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Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Tips To Reduce Abandonment And Increase Adoption Among New Followers

If you want to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, it's just as important to know what you should avoid as it is to know what you should be doing. To help you out, here's a list of best practices for both categories: Avoid These 4 Things 1.

10 Common Social Media Mistakes (And Their Good Solutions)

If you want to minimize the number of social media mistakes you and your business make, here are ten lessons you can learn from others' trial and error: Putting the Same Messages on Every Platform Many of us still making this mistake of putting the same messages on every platform but the social media platforms have their own unique nuances.

Google Plus Marketing Tips: 5 Simple & Best Practices To Become An Influencer On Google Plus

Although networks like Facebook and Twitter have been around longer than Google Plus, that doesn't mean it's any less important. While Google is still experimenting with different ways for Google Plus activity to influence their search results, it's clear that Google Plus marketing is going to have a role in both search engine optimization and general social media optimization for the foreseeable future.

What Can a Social Media Agency Do for Your Business?

When social media was still in its infancy, many businesses didn't pay attention to it. And even for those that did, this was often a task that was handed off to an intern.

8 Tips for Designing a Great Website | Website Designing - Guides and Articles

8 Tips for Designing a Great Website Square buttons, round buttons, flashy buttons ... will they match my shoes, my handbag or my tie? Are you stuck in a maze of buttons, headings, bullets, sub-headings and colour schemes? Stop! and take a deep breath and read some practical tips for professional looking great websites.

13 Online Business Ideas

Starting an online business requires a lot less risk than investing in an office or store front. You can reach a wide national - sometimes international - customer-base and work from anywhere. With only a basic knowledge of website maintenance and a knack for communication, you can have an online business up and running in days.

10 Signs Your Company Needs a Website Redesign

When do you know that your company needs a website redesign? In many cases, it's not just because of a single factor. Instead, it's the result of a combination of factors.

6 Facebook Pages Using Selfies for Social Media Marketing

No matter how you feel about selfies, they're here to stay. Powerhouse brands like KLM & Dunkin' Donuts use selfies for Facebook marketing and get tons of engagement from fans. But you don't have to be a household name to use selfies effectively on your business page.

What Are the Essential Elements of a Great Product Page?

Whether your ecommerce site only has a few items or you currently have thousands for sale, the design and composition of your product pages can have a huge impact on your overall conversion rates.

10 Great Google Plus Marketing Ideas For Your Business

Do you want to get found by your customers and prospects? Do you want to generate more leads with less money? or Do you want to create community around your business? Then you must connect with Google plus social network. It is quickly becoming so popular and an important part of any business's marketing strategy.

[Infographic] - Will These Social Media Relics Rise Again

Some social media sites have come and gone. Others, like Facebook and Twitter, seem to be here to stay. Whether it was the business model, the target market, or poor quality that resulted in the downfall and demise of previous social media sites, they all faded away into the background as social media giants emerged. But some of these social media relics are attempting to make a comeback.

Should Franchisors Use LinkedIn to Help Recruit New Franchise Owners?

The simple answer to this question is yes. To elaborate, the reason franchisors should definitely use LinkedIn to help recruit new franchise owners is because this platform makes it surprisingly easy to find and connect with highly qualified potential owners.

Since LinkedIn can be a real goldmine for franchise recruiting, let’s take a look at six tips that will help you get the best results from your efforts:

Social Media Can Be a Powerful Tool for Local Franchise Marketing

More franchisors are realizing that not only is social media a powerful tool for promoting their brand, but it can also be very effective for local franchise marketing when owners know the right way to market through these platforms. As a result of this realization, many franchise operations are making significant investments to help train and educate their owners about using social media for local franchise marketing.

Whether you’re a franchisor or the owner of a local franchise, if you’re interested in learning more about social media marketing, let’s take a look at how to get results, social media’s role in PR and how to measure the effectiveness of a social strategy:

Study: 9 simple ways to get more retweets

A recent study by TrackMaven analyzed 1,423 Twitter accounts, 1.7 million tweets and the impact of visuals on Twitter. The Twitter accounts included Fortune 500 companies, big brands, and influencers, says Sabel Harris, lead marketing maven. The study produced some surprising insights about how to get more retweets.

6 Tips To Increase Social Media Shares

Creating quality content is no easy task. Whether you do it yourself, have employees handle it for you or contract a firm to create it, creating blog posts and other types of content that people actually want to read takes a lot of hard work. Because of the work involved in creating great content, when you publish it, you want to ensure that as many people as possible see it. That’s where social media marketing comes into play.

5 Best Practices To Turn Your Twitter Followers Into Business Leads

If you’re using Twitter for business, you likely want your Twitter activity to generate new leads. While there are other reasons that using Twitter can be beneficial to your business, it’s definitely possible to translate this activity directly into targeted leads. To make that happen, here are the five most important strategies to follow:

5 Instagram Marketing Tips and Tricks for 2015
When Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion (which ended up actually being $715 million), plenty of people thought that Facebook had lost all business sense. However, now that Instagram has become a bigger platform than Twitter and shows no signs of slowing, Facebook definitely deserves to get the last laugh.
10 Features Business Owners Should Look For When Evaluating Social Media Management Tools
It’s amazing how many organizations and businesses still don’t use Social Media Management Tools. When I say that it’s amazing, I really mean that. Any organization that does not already understand that social media is the key to their future success has essentially hung out the “closed for business” sign and is waiting for someone to tell them. With the myriad of networks out there that need to be worked and monitored, there are only two viable options: have a large staff devoted to social media or get software to take care of your social media tracking.
How to Hire a Social Media Marketing Consultant, and why you should?
Social Media can be an excellent way for businesses to connect with potential and current customers. However, social media can also be overwhelming and extremely challenging for a business to understand. If you want to utilize social media to market you company but aren't sure about the best way to get started, a consultant can help. The same is true if you've already attempted some marketing through social media but haven't gotten the result you expected.
10 Creative Ways To Use Your LinkedIn Company Page To Connect With Top Prospects
LinkedIn Training for business isn’t just for bringing in new clients. With the right training, you can also learn how to use LinkedIn to attract the best prospects for your company. If you want to bring in talented individuals who can help your company continue to grow, let’s go over how to improve your LinkedIn company page, as well as how to use features like LinkedIn Groups to connect with great prospects:
Read Top 15 Social Media Secrets to Success
Be relevant. As you build social media presence, deliver long-term value more than advertising messages. Be competitive. Do some online sleuthing to learn what competitors are up to in social media. Be kind. Relationships drive customer loyalty and create vocal brand advocates who want to talk about the brands they love.
Read How to Create a Social Media Editorial Calendar That Will Grow Your Business
Social Media Editorial Calendars create a system to help you schedule content to post each day. People develop habits very easily. You will find that when you post certain topics each day they will actually look forward to your content. Creating a daily posting strategy will get you in the habit of writing blog posts that are in line with topics for the following week.
Photos Now Draw The Lowest Organic Reach On Facebook

Photos, once known to draw best reach and engagement for Facebook pages, are now drawing the lowest according to data from social media analytics company Social bakers. An article from the same analytics company declared photos “king on Facebook” less than a year ago.

The Best Ways to Maximize Twitter Lead Generation

Since studies within the inbound marketing industry have found that as many as 42% of businesses have acquired at least one new customer from Twitter, it’s safe to say that it’s worth investing some time and resources into developing a Twitter presence. The only problem is after you sign up for an account, trying to figure out the next best steps to take can be quite a challenge.

15 Types of Facebook Apps to Enhance Your Facebook Page

Want to do more with your Facebook page? Have you considered using Facebook apps? Facebook apps let you customize your Facebook page in many ways. In this article I'll share 15 ways Facebook apps can enhance and customize your Facebook page.

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