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Konstant Infosolution

Konstant Infosolutions brings to you its unique and rewarding partnership program tailored to fit your IT needs. We offer you 3 custom partnership programs to choose from. Pick the one that best serves your purpose and join us in our commitment to providing excellent IT solutions.

Uber for Lawn Mowing: Learn from Apps like Plowz and Mowz - Technology Research & Development - Palo Alto, CA

Nobody, absolutely nobody likes mowing their lawn and yet tens of billions of dollars are spent annually on lawn mower purchases. If you add to it the cost of human labor involved, the figure would most likely touch a hundred billion figure

Let’s Evaluate Cost to Hire a Python Developer - Konstantinfo

This illustration lists out the quintessential things that matter the most in determining cost of Python Developer!

Restaurant Feedback Apps that Supercharge Your Customers

Now the restaurant owners know that customer service isn’t a single department, it should be a company. Restaurant feedback apps are an emerging trend that captures the idea!

The Cost of Building an App Like Tinder - Konstantinfo

Looking to build a dating app like Tinder? Here’s all you need to know what it takes in terms of efforts and cost – See how much does it cost to make your own Tinder.

Courier Delivery App Development: A Note for Delivery Startups

Look across the key points that must be remembered while building courier delivery apps committed to on-demand/time speedy deliveries!

The cost of developing an app for any platform depends upon front end (logic and business layer) or front end (presentation layer), number of developers involved, type of the app required (Basic functionality App, Data Driven App, Games, Modification of in-built features or completely dynamic app etc) and the process of app development from wire-framing till deployment. The need to improve or include some features or incorporate a new technology or enhancing the existing features may call for an additional cost. Read forth to analyze our take on it.

Urban Commute: Hailing the Shared Ride (Uber Like Buddy Platform Ideas) - Konstantinfo

Either share a cab affiliated to a reputable brand at throwaway prices or help on to a stranger's car for as much the cost; Let's find how Uber contributes similar app ideas!

Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile to Jumpstart with iOS App Deployment

Let’s cut into iOS app development and deployment process, knowing what it means to sign code and provisioning an iOS profile!

Coronating iOS Development with MVC vs. MVP vs. MVVM vs. Viper - Konstantinfo

Know the best iOS architecture to choose from before starting with your app!

ReactJS vs. React Native: Everything You Need to KnowsteemCreated with Sketch.

There are a large number of JavaScript libraries present in ReactJS & React Native that empowers the developers to do more with it and get more with it. Here, I have some technological comparisons between the ReactJS & React Native that will help you to choose better technology for your app.

Swift vs. React Native: Why iOS Developers are Flocking towards Them?

Let's discuss the indelible effect of Swift and React Native on iOS development and their share of meltdowns!

7 Best NodeJS Frameworks for Developers in 2020

In this article, we will understand the facts that how JavaScript becomes more dominant with Node.js & why these frameworks motivated a lot of developers to adopt Node.js?

Restaurant Customer Feedback Apps May Strengthen Your Restaurants Pretty High

Now, Restaurant business is not only related to food delivery service, but it became an entire business that includes everything which tends to customer happiness. Here, I am discussing some popular Restaurants feedback app that is the core of any business and factor of growth.

How Apps Like Cleanly Ease Out On-Demand Laundry App Development

Opting for a laundry app that helps you handle trivial household tasks can give you sufficient time to lie back and binge watch on Netflix!

Emerging Features of HomeAway: An Airbnb Alternative

This blog post carries information for vacation rentals businesses. Takes some emerging features of HomeAway, which need to consider during Vacation Rental App development.

The Online Travel Industry is Booming with Last-Minute Hotel Booking Apps

Travelling can be scary and stressful when you have suddenly planned it. And, it gets even more restless when you not able to book your hotel. Last-minute hotel booking apps bring the hotel options to your fingertips and make hotel finding and booking both convenient & effortless.

How Trucking App is Getting Prompt by the Uber Freight

Uber Freight captivates the logistics system in an innovative direction. It includes leading technological features that deliver greater transparency and opportunities to both shippers and carriers.

React Native vs Flutter: Choose Your Cross-Platform Mobile App Solution - beBee Producer

What if you have many technological leading market players to develop apps more quickly, but you’re not sure which technology to choose? Here is the comparison between the Flutter and React Native cross-platforms that best fit for your app idea.

Best AngularJS Frameworks Recommended for Web Developers

This blog will emphasize the most amazing AngularJS frameworks, which is a niche field with tremendous scope and opportunities. You can imagine its popularity that it got 54.6 % of developers' votes among the most loved frontend development technologies.

Top Trending JS Frameworks in 2019: You Should Know Them

Confused among all the JS Frameworks? Your search ends here!!! The above-stated blog will help in developing a trendy/ flexible web application, which transforms the app building process in a useful way. See More.

Swift vs Objective-C: Choose Best One for iOS App Development

Developers generally seek out the best programming language for their iOS application development. If you’re confused which one is the suitable language, this blog will deliver you a comparison to secure the best choice.

How Agile Methodology Brought Speed in Software Development

This blog encourages you to evade the frequent project failure using Agile Methodology. Agile modified the traditional way of the Software Development Life Cycle and opted Customer-focused approach, which accelerates profitability.

Easy Integration of Apple Pay into iOS Apps via Stripe - Konstantinfo

Want to see mobile orders take off? Stripe Apple Pay is the way from one-click to one-touch checkout!

Guide to Mobile App Architecture: iOS and Android - Konstantinfo

This guide encompasses recommended mobile app architecture and best practices for building robust, production-quality apps across platforms!

Best Features of Node.js for Web App Development — Steemit

Selecting the framework for web application development can be baffling, especially when you have many technological choices. This blog represents a full picture of Node.js features that pushes you towards Node.js.