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Knut Harald Nylænde a successful businessman and investor

This site is where Knut Nylænde shares with the world his insights on the sphere of business, as well as the latest news and updates about relevant issues that spark his attention in his various blogs.
Knut Nylænde on Venture Capital: Are Start-ups Worthy of Your Investment?

Just like venturing into a new market or starting a new company is a crucial decision for any entrepreneur; it equally takes crucial judgment for an investor to decide whether or not to invest in venture capital. Venture capital is a way of investing in and funding new businesses (i.e.

Competition for businesses

Some people would argue that competition is the lifeblood of business. In a recent blog entry for the Harvard Business Review, author David Shields talks about A More Productive Way to Think About Opponents. In the piece, he reveals that an unhealthy and unproductive mindset towards competition comes from a shift from a "partnership metaphor" to a "war metaphor" in dealing with the subject.

Attitude and personality in business - entrepreneurs with character

The piece is called Entrepreneurs: You're More Important Than Your Business Plan, and authors Rich Leimsider and Cheryl Dorsey make the bold claim that "the business plan is overrated" and, on the other hand, the entrepreneur himself is often overlooked. I do agree with this statement.

Consumerism's irresistible appeal

We tend to forget that the effects of the industrial revolution in second half of the 19th century went far beyond technological innovation with decisive increase in productivity and, consequently, a substantial drop in unit prices for literally all kind of products.

The core of management

Let’s talk about management. I know management has been the topic of most of my blog entries; and a huge community of bloggers and journalists have written much about it as well; but have you ever stopped to ask what management really is about?

Improving productivity

Tony Schwartz suggests: “If you’re a leader, here’s where you need to start: Stop measuring your people by the hours they put in, and focus instead on the value they produce. Make that your primary measurement. Then encourage your people to intermittently renew during the day (and on weekends, and over vacations), so that when they’re working, they’re really working.”

Innovating the Future of Business

In my previous article (The Value of Collaboration in Business), I wrote about Collaboration, one of the themes featured in the Economist Intelligence Unit's Foresight 2020 report. It is one of the three themes that were developed into separate research projects following the main report.

The Value of Collaboration in Business

"The future belongs to those who collaborate", so begins the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU's) report called Collaboration: Transforming the way business works. Released in 2007, the said report is one of the three separate reports that sprung off from an earlier report of the EIU called Foresight 2020.

The Zweig sway

It was February 21 when the news came that the brilliant financial analyst who predicted the 1987 market crash passed away. He may have died at the age of 70, but it is certain that his contributions and influence in stock market and investment will transcend his years of existence in this world.

9 Life Lessons for Every Entrepreneur

These lessons aren’t about the law, or atomic energy, or foreign relations. Rather, they represent wisdom that should be shared and used by people everywhere.

The digital divide

The fast advancement of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has made it easier and simpler to access services such as health, education, commerce, and finance, online. By use of smartphones, computers and the internet, one can apply for a health card, learn from experts in math, shop, and settle utility bills without leaving the house.

Corporate strategy: Central or divisional?

It is already common for corporations to be comprised of a number of divisions, each focusing on a specialized task. A corporation structured this way is deemed to be more organized and productive. However, more often than not communication between divisions, or rather the lack of it, can be a quite a challenge.

That good old thing that remains

We live in a time when reading in print is almost passé, where books are merely paperweights on tables, and notebooks are reduced to the four-cornered leafy object we can sift through.

Reviewing the role of jobs in economic development

If you want to know the most vital ingredients to economic development, look at the indicators used by economists in measuring economic growth. The problem is that most of these formalized metrics and indicators are dominantly quantitative; which means that they are principally concerned with numbers and statistics and not with the quality of those indicators that are needed to ensure development.

Knut Harald Nylænde on the modernisation of fairy tales

Most European regions are rich with folklore dating back to the "beginning of times". These stories are a key element in most traditions, reflecting the kind of moral and ideological foundations local cultures are rooted in.

Knut Harald Nylænde on religion and the secularisation of Europe

According to the latest British census, the country is increasingly leaning into secularisation as more of its people are professing a lack of religion. As stated by The Economist's report of the said census, "just over a quarter of people in England and Wales say they have no religion, up from 14.8% a decade earlier", while "the proportion of Christians has fallen from 71.8% to 59.3%".

Er ubåtvåpenet vårt i fare?

Norge har i dag seks ubåter av den såkalte Ula-klassen. Det er relativt små ubåter på "bare" 60 meters lengde, med dieseldrift og en operasjonsradius på rundt 5 000 nautiske mil. Det at de er små er bare en fordel langs vår ruskete kyst med øyer, skjær og fjorder.

Teknologirådet fokuserer på droner igjen

I en artikkel for en tid tilbake skrev jeg om Teknologirådets forsøk på å gjøre storting og regjering oppmerksomme på at det finner sted en utvikling av teknologi og konsepter for bruk av droner som kunne redusere behovet for 54 nye kampfly til en innkjøpspris på mer enn en milliard kroner pr fly, og driftsomkostninger som ser ut til å bli minst det dobbelte, trolig det tredobbelte i forhold til dagens F-16 jagerfly ( Kampfly og droner | Knut Harald Nylænde).

Kan den tradisjonelle barriere mellom politi og forsvar overvinnes?

Det er en dårlig bevart hemmelighet at det har vært rivalisering og "ondt blod" mellom Forsvarets spesialstyrker og Politiets beredskapstropp helt fra disse enhetene ble opprettet på begynnelsen av 1980-tallet og frem til i dag, med svingninger i intensitet underveis.

Norway is in the front with drone technology

In November 2011 we could read in the technical magazine Gizmo Insider that the United States Air Force had successfully developed many different prototypes of remote control drones that resemble birds, and even flies . Popping up in video games and some popular action films, these drones are the wave of the future of covert missions and battle, said a military expert commentator.

The Comment Group and the business of hacking
Most spam e-mails are ignored (even before the receiver reads it) for three things: unfamiliar or weird e-mail address, suspicious subject, and syntax errors. However, if you'll take time to go through the message, it is either faking someone you know to ask for financial help, announcing your winning in a contest or lottery you never joined, or telling you to click on a link the sender has provided.
Meløy-selskap fikk avtale med industrigigant
Tocircle har inngått samarbeid med en internasjonal kjempe på effektiv distribusjon av fornybar energi. Målet er å løse en av de store utfordringene som følger med produksjonen av fornybar energi fra kilder som vind- og bølgekraftverk og solenergiparker. Her svinger nemlig produksjonen med døgnet, årstidene og været.
Knut Harald Nylænde bekrefter: Moxie AS hadde et nytt sterkt år i 2013. Også 2014 utvikler seg sterkt
Tidligere i år hadde det norske eiendoms- og investeringskonsernet Moxie AS sitt 15 års jubileum. Omtrent samtidig la konsernet frem meget gode tall for 2013. Selskapets overskudd for 2013 kom opp i 11,2 millioner kroner bare litt bak det foregående rekordåret. Samtidig økte soliditeten til mer enn åtti prosent.



Moxie seeks to be well diversified through multiple seed investments and intuitive investments. The Moxie Group invests in diversified portfolios of businesses, but with some coherent criteria. Investments are carried out through equity acquisition and by debt financing. Typical targets for investments are start-ups, angel and venture companies, in addition to restructuring projects as well as real estate investments.

I en artikkel i 'The Economist' av 24. november står det å lese på teknologisidene om et pågående prosjekt i England som om bare få uker vil resultere i en flygning fra Warton flyplass in Lancashire mot Skottland med et tomotors passasjerfly av typen Jetstream uten pilot i cockpit.