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Study Skills Tools

Assignment Calculator

Assignment Calculator allows users to create a time management guide for writing assignments.

Brainscape - Smart Flashcards Brain Games to Study Chinese, SAT, & More

STUDENTS: Study more efficiently with your classmates. TEACHERS: Improve your students' study habits & track their performance. KNOWLEDGE JUNKIES: Expand your brain.

Brainscape is a web and mobile education platform that helps you learn anything as efficiently as possible, based on solid cognitive science.

Our method is all about personalizing the TIMING of your study patterns. Whether you’re learning a language, preparing for a test, or just acquiring some fun trivia, Brainscape spaces the repetition of each bite-sized concept based on exactly the right interval for YOUR brain. All you have to do is rate how well you know each concept, on a scale of 1-5, and Brainscape determines the right time to quiz you again. It's strangely addicting and is scientifically proven to slash your required study time.

So where does all this great study content come from? There are two simple ways to get it:

-CREATE YOUR OWN FLASHCARDS. You can create multimedia flashcards very easily both on Brainscape’s website AND within the app itself. You can also share your decks with your classmates and collaboratively develop content together.

-STUDY BRAINSCAPE’S EXPERT CONTENT. We've put together a little treasure trove of useful knowledge that you can study right from the get-go for free. And if you'd like even more of our expert material, our marketplace offers premium study packages for Languages, Standardized Tests, and even things like Music Theory and Sports Trivia. We’re adding new subjects every week.

In the future, Brainscape’s team plans to make this system infinitely more efficient, convenient, fun, and social, so please be sure to give us feedback to help us improve the product. It's users like YOU who have helped us reach a community of millions of learners already. Help us create a Brainscape community that spans the whole world of learners!

CardKiwi | create flashcards together with your friends and save a ton of time.

make flashcards online with cardkiwi and improve recall rate by up to 50 % through the power of spaced repetition.

Cramberry: Create & study flash cards online

Make cards on Cramberry, or choose from our catalog of free public flash cards. While you study, Cramberry Create and Share Online Flashcards

Create, study, print, share and download millions of flashcards. makes studying easier! Create and Share Online Flashcards

Create, study, print, share and download millions of flashcards. makes studying easier!

Flashcard Machine - Create, Study and Share Online Flash Cards

Welcome to Flashcard Machine - a free service for creating web-based study flashcards that can be shared with others. With over 97.0 million flash cards created to-date, Flashcard Machine is your premier online study tool. Get started by registering here . Students - Create flash cards to study for your next exam.

Instant Highlighter: Collect, Share, Discover

Collect & Share highlights - you make - on any web page. Discover interesting highlights made by people you trust.

Learning Toolbox

This site is intended to help students, teachers, and parents become more familiar with developing students' strengths in areas such as organization, study skills, note taking, and more!




Create your own educational games, quizzes, surveys, and web pages. Search millions of games and quizzes created by educators around the world.

Quicklyst - take better notes.

Quicklyst helps you take beautiful outline-style notes that help you structure your ideas. You can use Quicklyst on an iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or Android device.


Quizlet is a lightning fast way to memorize vocabulary lists. It's like flashcards, but much more fun and interactive.

Strategy Tutor

Strategy Tutor is a web-based tool designed to support students and teachers doing reading and research on the internet.


Study better. Learn faster. Get the grade you want.

With StudyBlue’s mobile app, you can make, study, and share mobile flashcards, study guides, and quizzes. It's mobile, it's social, and it's free!


Make free online flashcards with StudyBlue. Share flashcards and notes with classmates, take practice quizzes and take your notes with you wherever you go with the free StudyBlue mobile apps.

StudyHive - Study Tools

StudyHive - Study and Remember it better.

Study Stack

Best flashcards for your computer or smartphone. Study online or with an app.


Whether you are studying or reading a non-fiction book or reviewing a seriously long study document, haven’t you secretly wished that you could note all your important points in one place which you can later use to summarize? Have you ever felt the need to create
study cards or review cards or ‘Flash Cards’ as we call it, in a much more simpler way? Have you ever got confused about the location of your documents in the cloud ?

Synopsis has the answer to all of this. How ?

Well, here’s a synopsis of ‘Synopsis’

• A very simple reader with only the tools you require
• Read PDF Documents and highlight important points in the document
• All highlighted points from your PDF document are automatically copied into the Notes Module of Synopsis
• Access the Notes area and fine tune your highlighted notes
• Create manual Notes
• Modify your notes
• Create a flow/structure for your notes in an order you prefer
• Creating Titles and Headings for your Notes
• Export it as a PDF file
• Export it as a Notes file that you can then share with your colleagues, friends or study mates
• Print your PDF Document directly
• Saving your Notes as a PDF or as a raw XML file for future use
• All your Notes can be converted into Flash Cards which can be accessed from the Flash Cards module of Synopsis
• Review your flash cards
• Edit your Flash Cards
• Change the order of your Flash Cards
• Save your Flash Cards
• Review the Flash Cards in any mobile device by going to (from January 31, 2014)
• All your documents - PDF, Notes Files, Flash Card Files, Web URL’s – are accessed using cloud services or the Internet. Considering the difficulty in
remembering the location of all these links, Synopsis provides a Library to save all these cloud services links
• Open your libraries and folders within these libraries
• Tag each library and folder
• Save all recently opened connections to your various libraries and folders
• Create a backup of the library created

The app comes with an amazingly simple interface allowing you to master it in no time. There are enough Help links to guide you intuitively so that you use it immediately rather than spend time learning how to use it.

Three Ring

The Three Ring Growth and Success Platform allows students and teachers to quickly collect qualitative evidence of learning. It's seamless to organize it, share it with the correct administrators, parents, or students, and build a dynamic running record of growth in any subject. Simple Todo List is an intuitive and easy to use online Todo list, and Task Manager. It helps you to get organized, simplify your life, and to get things done. Create todo lists, and manage them online from anywhere.

Zoho Notebook

While conducting research online, Zoho notebook allows you to highlight useful text or images and then save the information directly into the notebook.