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Updated by Madeline MacKinnon on Jun 02, 2014
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Home Essentials - Natural Hormone Healing

Essential household items to have for optimal hormonal health, a clean home and body. Natural Hormone Healing takes a stand in investing in the highest quality products that will support your long term health.


Cedar Infared Sauna

Cedar Infared Sauna

I highly recommend investing in a infared sauna. Detox chemicals, bad estrogens and heavy metals out naturally with a sauna. I recommend a clear light premier cedar infared sauna.


Non-Leaching Pots and Pans

Non-Leaching Pots and Pans

Switch to quality titanium cookware. The 316 Ti by salad master provides the most sanitary, most healthy cooking surface in any cookware manufactured worldwide. Saladmaster provides your customers with a product that provides the maximum resistance to chemical reactions with the salts, acids, and alkalis in the food being prepared. This insures that the food being served to families contain no metal byproducts from chemical reactions with metals in the cooking process.

Ayurvedic Herbal Dyed Organic Sheets

Sleep with the highest quality organic sheets died with ayurvedic herbs to heal the body and have luxurious chemical free sleeps. This company also have clothing. If you are dealing with chronic inflammation why not try sleeping in turmeric bedsheets?

Check out this video from David Wolfe

The Best Shower Filter Ever

The Omica shower filter will help remove Fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, Heavy metals, dirt, iron oxides ("rust water"), bad smell, reduce harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) and other harmful contaminants


New Paradigm Eco Laundry Detergent

New Paradigm Eco Laundry Detergent

Instead of laundry detergent wash your clothes with soap nuts (chemical free and totally sustainable. It's the upgraded version! Use soap nuts in combination with purify or on guard oil from doterra.

To purchase soap nut in canada go here


Organic Textiles For The Home

Organic Textiles For The Home

Luxurious organic textiles. They have beautiful table cloths, embroidered duvet covers and other organic threads.


Vitamix Blender

Vitamix Blender

I've heard this said by so many people 'the vitamix mix is the best investment you'll ever make'. Just get one to make soups, elixirs, smoothies, juices and salad dressings


Doterra Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Doterra Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Doterra oils are a staple in my house. Use them for cleaning, skincare, boost moods, heal wounds, flavour cooking and much much more. I am on their monthly order LRP program where I get points for each order I do to get my oils.

or sign up under my number 326644

Organic Mattresses In Calgary

strong textGive us a call today and book an appointment so you can start getting the sleep you deserve! Now there are no more reasons not be getting your best sleep ever.

GladRags - Reusable, Earth Friendly Menstrual Pads & Cups

Did you know 10 GladRags = 600 Disposable Pads? Switch to GladRags reusable pads and cups, they're good for you and good for the environment! Comfortable, Reusable & Earth-Friendly!

My Favourite Skincare | Living Libations - Living Libations

I am a confessed living libations addict. They use the highest quality, luxuriously scented healing products around. I most recommend their seabuckthorn best skin ever to wash And moisturize your face and their lover lips lip balm. But everything is amazing. You can also purchase their product at The Light Cellar in Calgary.

When it comes to natural skin care, essential oils are our best product to be used for skin beauty and many therapeutic benefits for the skin. No Side effect, Visit Today!

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care

Another beautiful line of organic skincare using the purest ingredients.

Eco-Friendly Furniture | Quality Custom Green Living Room Leather Furniture

Our quality leather furniture is made with green, renewable products, and is manufactured using environmentally sustainable practices. Each piece of green living room furniture is priced at or below similar brand-name styles and products, and is completely custom made for you. All of our "eco-friendly" furniture is available in leather or natural hemp fabric.

EMF Protecting Organic Wool Silk Clothing

Based out of Germany this company has Steiner recommended EMF protecting clothing.

Engel Naturtextilien - Wäsche und Bekleidung aus Naturfasern - Pfullingen