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Why You Should Break Up With Processed Foods Forever

If I had to find just one good reason to eat processed foods, I'd have an impossible time coming up with one. But when it comes to reasons not to eat processed foods, however ... well, I could talk your ear off.

ALOHA - Can Mindfulness Meditation Make You Happier?

Can Mindfulness Meditation Make You Happier? During the day our minds become busy with inner chatter, from ideas for the future to everyday restless thoughts and worries that we've become so accustomed to we may hardly notice them at all. When our stress level peaks, we may feel tense, anxious or disassociated.

ALOHA - A Simple Waking Up Meditation to Align the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Meditation has been an invaluable tool and companion in my life. I truly believe that it is in meditation where we find inner peace, which then leads to outer peace.

Infographic: What You Need to Know About Dads and Happiness

From the unique mental health benefits of being a dad, to how his happiness rubs off on the kids, this is an infographic that everyone in the family should see.

The Power of Mindfulness: Reshape Your Brain for Calm and Compassion

Our brains aren't only affected by how we behave, but how we think and feel. Here's how mindfulness can change your brain and help you achieve a more positive outlook.

10 Things You Never Knew About Contacts

There's a lot more to these little lenses than you might think.

3 Things You Must Know To Start Getting A Sexier Body

When you look in the mirror, you're okay with what you see. Not really pumped, but it's not that bad. But the thing is, you're not the kind of guy to settle for mediocrity. No. You want your reflection to be formidable. To be potent, striking and magnetic.

15 Brilliant Benefits And Uses Of Lemon You Need To Know

Lemon is one of the most versatile fruits on the planet. Check out the 15 benefits of lemon that you need to know.

Advanced Foam Rolling Techniques from a Massage Therapist

You don’t have to look hard to find someone talking about the benefits of using a foam roller/lacrosse ball. But people have barely scratched the surface of the potential within these little tools.

How To Grow Old Gracefully

Want to grow old easily and gracefully? Turns out the key is to start early, in your 20's, and pay attention to some important lifestyle changes as you age.

Quiz: What Style of Yoga Is Best for You?

The benefits of yoga have been well documented, but where to begin? Take our quiz to see what kind of yoga might fit your style.

40 Squat Variations You Need to Try

This classic exercise seems simple as a nursery rhyme, but that doesn't mean its easy, especially if you consider the 40 variations included here. All of these will work your entire posterior chain starting with your feet and going up through your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and back.

10 Cool Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers are very cool and healthy. Discover how this perfect summer veggie keeps your body hydrated, strong and happy. Enjoy some of my favorite cucumber

Every Man Should Know About These 12 Shaving Tips

Improve your shaving routine by adding a hot shower, pre-shave oil, conditioner, alum and toner to your toolkit along with proper razor technique.

18 Pimple Hacks You Need To Try

Don’t worry when the road gets bumpy.

3 Easy (And Cheap!) Ways to Improve Your Dental Health

Three easy ways to improve dental health and oral hygiene, including oil pulling, tongue scraping and herbal rinses for healthy teeth and gums

Nine Surprising Ways Running Helps Your Body

GROWS CARTILAGEIgnore the naysayers—running isn't necessarily bad for your knees. Research from Australia's Monash University suggests that the impact of running can increase cartilage production, which can safeguard your joints from arthritis.

How To Do a Handstand in 7 Easy Steps

Handstands are scientifically proven to make you happier. And since we're non-scientifically dedicated to making you happier, here's how to master the maneuver in 7 easy steps.

Going from Rookie to Rockstar: Understanding Phasic and Postural Muscles

Why aren't you feeling an exercise in the right place? It might be due to postural and phasic muscles, and their relationship to your desk job.

This Is Your Brain On Exercise (Infographic)

We all know that exercise gets you toned, increases strength and makes you feel great. But oh, it does so much more.

How to Stop Beating Yourself Up with Bodhipaksa

The practice of self-compassion is a powerful tool for transforming our lives. It’s a habit that can be cultivated to help you stop beating yourself up and live with greater self-compassion.

How to Floss

Flossing daily removes plaque and other debris that brushing alone does not reach. By flossing your teeth daily, you increase the chances of keeping your teeth for a lifetime and reduce your risk of developing gum problems.http://www.agd...

3 Quick and Dirty Tips to Prevent Running Injuries for Good

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Bro-ga: Why Guys Should Add Yoga to Their Fitness Routines | LIVESTRONG.COM

By ELISE MOLINELLI 'I'm not flexible enough to do yoga.' 'Yoga is for girls in pink spandex.' 'Yoga? Don't you have to be celibate and vegan to do that?' These are just a few of the excuses I hear from men who are a tad resistant to the idea of adding yoga to their fitness […]