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Updated by Terri Lynn Hall on May 19, 2014
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Dribble Tools for Designers

This list came from Iggy over at WebDesignDev. He offers great ideas and tips every week. It's worth it to sign up for his newsletter!

Color Pickers

Our goal for this project is to design a color picker that helps everyone (even your grandma) pick "better" color combinations. In other words, is color picking limited to those with taste or is there some underlying relationship we can utilize? Can we write an algorithm that selects great color combinations for us?

Psddd - Beautiful Dribbble freebies for the creative professional

PSDDD is a collection of beautiful resources from Dribbble for the creative professional.

Build software better, together

GitHub is the best place to build software together. Over 4 million people use GitHub to share code.

Dribbbleboard - a more convenient way of browsing at Dribbble

Dribbbleboard is a web-app based on website which is created to improve and simplify your inspiring by the best designers of the world. Using it you can get access to large shots without opening a shot page, easy and fast.

Fribbble - Free PSD Downloads and Resources from Dribbble

Free PSD downloads and other resources created by Dribbblers, curated by Gilbert Pellegrom

Dribbble Wordpress Plugin -

Trent Walton seeded the idea and asked me to make a Dribbble plugin, so I created one that (by default) mimic'd the wonderful UI created by Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett. After a couple emails with the gentlemen from Salem, we got their permission to use some assets and a plugin was born.

Full Court Shots | Dribbble shots in all their glory.

A way to view all the lastest and most popular bits of tasty Dribbble design goodness.

Highlight Reel - A simple Wordpress plugin for showing off your Dribbble shots

Highlight Reel is a simple Wordpress plugin that enables you to easily display your latest Dribbble shots on your website.

Balllin ~ a Dribbble client

Rebuilt from the ground up for iOS 7!
Balllin' is a beautiful Dribbble client for iPhone. Find some of the best work from top designers from around the world. Dribbble is show and tell for creatives. Designers, developers and other creatives share shots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on.

Highlight Reel:
• Universal App
• Animated GIF Support (v2.0)
• Prospect Support (v1.1)
• Scroll through dozens of shots quickly.
• Shot rebounds. See all shot rebounds with one tap.
• Browse by Tags, setup your user account.
• Optimized for retina display.

Dribbble is copyright of Dribbble LLC. All artwork is copyright of their respective owners.


PlayBoook is a cute and sweet Dribbble client for iOS. Dribbble is a place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design. With PlayBoook you can take a look to the most awesome work from best designers and creatives from around the world.

And this app is for you, you can make better, please, give me all the feedback you can.

Dribbble is copyright of Dribbble LLC. All artwork is copyright of their respective owners.

Dribbble for Chrome Tabs : Benchwarmer

Hands down the best Dribbble chrome extensions. Show shots everytime you open up a new tab in Chrome

Inspired Shots

This is an infinitely scrolling dribble gallery. All the best inspiration for designer is right here!

Nibbble - A Dribbble screensaver for OS X

Nibbble is a free Dribbble screensaver for OS X 10.8+ Developed by @nialgiacomelli

Who Drafted Who?

Ever wonder who drafted who? Now you can by inserting the Dribbble username in this online apple.


Dribbbled Scripts

Dribbbled Scripts

Dig the Dribbble logo? It doesn't come from a single font. Like many logos, the letters were drawn specifically for the mark. Here you'll find a collection of free fonts that are similar to the font used for Dribbble.