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10 snippet resources for wordpress designers

great websites where you can find a collection of snippets to make your coding easier!

WordPress Snippets

Every one of use which provides WordPress Web Design services or like to dive into the code of he's site knows that from time to time we need a small code snippet to perform a simple / complicated function, display some custom data or just to add some functionality.

WP-Snippets | Hacks, Snippets and Articles

Hacks, Snippets and Articles for wordpress designers

WordPress Development Snippets

WPDevSnippets provides frequently used plugin n play code snippets, shortcodes, widgets, css styles and js/jQuery functions. It is equally helpful for both developers who just started their development in WordPress and who has been developing for years. It facilitates to avoid plugins that just add a few lines of codes to make thing work.

Best Collection of Code for your functions.php file

Please vote on the question and any answers you find useful by clicking on the UP arrow on the left hand side of the question or answer. As with many others who are now viewing this post, I have b...

630+ WordPress Snippets, Code, Hacks, for your theme, blog

Introduced in WordPress 3.1, the WPUserQuery class allows you to query the wpusers, and wpusermeta tables. This allows you to create lists of authors that match a certain criteria (in this example, the role of author), and display information about each user.

WordPress functions.php Snippets | WP FUNCTION ME

Enable the thumbnails functionality for your theme. Let your users put loads of crap into the sidebar! You may need to tweak your theme files, read this article. The admin bar on the frontend can be a bit of a pain if your using absolute / fixed positioning, or maybe you just hate it?

WordPress Code Snippets

I was having a torrid time trying to work out why sometimes my Genesis site had a much bigger font that it should have done. It only occurred in Chrome, and even more bizarrely, it was often OK the first time you viewed a a page, but only occurred when you refreshed it!

WP Code Snipps - Just another WordPress code snippets

Here's a quick and simple snippets for those of you who dislike the default PayPal icon used in WooCommerce plugin and want to switch it with another image.

Website at

Your no.1 source for Wordpress snippets, hacks & modifications.

WP-Mix | A fresh mix of code snippets and tutorials

Here are some notes and markup examples for adding links to the W3C's online HTML and CSS validators. This will enable your [...] Read more " Quick snippet to get all user emails in WordPress. [...] Read more "