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Headline for Stellar Tools for Summer Archival
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Stellar Tools for Summer Archival

Apps and Sites to help digitally archive and showcase or vacation or stay-cation.

Blend Photos and Maps with the Photo Mapo app

Easily transform your photos into mapped masterpieces you will want to share with friends and family.

Create and Share 360 Views with the Bubbli App

Create and Share 360 Views from your Vacation and then link them to a Tacck or Thinglink.

Create a Link to Your Photos in your PhotoStream

Use the Public Link Option in PhotoStream on your iDevice to share a link of all of your photos from your trip with family and friends.

Share a Photo a Day with ShutterCal

Use ShutterCal is to upload a photo a day from your trip with a caption (photos are public unless you use a paid account). Captions can include links.

Highlight a Trip with Snapguide

Use the Snapguide App to showcase trip highlights (highlights can be photos, videos, or text).

Highlight Each Day of a Trip with Snapguide

How to Do the Great Ocean Road From Melbourne in 4 Days

Creatively Share Highlights from Your Vacation using Snapguide

We had an amazing time this summer. If you are planning on traveling here anytime in the future, hopefully, you will find this guide helpful! by KK Rice.

Publish a Slideshow of Pics from Your Trip Using Haiku Deck

Use Collage apps to include multiple images on one slide.

Publish a Slideshow of Pics and Trip Anecdotes Using Haiku Deck

Use Haiku Deck pics but add your own anecdotes.

Translate Photos and Printed Words with Word Lens app

See the world in your language: instantly translate printed words using your built-in video camera, in real time! (PLEASE NOTE: ALL language packs ARE CURRENTLY FREE and can be downloaded within the app.)

Buy language pairs using in-app purchase:
+ English ⇆ Russian
+ English ⇆ Portuguese
+ English ⇆ German
+ English ⇆ Italian
+ English ⇆ French
+ English ⇆ Spanish

Create a Travelogue with Photos and Journal Entries Using Tackk

Check out this vacation in Switzerland.

Create a Travelogue with Photos and Journal Entries Using Tackk

Check out this Roman Holiday. Even embed maps!

Create an Interactive Photo Album using Flowboard

Include words, images, videos, and links!

Augment a Collage using Thinglink

Create an interactive archived image using an app like Pic Collage or Scrap it! and Thinglink.

Augment a Photo Using Thinglink

Include Funny Anecdotes and an Intinerary using a Google Doc or Evernote!

Augment a Photo Using Thinglink

Include links to places you went and even an itinerary or journal linked from Google or Evernote.

Augment a Photo with Audio Vignettes using SoundCloud and Thinglink

TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink

Share Fun Vignettes about Places you Visit Using Tellagami

Use Pictures you take as a background and then share Tellagamis to a Tackk to Thinglink.

Create a Comic of your Travels with Strip Designer app

Use an app like Strip Designer.

Use Evernote During your Next Vacation

Save flight details and itineraries, journal and include pics, and much more!

Take Great Photos using these apps!

20 Apps for Making Great Photos on Your iPhone

No Time or $ To Travel? Explore these Virtual Experiences

These apps allow for exploration within a virtual world and/or provide a before/after historical and current photography. Perfect for digital story-telling, teaching and exploring setting, and writing prompts.