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Headline for Gail's Guests- Conversations with Gail and Design For Life
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Gail's Guests- Conversations with Gail and Design For Life

Guests in 2013-today on my radio and TV- an honor to have each and every one. You may have missed some of these really incredible interviews- they are available 24/7, and can listen or view in segments because so much can happen in an hour or two!

Informant of The Good Nurse after Katie Show

Join Amy Ridgway, nurse and the confidential informant, whose courage ended the career of serial killer Charles Cullen is in the New York Times Bestseller book by Charles Graeber, The Good Nurse. Together we will be watching and tweeting as Amy Ridgway is a guest on The Katie Couric show at 3 ET.

Charles Graeber Author The Good Nurse, Wired, GQ

Nurse Charles Cullen killed about 400 patients over 16 years, confessed after being caught, andt then spoke to no-one again. Years later, he spoke to the editor of Wired Magazine Charles Graeber. Why? While known for his work in GQ, The New Yorker, National Geographic and New York Magazine, why did Cullen answer Graeber's letter?

Todd Vendituoli Builder to Tech Entrepreneur

Todd Vendituoli had a successful business for years in the home building industry. The industry hit so many people and he was faced with having to re-invent his life and his career. He knew the building trade, he had been a success as an entrepreneur. Founder of Home Centrl.

Rosemarie Rossetti: Universal Design Living Laboratory

After earning her PhD at The Ohio State University College Rosemarie Rossetti had a successful career in teaching, speaking and marketing. In 1998 she had just moved to focus exclusively on speaking when a tree fell on her. She had a spinal cord injury which changed her life. She's used that to speak internationally and design the Universal Design Living Laboratory.

Sam Ford Co-Author Spreadable Media, MIT

Sometimes a book defines current culture; sometimes it changes it; rarely, and remarkably, it does both. Sam Ford is Director of Audience Engagement with Peppercomm Strategic Communications and research affiliate of the Comparative Media Studies at MIT.

CIA to Security Entrepreneur, Author Christopher Burgess

For over 30 years Christopher Burgess worked in the Central Intelligence Agency from file clerk to top leadership as Chief of Station (COS) who is the seniormost intelligence officer in the designated area of responsibility for the Director of the CIA and the National Intelligence Director. Now he is CEO of Prevendra- creators of Senior Safety Online and Red Folder.

Architect, Designer, Founder MoD Design Guru Michele Alfano

Thinking Outside the Box. That sums up Michele Alfano as architect, designer of interiors and furniture, entrepreneur, philanthropist and personality. Daughter of a pioneer in the application of light and photonics technology, she was instilled to do more than what is expected, look at what's next: be passionate and inspired in all she does.

Health Policy with Barbara Kornblau- OT, JD, Dean, Disability Advocate

This week as we look from the Ethan Saylor case to what the ACA really means to us, to what this all means for people with disabilities and those who love them, we have a lifetime expert from the "inside" to guide us in plain language and from the heart.

Debra Alfarone Emmy Nominated Journalist WUSA9 CBS

An absolutely amazing episode with Emmy Nominated Debra Alfarone who is lead nightly reporter for WUSA9 in Washington DC. At 9/11/2011 she was working at the World Trade Center.

Dads of Down Symdrome talk Ethan Saylor to Daily Life

Around the tragic story of Ethan Saylor, another phenomena has happened. Fathers who may never have crossed with day jobs from such different fields have joined together under the flag of support for Ethan Saylor. Why? For all of their differences- they share a significant life experience: they are fathers of children with Down Syndrome.

1st Interview with Emma Saylor sister of Ethan Who Died At the Movies by Police

In Januray of this year, Ethan Saylor- a boy with Down Syndrome- went to the movie theater, the police got involved when he tried to watch the show again, and he died. It was a homicide. But there were no charges brought against the police, there has been no independent investigation, the Sheriff and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley won't speak to the press.

Dr. Kathryn Ellerbeck, from committee changing DSMV diagnosis and treatment on Autism and Aspergers

Kathryn Ellerbeck with with the University of Kansas Medical Center, an assistant professor and developmental pediatrician for the Center for Child Health and Development (CCHD). She works on the diagnosis and management of autism and other developmental disabilities, improving systems for children with autism, and teaching behavior and development. She speaks in detail about the reasoning behind the changes from Asperger's diagnosis to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Luxury Design Brandon Smith LEED AP Founder DesignLux

Brandon Smith is one who "blazes the trail" For 14 years he worked directly in corporate design, construction standards, LEED, critical facilities, classified information spaces, data centers and other techno-centric interiors. Relationships with brands and a passion for media launched DCoop Media in 2013 to expand on brand awareness in the digital marketplace especially within interior design.

Hip Hop Healing Empowing Youth with HYPE Founder Dr. Dia

Hip Hop is more than music, more than a culture, it's a way of life that can be used to heal. Adia McClellan Winfrey carried the Olympic Torch at age 16 and has been blazing trails ever since. Rap lyricist, author, international speaker, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Dia, as she is endearingly known, is author and creator of H.Y.P.E.

Toni Blackman US Hip Hop Ambassador Joins Dr Dia on Finding Your Power

Toni Blackman is the U.S. Department of State's ambassador of music and all it can do to help people- quite literally. She is also a well known author, speaker, created Rhyme Like A Girl, seminars online and in person. She joins after the first hour with Dr. Dia and the three of us speak about becoming empowered as a woman.

Big Hass Founder First Arabic Hip Hop FM Show

Hass Dennaoui (AKA Big Hass) is a young Saudi citizen working in the media industry as a Regional Media Manager in a local digital media company. He is the founder of Re-Volt, an online radio blog since October of 2009 against the music that was primarily getting FM air time. The connection was on and off- so stay tuned for more than a great half hour in which we connected well.

Robert Green author Community Healthcare on Common Ground

Author Robert Green shares learning moments from his book Community Healthcare: Finding Common Ground with New Expectations in Healthcare.We'll discuss dramatic changes needed for healthcare to thrive and succeed for both providers and patients. He'll share how his thoughts have grown since announcing on #CPHC twitter chat a true ongoing social community patient engagement campaign.

Bruce Ramshaw, MD Health Transformation in Practice

Dr. Bruce Ramshaw is the epitome of someone who "walks the talk" and he gives plenty of important talks from TedX to major medical conferences around the world. But more importantly, he implements the solution in a new type of healthcare clinic. Fabulous conversation of implementing a patient centered healthcare in practice.

Changing Healthcare and UX through Design with Thea Kurdi

Professor, author, collaborator, speaker, an engaging conversation about changing health through integrated design including accessible, universal, sustainable and more with Thea Kurdi. Thea is a Canadian architectural technologist and member of Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES). Many specifics for implementing universal and accessible design for architects, designers and home-owners.

Insider Information on Navigating Healthcare for Success

How can you get the best possible health care? What is your role as the patient or caregiver with the physician, nurses, and other list of providers? How do you navigate your way from test or diagnosis through treatments or hospitalizations? How do you take the best care of you child, your spouse, your closest friend? Author, speaker and coach Martine Ehrenclou. Critical Conditions and The Take Charge Patient.

Regina Holliday Founder The Walking Gallery Art for Healing Healthcare

Regina Holliday lost her husband of 25 years in a rapid 11 week battle in 2009, She painted her grief over the loss of her childhood sweet-heart, father of two boys, and frustrations of the struggle for care. The series of murals in Washington DC became part of the national debate on health care reform and helped guide public policy.

Kari Block- CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder Earth-Kind and Fresh Cab

A modern day fairy tale: take a Mom of 2 living hand-to-mouth, combine a distaste of mice and a move from city to country, mix in un-trained business savvy, and create a $40 million company that's doing right for her community, our environment and her business. Kari Block represents everything possible for today's entrepreneur.

Down Syndrome to Alzheimer's -Dr. Huntington Potter on Discovering The Link

Dr. Huntington Potter will be live to explain in plain language the importance between the Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Link- and what this means to caregivers, patients, parents, physicians, health providers, and everyone who cares about both and related diagnosis and genetic disorders.

Alzheimer's Journey After A Lifetime with Down Syndrome- A Sister's Story

Gretchen Josephson has a life more than one defined by an extra chromosome that defines Down Syndrome. She has lived a full life of love and accomplishment. Both a self-advocate and accomplished author, she worked 37 years until the day when Alzheimer's progressed too far for it to be safe. A beautiful story from family love with her sister Patti to the tribute of a lifetime of a woman thriving with Down Syndrome.

Director Banker White On Filming Genius of Marian His Mother's Early Alzheimer's

Your mother gets Alzheimer's at 60. If you are film-maker Banker White you create an award winning documentary. Then you turn it into national advoacy. Early onset Alzheimer's can shake any family. Coming soon after the decline and death of her own mother from Alzheimer's is even more tragic.