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Mobile Application Development

Biztech Consultancy, we build highly engaging & powerful mobile applications for a wide range of smart phones. As an experienced Mobile Application Development Company India, we strive to deliver the best mobile solutions to our clients across the globe. We are a team of passionate Mobile Apps Developers committed to helping our clients get the best out of mobile technologies.

Why Businesses Should Go For Mobile CRM To Acquire Better Benefits

As Mobile technology is increasingly growing, businesses are learning that the best way to maintain a constructive relationship with customers is by providing CRM accessibility while on the go.You will most likely have a Mobile App for Customer Relationship Management, if your organization has a sales department.

Android Or iOS: Which Platform Is Better To Develop Apps?

The question, which platform is good to build an app has been asked for so many times; and now it has become a popular one over the years! The platform war may not be over for now; it may remain the same for a couple of years more! Similar to the apps development war, there are certain guidelines or tips varying from significant needs.

Mobile apps solutions, emerging platform that helps businesses grow

New way to interconnect and conduct your business and reaching our customers with diverse needs! Be it connecting to your prospects, receiving feedback, marketing your products or accelerating your brand identity – all is done via mobile apps. The most promising and upcoming trend used by all businesses! Avoiding the truth of mobile apps significance would be misleading!

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications: Build Enterprise Apps On Your Own

Cross-platform mobile applications are usually developed on multiple mobile platforms. In today’s growing tech savvy world, a boosting trend called BYOD – Bring Your Own Device is making its niche. It refers to people bringing their smart phones into the Office to be used in place of traditional computers or desktops. But have you ever thought of developing apps by yourself? This blog talks about how you can create apps for corporate & enterprises in Office.

iOS apps developed like never before! Customized & Affordable!

At this juncture, where iOS continues to be the forerunner in mobile platform; due to Apple’s high standards; that ensure innovation and quality, businesses are more interested in getting significantly greater returns on their application investment. Still iOS App development is the most promising move for businesses to stay competitive and grow.

Cross platform mobile apps, the ideal solutions for all platforms!

With the growing mobile platforms, the collective costs incurred in developing and maintaining an indigenous and unique mobile solution for each platform has triggered to a great extent. This has given birth to a new trend of building mobile application for various businesses and market as cross platform application to reduce costing and efforts.

Can Mobile App Marketing Budget Crash your Company Finances?

Mobile apps are the next big thing responsible to bring the revolution after the arrival of smartphone devices in the market. There are many factors liable for success or failure of any mobile app. As internet is getting responsive, mobile apps of businesses are the flexible alternatives to stay connected and updated with the latest happening.

Will Mobile Advertising Join the Race of eCommerce Trends in 2015?

What is Mobile Advertising? It is a term that refers to advertising through mobile or smartphone devices. It is a way of mobile marketing. There are several methods used by top brands for mobile advertising like text messages, promotional ads within the apps, ads within the mobile browsers, image ads, video ads etc.

Add value to your business incorporating PhoneGap solutions using professional developers

Get startling and mission-critical mobile applications, leveraging PhoneGap application development services offered by Biztech Consultancy.

iOS 8.4 - The Music Update is Set to Rock!

The biggest technology giant Apple has just rolled out its iOS version update i.e. iOS 8.4. It was 30 June, 8 am when the Apple fans, waiting for the biggest music update were served with this new version. Apple has revamped its free music app with this new version. Even the exclusive Beats 1 radio station has started streaming across the globe, as expected!

Android L vs Android M

Google’s Android Lollipop, when debuted, was the biggest update till date. With the multitude of features and functions, it won millions of hearts of technology lovers. Simple yet attractive material design it offered was totally different than its earlier versions. Android also released its dotted version after the source version Android 5.0. After serving the world with a truly innovative operating system, Android is ready with it’s another version i.e. Android M. Its preview version is out currently and the main version is expected to hit the market by end of this year.

Tablet VS Phablet

Big screen sized devices are trending nowadays. In the recent years, mobile phone manufactures has brought an exponential revolution in smartphone manufacturing. The average smartphone display size is between 4.7 to 5 inches in 2015, which was found in one of the survey carried out. Tech savvy people are switching their smartphone choices from small resolution to huge and magnified resolution. Tablet and Phablets are the two new concepts that have impressed device lovers tremendously. Whatever tasks you can perform using your PCs or laptops that can now be done using your smartphones too.

Top 5 Android Camera Apps

Photography is more than just a hobby now-a-days due to amazing and exciting camera apps offered by Android mobile operating system to capture unbeatable moments. Android lovers can opt for any or all of the camera apps mentioned below and get the best out of it. The camera result also depends on the device manufacturing brand and the quality of the camera maintained while manufacturing process.

Top 5 Amazing Android Cricket Games

For all the cricket fans, here is the good news, which would take you to cloud nine. They now have the reason to celebrate and enjoy the cricket season with their Android smartphones. Well, without wasting your time in reading the article, we would now break the suspense by introducing top 5 cricket games for smartphone users to keep the cricket fever on. With the range of cricket games mentioned below you can experience the gaming fun along with the cricket passion.

Android VS iOS

Using latest and advanced smartphone device is the current trend igniting the gadget lovers of every age group. There are several alternatives available for choosing a smartphone device right from the manufacturing brand to the version of the mobile operating system implemented into it.

Mr. Reminder - Android Reminding Occasion/Day/Date Application

Mr. Reminder android app helps you to remember event, meetings, days, date and occasions in today’s fast pacing and multitasking lifestyle.

Mr. Silent, Auto Silent Mode

Mr.Silent is an Android application, offers solution to those who wish to keep their mobile phones on silent mode for specific geographical locations, time, occasions and for specific contacts. You simply need to provide the desired conditions – occasions, times and geographical locations when you would like to keep your mobile silent.

Biztech Offers Turnkey Cross Platform Mobile Apps to Enterprises

Biztech Consultancy has been offering high-end cross mobile application development solutions to the enterprises seeking quality mobile business solutions compatible with multiple platforms.

Snake and ladders is a game meant for all age brackets!

Snake and ladders is a game meant for all age brackets! It’s one of the all time popular game, played by all once in their lifetime. This is a racing game to reach the end point first beating other players, which is located at the top left corner of the electronic board starting from the start point located at the bottom.

Worried about security of your private messages?

SMS Vault is a highly secure private vault that locks your private messages on your mobile, retaining the privacy of all your messages that is sent using this application. It offers a complete control on your messages that you wish to hide from being viewed by others.

Silent On GEO Locations: where you can set your mobile to go silent

Silent on GEO locations is an Android based application, aimed at offering comfort to those who wish to keep their mobile phones on silent mode in specific geographical locations. It has an appealing user interface with user-friendly features allowing the users to set their desired locations in their mobiles to turn silent.

5 Indispensable Frameworks for Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

Cross Platform Mobile Development is a term which refers to the development of mobile application that can run on multiple operating systems. A company developing mobile applications implements their applications on native platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry/RIM etc.

Type While Walk

Type while walk allows you to see what is in front of you on the streets or anywhere else while walking, typing and sitting. It supplies more efficiency while walking and texting as this application is specially designed for maximum camera interface on background. The most important aspect of this app will be fast loading of the camera and zero battery drainage when you don't use the application.

Mr. Reminder - Get Reminder for Anything, Everything, Anytime

Mr. Reminder, an Android based mobile application can help you remember each and every event, meetings, days and occasions, and can also remind others, associated with you, about their important occasions! It’s that simple and useful!

Apple Would Create a History on 20th October 2014

After the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, apple is ready with new gifts to be distributed among its fans. Yes, you read it right! Apple would again be in limelight due to the sack of products it has got to offer.

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