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New EU VAT rules cover a lot of ground

The ecommerce market has grown at a phenomenal rate in the past decade, one the reasons why governments now want a slice of the action.

MOSS helps alleviate new EU VAT rules burden

The new EU VAT rules come into effect on January 1, 2015 - that date is set in stone.

What digital services will be affected by new B2C 2015 EU VAT rules. Powered by RebelMouse

In 2015 there will be new B2C 2015 EU VAT rules: governing the taxation of digital services.

Taxamo - a helping hand for EU VAT compliance

Taxamo is an Irish-based technology company that was inaugurated to help eMerchants comply with the new EU VAT rules on B2C cross-border sales of digital goods.

Forthcoming EU VAT Changes in 2015

2015 The main aim of the EU's 2015 VAT changes is to make ecommerce less complicated. Time will tellif this will actuall happen.

New EU VAT Rules Will Have Seismic Effect

Affected businesses will have to adapt so as to meet the internal demands and external requirements of the VAT legislation reform.

EU VAT Changes: 6 Points You Need To Know

London - The 2015 VAT changes in the EU will have a major impact on e-merchants and the e-commerce sector as a whole.

Taxation of digital goods

Digital goods are software programs, music, videos or other electronic files that users download exclusively from the Internet.

New EU VAT Rules Due In January 2015

A new VAT Directive - adopted by all 28 EU member states in October 2013 - will be introduced in January 2015.

New EU VAT Rules Were First Touted In 2008

The new rules cover services that are automatically supplied via the internet. Essentially any service that can needs the internet to function.

VAT Reform – What eServices Are Actually Affected?

AS the deadline for the introduction of the EU’s new VAT on eServices nears it is about time businesses realise whether or not they are actually affected.

The MOSS system is rolling into town

MOSS has been created to make it easier for eMerchants to register and declare EU VAT in the EU Member State where they are located.

Will consumers be affected by the 2015 VAT changes

The European Commission believes that the effect of the 2015 VAT changes on consumers will be minimal.

Tackling the digital economy

The reasons for not paying VAT in the EU varied from ignorance of rules to poor book-keeping and from non-compliance to fraud.

Merchants Need To Know If Their Sales Are B2C Or B2B

Affected merchants will need to establish what type of sales they have in the EU so as to differentiate. Remember, B2B sales will not incur any VAT while B2C will come under the scope of the new VAT changes.

Who Will Be Affected By EU VAT Digital Services Legislation?

The EU VAT digital services reform kicks in at the start of 2015 and yet there is still a lack of knowledge as to who will be affected and how.

Who will be affected by EU VAT

The rule change due to be implemented on January 1, 2015, relates to digital service merchants with B2C sales in the EU. It only affects B2C sales from EU and non-EU merchants.

Tackling the digital economy

In October 2013 the EU taxation commissioner Algirdas Šemeta made it clear that the reason for the new VAT rules were to improve EU VAT compliance.