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21st Century Video Rankings

This is a list of 21st Century Learning Videos

1: A Vision of K-12 Students Today

Students will be engaged with teachers who are willing to use technologies for collaboration and inquiry based learning. Students want to collaborate with one another. They learn by doing. They want to be taught how to think, create, analyze, evaluate, and apply. They want to be engaged. They are digital learners.

2: Pay Attention

This video is trying to get teacher to pay attention to the needs of the students. Once again,most students are digital learners and they need to be engaged by using technology. How do we know that most students are digital learners? It’s because most all students have spent so much time using technology since they were two years old. Technology provides “richness” to the students that the teacher cannot. Teachers need to use the WWW, whatever, whenever, and wherever.

3: A Vision of Students Today

This video shows that students are not engaged in how we are teaching them today. Everything that we are doing is not helping them. This is a digital world, and teachers are still in the past. Teachers must find new ways to teach students and connect information to the real world and their lives. The majority of a student’s day is spent on technology, so we should be using that to our advantage as teachers.

4: 21st Century Skills: What Do We Do?

What must we do to ensure that our future economy is prepared to work in the 21st century? Our students must begin to collaborate, use strategic reading, learn to present, research, writing, using technology, and solving problems. There are three steps to follow in the process. Start with a solid foundation, add direction to their exploration, and create opportunities for application in the community. We must act today.

5: Engage Me

This video was also dealing with students who want to be engaged. They want to be taught how to think, apply, etc. in the classroom and in everyday life. Students want to be able to have a choice and use their technology to aid them in their work in the classroom and at home.

6: Rethinking Learning

This video compared learning to “gamers”. Gamers think if I ain’t learning, it ain’t fun. This video talked about learning outside of the school matters for what is being learned in school. Teachers need to give students access to what they need in order to be successful in the 21st Century. Teachers must learn how to coordinate informal and formal learning.

7: 21st Century Learning Matters

This video discussed that we are living in a digital world and we must rethink education and how it will affect us in the 21st Century. We must learn how to teach students to think critically and problem solve. Teachers need to reinvent themselves and find different ways to deliver instruction using technology. Teachers must make sure that there are connections in learning and that learning is relevant. There must be rigorous effort put into lessons that will leave students with a lasting knowledge. In the 21st Century, we must all be learners.

8: Teaching the 21st Century Learner

Traditional teaching methods have become outdated. We live in a digital generation, and our students are digital natives and are technologically savvy. They like to blog, collaborate, and are innovative. We must change our thinking to reach them. Teaching and education must change. We must do more to engage them and guide them along this new way of life.

9: 21st Century Literacy

Literacy implies the ability to speak and write as well as to read. We need to discover creative ideas that are communicated in new forms. Teachers should encourage interaction with the audience in 21st Century Literacy. 21st Century Literacy changes the way we teach and learn. Americans are hungry for action on this issue. They want students to acquire the necessary skills to be successful in the 21st Century.