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Guilty Pleasure Songs

We all have them - songs that we secretly love...or at least can't get out of our heads. We asked people at Jam Audio for the songs they publicly scorn but crank up when no one is around to witness. Please, tell us your song of shame and add to our list!

Milli Vanilli - Girl You Know It's True

My guilty pleasure...Milli Vanilli. I bought this tape through Columbia House when I was 11 years old. I loved them and they were frauds?! I remember asking my Dad if I should file class-action lawsuit. He said no. Oh well! Still love the songs they sang. RIP ROB!

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

This is the type of song that I turn down at the stop lights so no one will hear me. But once the light turns green and I slam on the gas, its windows down and volume up up UP. I always say "I hate one direction," yet I always find myself singing along to this song. If someone was riding with me and suddenly turned down the radio, their ears would be graced with a slightly off key cover by yours truly!

Electric Light Orchestra - Jungle

This is Steve, and I'll bare my soul first. I unapologetically love the Electric Light Orchestra. But this ELO song provides almost endless material for mockage -- Sappy pseudo-environmental lyrics like "Chooka chooka ooo la lay" and "Wondrous is our great blue ship that sails around the mighty sun. And joy to everyone who rides along!" Sheesh. It even has some kind of surreal river-dance/stomp interlude. But I'm powerless to resist the beat, and nearly blow out my car's speakers whenever 'Jungle' comes up on a playlist.

George Michael - Freedom! '90

LOVE this song. When I hear it I still see the video of all the 90's supermodels singing along with me! I love love love this song. Great decade, and it was such debauchery for the time...

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream

My husband, my friends - no one can believe it when I not only leave the radio station on, but turn this song up! I think Katy Perry totally captures what it feels like to be young, inexperienced and in love. Which is the best!

Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice (Uncensored)

Gin and Juice (UNCENSORED)

Paramore - Ain't It Fun

I HATE THIS BAND but i can't stop listening to this stupid song whenever it's on the radio!

Powerman 5000 - Super Villain

This song is just begging to be made fun of. It's the worst kind cheesy electro-rock and the lyrics feel like they're written by an angsty comic book nerd. But when it comes on, I just want to crank it up, put on a cape, and go terrorize the city!

Salt-N-Pepa - Shoop

Does this song really need an explanation? You know you immediately start signing along when it comes on!

Digital Undergound "Humpty Dance"

I like my oatmeal...lumpy!