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Updated by Brenda Sue Lansdowne on May 26, 2014
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B'sue Boutiques Video List

Find a quick list here of some our most popular instruction videos at You Tube! Check out our homespun style, you'll feel like you are working in our workshop with us. We share many mixed media techniques like patina and paint on brass, resin and polymer clay work, basic wire, etching on brass and MORE!

Etching Brass for Beginnners:Miss Kate Shows the Way Using B'sue Raw Brass Blanks

Etching raw brass blanks is fun and easy when Miss Kate shows you how! B'sue opens the workshop at to her pal, Kate Mulligan of Mulligan Stew Jewelry (and a member of the B'sue Boutiques Design Team) so that she can teach you a fun, easy and SAFE way to work with Ferric Chloride to achieve a perfect etch on brass.

Beer Cap Earrings, Bottle Caps, Soda Cap Charms, Chapas: Make them B'sue's Way

Beer and soda cap earrings, charms and jewelry have been made for decades. Maybe you have done it simply by punching a hole and connecting, or by gluing bails to the back of the cap.

Easy Jewelry Making, Embellishing Small Surfaces to Make Pendants and Charms, with B'sue

Easy jewelry making! Come into the workshop with me and let's make some pendants and charms from blanks, old keys, heart charms and more! I will show you how to wrap a key with wire to hang charms from it and make a key charm pendant.

Making Spoon and Spoon Handle, Silverware Jewelry A Whole New Way by B'sue

Jewelry making from silverplated flatware has been popular for years and years. It's not uncommon to find such jewelry even in an antiques store. Old vintage silverware is very hard to cut and drill, however. It's very tough to bend and hammer, as well.

Easy Jewelry Making, Embellishing Small Surfaces to Make Pendants and Charms, with B'sue

Easy jewelry making! Come into the workshop with me and let's make some pendants and charms from blanks, old keys, heart charms and more! I will show you how to wrap a key with wire to hang charms from it and make a key charm pendant.

Making Cameo Jewelry: Use Gilder's Paste, Paints to Add Color to Resin Cameos with B'sue

Making cameo jewelry is so fun! Add color to your resin cameos with mixed media products such as Gilder's Paste and simple acrylic paints. B'sue shows how easy it is to change up those resin cameos in a snap, and it makes all the difference when you design with the pieces.

Using Plated Brass Stampings in Your Jewelry Designs, How to Make Gilt Brass, Good Plating

The brass stampings such as thosesold at have been made in the United States since the Industrial Revolution and in Europe, far before. They are one of the MOST versatile jewelry making components and one of the most overlooked and sometimes, misunderstood. I love them because they are a real part of jewelry making history.

Jewelry Making, Alcohol Inks and Brass Stampings, Easy Ideas for a Pop Of Color from B'sue

Jewelry making with B'sue, another free video class on using alcohol inks on brass jewelry stampings, parts and findings from Some ideas are great, some ideas are just ideas. Come experiment with B'sue and Donna as they discover what works best, what works okay, and what just needs more work.

Collage Jewelry Made Even Simpler/Rudimentary Gypsy Beading

First, let's talk about collage jewelry fear and how to get over it! as B'sue forges ahead and shows you a simple design on a crescent blank. She will demonstrate the concepts of balance and embellishment while stressing the proper use of glue and the ease of making this sort of jewelry.

Making Embellished Cameo, Freeform Button Collage Jewelry

Back again to the Messy Workshop! This time, B'sue demonstrates her techniques for composing embellished cameo brooches and pendants. She also revisits her artistic roots in found-item jewelry making by showing you to how to arrange a free-form button collage brooch without a brass base.

Making Jewelry with Brass Stampings, Cutting, Bending: Make a Cuff, Necklace, and Bracelet Top

Jewelry making with brass stampings with B'sue, all findings used in the video come from We'll be making a cuff bracelet from a large flat filigree using just your table top and your hands to bend the brass metal. We will also look for the 'stamping inside the stamping' to make more use from stampings.

Charm Bracelets a New Way: Wire Wrapped Charms And Silver Cuffs

Charm bracelets made with silver cuffs, 20 gauge silver wire and wrapped charms as well as novelty pendants are featured in this video from B'sue Boutiques. B'sue demonstrates taking the idea of beads stacked on a headpin to a whole new level and makes it her own....and shows you how to make it yours!

Designing Costume Jewelry: Books for Inspiration

Going back to her roots as an antiques dealer specializing in vintage costume jewelry, B'sue takes time to discuss some of her books on the subject and how she finds creative inspiration in their pages. It was really hard to cover so many in a fifteen minute video!

Making a Lariat Necklace from B'sue Boutiques: Cool Fashion Jewelry You Can Make Fast

Lariat style necklaces have figured in fashion for a very long time; they are a simple premise that can be composed in a number of ways and worn in even more. Brenda Sue from B'sue Boutiques presents the concept, displays a vintage beaded lariat....and shows you how to make your own from bits of chain, easy peasy beads and simple wire wrapping techniques.

Making Charm Jewelry: Kitchen Sink Style from B'sue Boutiques

Charm jewelry uniquely its own....over the top, definitely Five and Dime Style, and all you need is jump rings, a jumpie tool, some simple pliers, a good flush cutter, chain, wire, and a bunch of cool stuff to hook up in pleasing arrangements. There is no right, no wrong, you're done when you say it's done.

Responsible Repurposing: B'sue Checks Out Cindy's Vintage Jewelry Box

B'sue checks out Cindy McMurray's new jewelry box find for potentially valuable pieces. In this video we discuss the value of vintage rhinestone jewelry, old West German pieces, costume cameo brooches and expandable "Spiedel" style rhinestone bracelets. Is it okay to break up old prom jewelry? Maybe.....maybe not.

Button Charms, Pendants, Simple Wire Techniques, B'sue Boutiques

Button charms, pendants, simple wire techniques, jewelry making, from B'sue Boutiques. Join B'sue in the downtown workshop for some easy peasy fun with drilled buttons and mounts and a bit of 20 gauge wire. You will need a needlenose pliers, a flatnose pliers and a flush cutters.....some wire and some buttons to play with.

ADHD and Your Creative Life : You CAN Succeed As An Artist

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It affects many creative people, but it does not need to be viewed as a curse or an affliction. B'sue and Donna discuss the ups and downs of living with ADHD while running a successful arts and crafts business, nurturing others and achieving their own creative goals.

Learning About Vintage Jewelry: Design Muse, Income Stream vs.Repurposing Elements

Learning about vintage jewelry is more important today than ever. With the repurposing trend at an all time high, have you ever considered the value of the things you may be picking up at flea markets, estate auctions and yard sales?

Floral Assemblage Jewelry with Brass Stampings from B'sue Boutiques

From B'sue Boutiques,, here's a video showcasing some of B'sue's painted brass and basic glue and assemblage techniques. As you can see, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want. Photos of all the pieces worked on will be featured in a blog post soon.

Pouring and Mixing Resin, Resin on Paper, Lose Your Fear of Resin

This video is from and all the materials used in the video can be found there. Hang on to your hats, B'sue and Donna were wound up today as it was her FIRST TIME to mix and pour ICE RESIN.

B'sue Interviews Popular Polymer Clay Artist, Christi Friesen

Christi Friesen, popular polymer clay artist, visits the B'sue Boutiques workshop for a quick interview on how she got started using polymer clay, what it means to her....and what it can mean to YOU. Polymer clay is a forgiving, inexpensive medium that can be interpreted in a myriad of ways.

Jewelry Making 101: How To Measure in Millimeters

Back with B'sue in the Messy Workshop to learn how to use a simple brass measuring calipers or gauge to measure stones, bezels, mounts and cameos. This is so simple, but it's really so much better to demonstrate the technique than try and tell you.

Introduction to Collage Jewelry: The Glue to Use

In this video, you'll find B'sue back in the messy workshop explaining the pro's and cons of the different glues that may be used to create collage jewelry in the effusive 'glitz' style with brass stampings, rhinestones and even found items. B'sue has made literally thousands of pieces during her artistic journey, and will share some of the pieces that initially piqued her interest along with some simple techniques.

Colorizing Brass Stampings With Gilder's Paste

I'm so happy to introduce you to Gilder's Paste. It is a unique colorizing agent that you can use over raw, painted or plated brass stampings or findings to give them your own designer look. It can be pale or deep, an accent or a cover....the fun is in the experimentation.