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Updated by Kavita Parmar on Sep 18, 2014
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Apple Set Out to Redefine Mobile Sensors

Nowadays handheld devices, wearable devices and other category of e-gadgets are equipped with various remote sensors. Therefore, recently Apple made serious efforts to introduce various iOS sensors in their devices by supporting APIs in the iOS.

Visualize World with a Third Eye - "Google Glass"

Google developed a Google Glass which will change our vision to visualize the world in a different way. So what is Google Glass? Google says "Glass is smart eyewear that helps you get exactly what you want, in the moment. Search, photos and videos, messaging, apps and more."

Start your Google Glass Development Today

Google Glass is almost here in the market, now it's time to ready our business services for this new technology. Initially, studying the Glass specifications can be irresistible; so I am going to give you a quick overview about the App development procedure for Google Glass, the mirror API and GDK.

Bootstrapping Custom Application Setup with Microsoft ClickOnce Installer

Microsoft ClickOnce is a deployment technology that provides a platform for deploying Windows-based applications with self-updating functionality in an online installer. The ClickOnce deployment strategy addresses the two major requisites for the Windows-based applications, 1. Online installer that can be downloaded and run with minimal user interaction. 2. Auto-updating application.

Executing Test Automation in Project

The most plausible answer to this would be, to reduce the time required for regression testing. This will eventually increase the efficiency of the testing team, as a lot of efforts are to be saved on regression testing.

Cloud Computing: Top 7 Myths Debunked

Whether in the technology world or outside world, entrepreneurs regularly struggling with many technical things which will impact their business. Many entrepreneurs find it a tough task to take all benefit of technologies. Cloud computing is also one such area that keeps a guarantee for business owners so long as they know how to increase their financial commitment.

Slingshot - New App to Capture and share moments

Sligshot an app introduced by Facebook which allows you to capture moments and share with your friends and family. Sligshot says, its new kind of feed where everyone is creator. But, how? The sharing feature with Slignshot is a bit different. You can capture photo and shoot videos, any of your moments and sling (share) with your network.

1 Billion Active users per month on Android

Last year in Google I/O 2013, Google publicized the count of 900 million active users with Android devices. This year this count is increased and reached to 1 Billion active users per month with Android devices. Google's Android head Sunder Pichai revealed this count in start of this year's big event "Google I/O 2014" held in San Francisco.

Liferay - The Most Appropriate Framework for Enterprise Intranet Development

Now that the Internet is ubiquitous and easily available on any device, including hand-held smartphones and tablets, more and more enterprises are opting for making their web presence felt across all devices. However, various threats and multiple security problems on the Internet force them to use an intranet application across the enterprise, whether they are local or global.

Mobile App Testing - Secret to Successful App Functionality and User Experience

In this day and age it is becoming more difficult to make a successful mobile phone application, let alone sustain its popularity. The smart players have identified the secret of the success, and it is no far from the experience that the app gives to the user.

How Wearable Devices Are Changing Our Lives

It was a time when computational devices were occupying our desks with chunky and immovable heavy systems. Then came the laptops which brought some mobility in our lives, and later inspired device designers and engineers to bring on computational powers in hand-held devices like phones and PDAs.

Occasionally Connected Smart Clients

I completely agree that we live in connected world. Now-a-days everything is connected, we cannot even imagine smart phone without internet connectivity. However, in many case we cannot expect connectivity to server. Even in some case the nature of application itself demands to work in disconnected mode especially desktop application.