas : How teachers are utilizing technology in America's classrooms, and the types of technology teachers have access to and their attitudes toward technology.

4 Great Rubrics to Develop Students Presentations and Speaking Skills ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

February 20, 2014 Looking for some rubrics to hone in your students presentation skills ? The rubrics below will definitely be of great help. I came across these materials on Discovery Assessment in an article written by Dona Criswell and I really liked them specially that they cover different grades.

A Great Resource of Rubrics to Help You Teach with Technology ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Rubrics are important elements in your teaching toolkit. They not only scaffold students learning and consolidate their insights but they also help in guiding the teaching and learning taking place in class. We all have recourse to rubrics once in awhile and this is why Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently created a section devoted expressly to rubric resources.

Teachers' Technology Integration Matrix ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

I just come across this resource in my Twitter feeds and found it extremely useful. The Technology Integration Matrix created by Arizona K-12 centre is designed to help teachers make informed decisions about their technology practices in their teaching. TIM is viewed like a roadmap ,or better, a guide to teachers when deciding upon and using technology in their instruction.

The 100 Best Online Education Resources

Ready to take your online learning experience to the next level? This compilation of the best resources on the web has all the tools you need.

Home - Learning Bird

Learning Bird is an affordable, online alternative to private tutoring. We match content from real teachers to students based on their geographic location, their grade level and their individualized learning profile.

Cool Tool | Learning Bird | on

An innovative online learning tool for K-12 student success, Learning Bird enables students to learn their own way. Its proprietary learning algorithm matches digital lessons from teachers to the local curriculum, textbooks and the individual learning profile of each student. This tool's new cross-curriculum alignment engine allows students grades 7-12 to access a wider range...

BYOD Potpourri

Recently, I have been publishing some content on "device agnostic tools" for the BYOD classroom. While these tools were shared to support a BYOD setting, truly they could easily be app-lied in a variety of settings as they are applications that work across a number of platforms and devices.

Home - VIF Learning Center

lesson plans and other resources Easily find and access the content you need, when you need it - lesson plans, activities and worksheets can be searched by grade level, subject and standards alignment.

5 Tools For The Device Agnostic Classroom

Selecting apps and planning projects in a BYOD can be a formidable endeavor. What device does Gavin have? Does this website work on Caroline's iPad? Is there a comparable collage or cartoon application on Hayden's device? "Device Agnostic" tools can alleviate the stress that is associated with student performance tasks in a BYOD.

Adaptemy - A better way to learn

Having spent the last two weeks driving around to schools, talking with Maths Teachers, Maths Heads, Headmasters and ICT Heads, I've had a lot of feedback about the worries people in schools have about adopting digital solutions in the classroom.

Flipped dilemma: What to do when kids don't have internet

In my previous post on flipping my classroom I talked about how much it has changed my entire view of education. I know what some of you were probably thinking when you read it: "Well all of his students have devices" or, "They all have internet at home, so that makes it easy."

21 Things for the 21st Century Administrator

Participants who fulfill all of the requirements have the opportunity to earn SCECH's and/or Graduate Credits.The purpose of this resource is to provide "Just in Time" training through an online interface for K-12 administrators based on the ISTE Technology Standards for Administrators. These standards are the basic technology skills every administrator should possess.

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