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Updated by Ravi Agrawal on Jul 02, 2014
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L7 Group Sponsored a Promotional Event for Tiger Shroff's Heropanti in Nagpur

The star cast of Heropanti Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon were on a promotional spree to promote their film. The film crew had painted different cities at all corners of India with promotional events scheduled one after the other. Visit to Nagpur is one of those mesmerizing promotional tours.

L7 Group Rules the Multi-Billion Dollar E-commerce Industry

The e-commerce solution is changing the picture of small or big business. It is yielding good returns for various business sectors. The E-Commerce Solutions are proving to be an excellent platform to attract new customers and delivering a satisfactory shopping experience. At the end, eCommerce solutions offer you user-friendly tools and techniques.

How L7 Group Achieved a Significant Place in the Market despite of Highly Competitive Era

As the world has given rise to the new business age. Thus, an array of companies is rising with an activist motive to urbanize the world through a deliberative delivery of their goods and services. One of those prominent companies is L7 Group Of Companies, who provide the rightful solutions in order to increase the ROI of its clients.

L7 Group is Booming the Preeminent Software Industry Sectors

In the recent years, a massive change has been observed in the software industry. The scenario has changed dramatically and every other day we have new inventions coming one after the other. In addition to this, the marketing environment has changed more rapidly than it has been seen before in the history of the software industry.

L7 Group of Companies - Trendsetters of Diversified Industry Sectors

" There are no secrets to success. It is the outcome of continuous efforts, preparation, and learning from your every day failure", says a famous philosopher Colin Powell. Extreme dedication and continuous hard work are two the key factors for success of any company.

Positive Strides of L7 Group into the Hospitality Industry

Unlike the other industry sectors, hospitality and tourism industry is increasingly known as leading industry worldwide and the largest GDP earner these days. In addition, these two industries are creating a large range of employment opportunities within the country. However, the lack of ability, skill and knowledge requirements has been observed in these industries.

L7 Group of Companies Defines Own Business Ethics and Principles

They say that " innovations in the expertise field make you gain the limelight in the overcrowded market." It is very easy to follow pre-existing rules and ethics to run or start your business. But, to make a sparkling difference, one need discover his or her own business principles and rules.

L7 Group's Services are known for the Quality, Timeliness and Cost-effectiveness

If you are thinking about scam-free services providing exact and quality results!!! What stroke your mind after reading the above line? Many of you will answer that it is getting very hard to find such quality services. As of today the market is packed with pool of nasty people, companies and organizations.

L7 Resources - A Team Helping You to Find Quality Talent

Your answer to this question would be strategic planning, quality services, sound financial position...... etc. We can say that it is an unending list of parameters, as the success of your company depends on several aspects in some or the other way.

Food Processing Industry is all set to get Greater Heights of Success

Food processing is very popular these days. What's the reason behind it? Have you tried to dig out reasons for rapid increase in the demand of food processing? It's because, the method of food processing provides many food products that are not available to eat otherwise.

Ravi Agrawal Explains the Reality of Philanthropy

What do you think, when you hear a word " Philanthropist "? Most of us feel that a philanthropist is rich person having loads of money. Thus, donating a portion of it makes little difference to their overall wealth, and therefore requires little thought.

L7 Group of Companies Understand the Worth of Customer Reviews

You all know that how important it is to build a community of people around your business. Business success depends upon the happiness of clients. When it comes to customer relationship, we think carefully and listen constantly to make it strong and long lasting.

L7 Group of Companies is Actively Involved in Corporate Finance

L7 Group of Companies is actively involved in corporate finance offering expert advice on short-term instant finance across a range of industry sectors. The company gives advice on a range of financial transactions for public and private companies. Whether you are a small organization or a large company, L7 Group's team can assist you in managing and securing your capital.

Why L7 Group Promotes Idea of The Incubation Hub?

The Incubation Hub is an initiative by L7 Group to turn out your thought into reality. With the ongoing technological progress, new ideas come forward the every other day in each business sector. But, sometimes we fail to execute them. Hence, in order to help you L7 Group has stepped his foot forward giving wings to your ideas.

L7 Group of Companies - Your every deal will become a success

L7 Group of Companies has proved that they are best in the diversified industry sectors by helping many reputed names establish themselves under their guidance. They are known as the best pioneering firm dealing with Entertainment, Trading in Commodity markets Construction, Flour Mill, Finance, Media, Software, Steel, Food Processing, Sortex, Resource Management, Crowdfunding, Wedding Destination and Lifestyle Farm Houses.

L7 Group of Companies is strongly engaged in Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development is said to be a key ingredient for sustainable growth of the country. It has become mandatory for all countries to acquire efficient sanitation, transport, energy and communications systems if they want to prosper and give a decent standard of living to their populations.

Information Technology and Its Increasing Benefits

It is undeniable fact that Information Technology (IT) has become an integral and vital part of every business sector. Whether it is a multi-national corporation maintaining mainframe systems and databases or small businesses that own a single computer, for both of them IT plays a big role.

L7 Group Comes to the Fore for Mobile Apps Development

These days Android and iTunes apps are quickly becoming more popular in the mobile application development industry. Every field you visit, whether it is a hospitality, medical, business, industrial, you will find that traditional methods are replaced by these productivity apps. They are immensely helpful for increasing the work efficiency.

L7 Group's Motto to Enter into the Steel Rolling Industry

Steel is increasingly used in different business sectors. Whether it is a large business or whether it is small, steel is the most essential element. Steel is the widely used and indispensable component for Mechanical, Technological and Commercial Industries. Steel is basically manufactured with the help of steel rolling machinery.

Ravi Agrawal - A Social Personality with Diversified Business Interest

Ravi Agrawal has established L7 Group of Companies, which is one of the fastest growing companies with diverse business interests. He has decided to venture into number of business sectors not for the sake of survival, but it is his passion to replicate the success strategies.

L7 Group's Unique Working Culture

The L7 Group of Companies doesn't focus only on the technological development, but also on their people and professional growth. The hires eager, educated and determined innovators that are fully dedicated towards developing clientele's success. The company believes your ability over experience and provides extensive guidance to all new employees.

L7 Group of Companies Thumb Rule for its Success Journey

Throughout the year, tech-world is packed with various interesting and exciting technological updates. Each and every update introduces some welcoming facts in the existing methods and techniques. The primary aim behind any technical updating is replacement of the older strategies and plan of action with the latest one.

Ravi Agrawal's Giant Leap in Diversified Business Sectors

Ravi Agrawal, Chairman L7 Group of Companies is a multi-faceted personality, who has experienced rising heights of success in his career. Being a passionate personality, he is renowned as a one of the most successful businessperson in India with diversified interests and talents. Ravi Agrawal is a Commerce Graduate.