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Tech - 3D Printing

Your Eye on the 3D Printing Revolution

Latest trends in the 3D printing (AKA additive manufacturing) industry through insightful commentary and extensive interviews with industry insiders.

These Kids Are 3D-Printing Their Education

A group of junior high and high school students in Cambridge, Mass., are part of an experimental education program that aims to prove they're capable of solving real-world problems early with the help of 3D printers, Arduino and group collaboration.

Use any smartphone or tablet as an effective 3D printer interface

No more wires! Slice, store, and 3D print straight from your tablet or phone with this brilliant new software. 3D printing has taken the world by storm in the past few years with everything from skateboards and food to bionic arms being created using the amazing technology.

How (And Why) To Get Started With 3D Printing In The Classroom

This past week, I introduced 3D printing into my classroom. Next week, we will receive 3D pens from Dim3printing, an Austin-based 3D printing distributor. This technology has brought about an excitement for learning I have never experienced in my classroom before. Revolutionize Learning 3D printing will revolutionize learning because it lends itself to low-risk, low-cost ...

How Does 3-D Printing Work? -

A primer on 3-D printing at home, plus a 3-D chart of 3-D printer sales.

Great Software for 3D Printers

As 3D printers come into homes and schools, you will be looking for tools that let you make your own designs. Here are a few free titles that I think should be on your list: Inkscape (Mac, Windows, Linux) Inkscape is primarily a drawing program for two-dimensional designs.

Time to Start Making: Free Design Programs for 3D Printers

One of the biggest tech trends to follow is the evolution of 3D printing -- not just in the consumer market, but also in education. But to use 3D printers, students will need to learn how to design using digital programs. Here are a few great options for students and teachers to learn how to design for 3D printers.

Tinkercad - Mind to design in minutes

Tinkercad is an easy-to-use 3D CAD tool.

The Cost of 3D Printing is the Key |

Whenever you take a concept from science fiction - something that seems impossible in our day-to-day reality-and bring it to life, it captivates people. 3D printing is definitely in that arena. Even U.S. President Obama has been involved, hosting a Maker Faire at the White House in June.

3-D printing camp gives Bryan middle-schoolers hands-on experience

The 17 students are in the second and final week at raised3D, a summer camp that uses 3-D printing to get students interested in engineering. The children, all of them from Stephen F.

San Francisco's Robotics Makerspace - 3D Printing Industry

Founded in 2013 by Daniel Casner and Andra Keay, Robot Garden is a family friendly makerspace in the Tri-Valley area of the East San Francisco Bay. Of course robotics are just the beginning of what Robot Garden offers, as a fully stocked makespace they have just about any machine that you need for whatever type of technology or art project that you're working on.

3D printing awaits its category killer: Autodesk futurist Jordan Brandt

A figurine is constructed in a Makerbot Industries LLC Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer at the company's factory in Brooklyn, New York. Photo: Bloomberg Half of all households in developed economies will have a 3D printer within 10 years, and a mass-market machine with sufficient "feedback mechanisms" to be simple to use will provide the breakthrough, according to Jordan Brandt, a futurist at 3D design software firm Autodesk.

3D Printing Projects for the Classroom from mathgrrl + DesignMakeTeach #BackToSchool #3DxEducation #3DThursday #3DPri...

What better way to collect a few handy leads for back-to-school 3D printables for the upcoming school year than polling my favorite 3DP educators! I sent a call out to a few whose work I have shared on the Adafruit blog and elsewhere before and have been receiving back lunchboxes full of ideas to share this week and next week.

3D Printing: Moore's Law Doesn't Apply

3D Printing: Moore's Law Doesn't Apply By Diego Tamburini Consumer 3D-printing growth dominates much of the technology discussion lately - for better and, perhaps, for worse at times. Every day we see more applications (3 D-printed ice cream, anyone?), and 3 D printers are now appearing at The Home Depot.

Play the DAVinCI Flight Game and Pilot Your Own 3D Printed Plane

A group of young and talented engineers and artists are campaigning on Kickstarter to raise funds for their futuristic aircraft design game, DAVinCI Flight, which is a challenging flight and mission game that allows players the option to 3D print the planes they pilot in the game.

What's next in 3D printing

Just like his beloved grandfather, Avi Reichental is a maker of things. The difference is, now he can use 3D printers to make almost anything, out of almost any material. Reichental tours us through the possibilities of 3D printing, for everything from printed candy to highly custom sneakers.

& Hands-On Projects that Use 3D Printers

Home' THE Journal : September 2014 Contents HERE & NOW PHONES IN CLASS PRODUCT ROUNDUP Front Cover 3D PRINTING PROJECTS ED TECH ABROAD INNOVATOR CLASSROOM DESIGN OUR SPACE THE NEW E-RATE INDEX 21ST CENTURY CLASSROOM David Thor nburg Our expert takes you beyond the wow factor to explore how 3D printing can help teach a range of subjects.

The why behind 3D printing

3D printing can be a powerful learning tool. It can give students hands-on access to primary source materials such as dinosaur bones, allow them to engineer solutions to real-life problems and empower them to help others in a tangible way.

Youngsters embrace technology that combines art, software in 3D printing

Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014, 12:01 a.m. Joey Bennett likes computers, much like any typical 13-year-old, but he does more than play games. He designs three-dimensional models - images of food, plants, space objects, toys and animals - that can be manufactured by laying down layers of material using 3D printers.

The why behind 3D printing
3D printing can be a powerful learning tool. It can give students hands-on access to primary source materials such as dinosaur bones, allow them to engineer solutions to real-life problems and empower them to help others in a tangible way.
Meet Poppy, the printable robot
Meet Poppy, the first completely open-source, 3D printed, humanoid robot (@poppy_project). Poppy is a robot that anybody can build and program. That means it's not just a tool for scientists and engineers: the team of developers aims to make it part of vocational training in schools, giving students the opportunity to experiment.
Chesterland, Ohio 8th Graders Take on 3D Printing Projects and Topics in New Quarterly Class
When it comes to anything of value, we all know it's important to start 'em young. And that's exactly what one teacher is doing with a completely 'from scratch' 3D printing curriculum for his eighth-graders.
How Public Libraries Balance Thorny Issues Raised by 3D Printers

By Joseph Leahy, St. Louis Public Radio At hundreds of libraries across the U.S., 3-D printers can sometimes be heard whirring in the background, part of an effort to encourage interest in the new technology and foster DIY "maker spaces." In some libraries, officials have begun to set restrictions on the 3-D printers amid concerns about how they'll be used.

Jaw-Dropping Classroom 3D Printer Creations

After the school day has ended at J.H. Rose High School, Rob Puckett and his two sons, Calder and Rylan, watch a nozzle in a white box extrude resin. It's a scene reminiscent of 1976, when neighbors would crowd around a family's microwave and stare at a hotdog cooking in under a minute.

3D Printing | Education | MakerBot

Looking for ways to integrate 3D printing into your curriculum? From starter projects to professional development, explore these MakerBot resources to make 3D printing more accessible for you and your students.