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Top Things to Do in Antigua, from a Cruise Ship - Created by Staff

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Valley Church (Antigua)

Valley Church, ortsüblich The Valley, auch als Ffryes oder Frye's genannt, ist ein kleiner Ort in der Saint Mary's Parish auf der Insel Antigua, im Staat Antigua und Barbuda. Das Valley (‚Tal', ) ist eine etwas isoliertere Ortslage an der Südwestküste der Insel, in den vom Mount Obama (ex Boggy Peak, ) der Shekerley Mountains westwärts streifenden Talungen, Church Valley (historisch Bermuda Valley) und Orange Valley (Dark Valley).

Half Moon Bay (disambiguation)

Half Moon Bay is a city in San Mateo County, California Half Moon Bay may also refer to: Half Moon Bay (California), a bay on the San Mateo County coast of California, namesake of the city there Halfmoon Bay, Stewart Island, a bay on the eastern coast of Stewart Island/Rakiura in New Zealand Half Moon Bay, Auckland, a coastal suburb located immediately south of Bucklands Beach in Manukau City, Auckland, New Zealand.

Reservoir Range - Home

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Nelson's Dockyard

Nelson's Dockyard is a cultural heritage site and marina in English Harbour, Antigua. It is part of Nelson's Dockyard National Park, which also contains Clarence House and Shirley Heights. Named after Admiral Horatio Nelson, who lived in the Dockyard from 1784 through 1787, Nelson's Dockyard is home to some of Antigua's sailing and yachting events such as Antigua Sailing Week and the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting.

Pigeon Point Beach

Pigeon [Point] Beach Lage bei English Harbour, St.

Devil's Bridge, Antigua and Barbuda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Devil's Bridge is a natural rock arch in eastern Antigua. It is located on the Atlantic coast at , near Indian Town Point to the east of Willikies. The area around the arch features several natural blowholes which shoot up water and spray powered by waves from the Atlantic Ocean.

Antigua Carnival

The Antiguan Carnival is a celebration of music and dance held annually from the end of July to the first Tuesday in August. The most important day is that of the j'ouvert (or juvé), in which brass and steel bands perform for much of the island's population.

Long Bay (Ort auf Antigua) - Wikipedia

Erst mit Beginn des Tourismus in den 1960ern wurden hier Hotels und Feriensiedlungen angelegt. Heute befinden sich in Long Bay mit dem Grand Pineapple Beach Resort (ex Occidental, 150 Betten) und dem The Verandah Resort and Spa ( Dian Bay, 2007 eröffnet, 180 Betten in Villas) hier zwei der größten Hotelanlagen der Nordostküste.

Antigua's Donkey Sanctuary

The Antigua & Barbuda Humane Society, located on the eastern side of the island near Bethesda, offers a permanent home for donkeys at risk. The Donkey Sanctuary currently shelters more than 150 donkeys but this number is by no means finite.

Art Gallery: exhibition

The best of the east coast galleries is Harmony Hall. Harmony Hall has been hosting a season of regular exhibitions since its opening in 1987. The monthly openings, usually on the first Sunday from November to April, are as social as they are cultural.

Galleon Beach Antigua - Garden and Beach Villas on Freeman's Bay, Antigua, Caribbean

Galleon Beach cottages and villas for rent on Freeman's Bay in English Harbour on the southern tip of Antigua. Stunning properties located either in the landscaped gardens or directly on a quarter-mile beach.

Saint Peter Parish, Antigua and Barbuda

Saint Peter is a parish of Antigua and Barbuda on the island of Antigua. The capital is Parham. It includes Guiana Island and Great Bird Island. Localities in this parish include Big Duers, Cocoa Hall, Freemans, Vernons, Parrys, Mercers Creek and Gilberts. The parish is home to Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation, a popular historic site.

Prickly Pear Island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prickly Pear Island is an islet approx. 650 metres off the north shore coast of the much larger island of Antigua, West Indies. The island measures approx. 100 metres north to south, and approx. 50 metres east to west. The island is uninhabited, but frequently used for recreational excursions.

Betty's Hope

Betty's Hope in Antigua and Barbuda was a sugar plantation which provided livelihood for many generations of Antiguans from the time it was established in 1650 during the British Colonial rule. It flourished as a successful agricultural industrial enterprise (because the workforce, being forcibly imported African slaves, were unpaid), the first large-scale sugar plantation to operate in Antigua, starting with Codrington family's ownership in 1674, which lasted till 1944.

Fort James, Antigua and Barbuda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fort James is a fort at the entrance to the harbour of St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda. The fort was built in 1706 to guard St. John's harbour and is one of the many forts built by the British in the 18th century. Fear of French invasion prompted the construction.

Museum of Antigua and Barbuda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda is a museum in St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda. It is housed in the colonial Court House, constructed in 1747 on the site of the first city market, and is the oldest building still in use in the city.

Antigua 5 Star Resort, Antigua Hotel, Antigua All Inclusive

Welcome to Hermitage Bay; a privately owned, luxury, all inclusive, 5-star boutique hotel on the west coast of Antigua with twenty five individual suites set in beautiful tropical gardens on the beach and hillside of a stunning natural bay.

Dutchman's Bay Cottages Antigua

Experience your own quiet piece of paradise at Dutchman's Bay Cottages. We feature 7 newly built, charming Caribbean style cottages seated directly on the beach. The property is located on the northeastern coast of Antigua known for its refreshing trade winds and crystal clear turquoise waters.

Hawksbill sea turtle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The hawksbill sea turtle ( Eretmochelys imbricata) is a critically endangered sea turtle belonging to the family Cheloniidae. It is the only extant species in the genus Eretmochelys . The species has a worldwide distribution, with Atlantic and Indo-Pacific subspecies- E. i. imbricata and E. i. bissa, respectively.

V. C. Bird International Airport

V. C. Bird International Airport ( IATA: ANU, ICAO: TAPA) is located on the island of Antigua, 8 km (5.0 mi) northeast of St. John's, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda. The airport originally was operated by the United States Army Air Forces.

Jolly Harbour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jolly Harbour is a township in Antigua. It is located in the southwest of the island, on the coast close to Bolans, south of Five Islands Harbour. It contains shops, restaurants, holiday villas, private houses, golf-course and a marina and boatyard.




Redonda is a small and uninhabited Caribbean island which is politically part of Antigua and Barbuda, in the Leeward Islands, West Indies. The island is about 1 mile (1.6 km) long, 0.3 miles (0.48 km) wide, and 971 feet high.[1] This small island lies between the islands of Nevis and Montserrat, 56.2 kilometres (34.9 mi) southwest of Antigua.

The Shekerley Mountains are a range of hills in southwest Antigua, that comprise all of the highest points on the island. The range stretches for 15 km along the south coast of the island from near Johnsons Point in the west to Falmouth in the east.