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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on May 23, 2014
Headline for Tattooing Everything: 6 signs the Tattoo has Moved into Normalville
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Tattooing Everything: 6 signs the Tattoo has Moved into Normalville

Tattooing is an old practice done by many different cultures. It has been part of the counter-culture and has moved into the mainstream with television shows, magazines, and other pop culture products. Here are 6 ways the tattoo has been absorbed into wider culture:

Tattooed Porcelain Figures by Jessica Harrison

Jessica Harrison’s porcelain figurines will take your breath away. Her art is redefining what is considered beautiful by catching you off guard. It’s the mixture of a classic form and the modern beauty of body art. The detail is incredible and the colors contrast well with the pastel dresses.

Celebrities with Fantasy Tats by Cheyenne Randall

Cheyenne Randall Photoshop’s tats on celebrities we will (probably) never see with this much ink. She’s creating a different view of the world with these photos, just as tattoos are becoming more of the norm. Her photos create stories all on their own.

Harry Styles Tattoo Sweatshirt

In the One Direction (boy band) fandom, Harry Styles’ body art is just as famous as he is. It’s almost as if they have their own mythology. Here you can buy (and these suckers sell) a sweatshirt that mirrors his tats. You don’t even need to see his face to know who this ink belongs to.

Tattoos for Teeth

You can get artwork done on crowns now. Yes that’s right, if skin tats are too typical for you, you can look like you have something in your teeth 24/7. But for real, it could actually look cool. This might even be a resistance to the mainstream takeover of the (original) tattoo.

Tattoo Nail Art

Nail art has made a huge comeback. If you aren’t interested in getting the real deal done, you can have cute tattoo inspired nail art. It’s not going to blow any minds away, but then again, neither would a real tattoo.

Tattoo Baby Shirt

More cute than edgy, these tat sleeves for babies are just another way tattoo culture is being consumed by the mainstream. This might be true, but it doesn’t make it any less adorable.