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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on May 31, 2014
Headline for See these Streets: 6 Places to Check out Street Photography
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See these Streets: 6 Places to Check out Street Photography

Street Photographers hold the proof that a fleeting moment actually happened. They freeze it into history and give us the opportunity to transport ourselves to a street corner. These frames exist in the gaze of the photographer during the times they choose to click the button, offering us a mood and point of view. Here are 6 places you can check out some street photography:

Zack Arias

Zack Arias captures those moments that feel a bit awkward in the way street photography should. Nothing is staged and not a single nose is powdered. Some of the photos will make you burst out in laughter, and others will make you feel like you're sweating from standing on a hot street during a muggy day.

Jimmay Bones/ Anthony Samaniego

When you’re outside of the comfort of your home and standing in the middle of the city, your heart beats a little faster, or at least it should. These photos capture that heartbeat, while it's lit under city lights. It’s like an eerie feeling mixed with a bit of excitement.

India Street Photography Collective

The intensity of the streets in India has prompted myths, stories, and studies around the world. The India Street Photography Collective is a group of photographers that aim to catch the moments in the blur of complexity and beauty.

Everybody Street

Everybody Street is a documentary focused around street photographers in New York city. Street photographers expose histories with the click of a button, and NYC is where is all happens, all at once.

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is a fairly well known photographer who is famous for his mesmerizing “Afghan Girl” photo. In past interviews, he has stated that he is interested in places where society is changing, or is on the brink of transformation.

Street Peeper

Street Peeper is that place where you can witness what’s happening in street fashion on every street corner. The fashion industry knows just how important the everyday street fashion is, and usually, it’s better than any constructed catwalk.