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Guitar Amp Buying Advice


Guitar Amp Buying Advice

My first tidbit of advice would be this:Please DO NOT buy a Squier, especially if you're serious about learning how to play the guitar. I know a friend who has a Squier, and the thing is literally falling apart-a Squier isn't a Fender and is pretty low quality.

Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

Questions and Answers Acoustic/Electric guitar amplifier, pickups, etc..? Well, i have an Epiphone acoustic/electric guitar.. I dont play live.. Just playing at home or with some friends and i want to improve the quality of the voice when i play the guitar.. Some my questions are.. 1.

Electric Guitar Amplifiers

A good brand of guitar for playing metal on would be a Jackson. The usual price for one of these is around $398-$995. They are quite expensive but they are well worth it. They have a great sound, especially if you find the right amplifier. Another brand that is good is a Gibson.

Guitar Amp Buying Advice

PICKS!. Questions and Answers Fender Power Chorus Guitar Amplifier w/ Footswitch: What should I ask for it? I have a 1990 Fender Power Chorus guitar amplifier. It is in really good condition. Made in the U.S.A. 2×12" Fender Special Design Speakers 2 Channels, Effects Loops, Adjustable: Chorus, Reverb, Boost and a bunch of stuff I really don't know how to utilize.

Guitar Amp Head Reviews

Questions and Answers Mixing guitar amp head and Cabinet question..? I own a line 6 spider IV 150 watt head and am looking for a cabinet to go with it. I'm not in huge need of power because I'm just a hobbyist.

Guitar Amp Software

Of course, although you have to fiddle with it a bit to make it work. First I would ask if you've tried connecting a different guitar and heard the results. There are a fair number of variables that you're working with, and it could be a number of different things.

Inexpensive Guitar Amp Reviews

Questions and Answers Guitars???????? Im thinking about getting a guitar. How much do they go for and what kind should i get? If you have pics, that would help a ton. Thatnks! -mk. Your first decision is acoustic or electric. Don't let anyone convince you that you must play an acoustic as a beginner.

Marshall Guitar Amplifiers

Questions and Answers Could you reccommend a good guitar amplifier model? Hey im a beginner, and i bought a yamaha gigmaker, and i got the GA-15 amp with it. Im not very satisfied with the distortion it produces. So could you recommend a good amplifier for about 150$ to 200$.

Mini Guitar Amplifier Buying Advice

Epiphone Zakk Wylde Zakk Pack Questions and Answers Is a Danelectro N-10 HoneyTone Mini Guitar Amplifier good for an acoustic guitar with a pickup? I love the HoneyTone because it looks darling. But I have an acoustic guitar & I'm concerned with how it will sound if I use the amp.

Orange Crush Guitar Amp Reviews

Guitar amp suggestions please? :)? Hey guys, im looking for guitar combo(s) that have a line out for recording at home and can be used for small gigging. So maybe about 30w each. I dont want any digital effects or anything. Reverb is fine, but it doesnt bother me if it doesnt have it.

Top 10 Best Bass Amps

Questions and Answers Jbl cs300.1 amp for two 10"? I just got two 10" jbl subs with a jbl cs300.1 amp and a power cap. The power cap isnt hooked up atm but my question is. Can this amp power these two subs, because at this moment i have it hooked up to what i think is somewhat decent.

Top 10 Best Guitar Amplifiers

What are Good cheap guitar amps? I am looking for a guitar amp but i dont have very much money. My guitar is and esp viper with emgs. I dont know anything about amplifiers so i was wondering what is the best for the price.