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Go crazy with mobile apps

Mobile apps are making the youth as well as the oldies crazy for them. Right from waking up to the sleep mobile apps are becoming like a day regulator of human body


An Overview of New Mobile App Development Trends

Look out for the newer aspect of mobile app development by researching and studying the latest trends. Awareness about new things will add more value to your development skills and experience.

How to Make Application Development Budget-Friendly? Here’re some handy tips

It is not easy to find the cost-effective means for developing a mobile or web application. You need to be little information digger so that you can find some effective ways. A bit of research would pay back good returns in long term.

Some Influential Reasons in Selection of App Development Company

If you don’t have in-depth knowledge of application development, it is better to read some relevant articles from the web that can provide you a basic idea about the same. This might sounds boring and time-consuming, but you will realise the worth of this study with the long-term business benefits.

Is Enterprise Mobile App Development Advantageous?

Developing enterprise mobile apps is advantageous as most of the present-day business decisions come from mobile devices. Working on enterprise-grade app services is a need of today. So, build your own mobile foundation and reap the advantages associated.

How to increase your app downloads?

If you do not showcase your app properly then you cannot expect it to get downloaded. You must create a detailed description of your app to increase downloads. The description should clearly tell about your app and its features. The description should also be translated into other common foreign languages to achieve localization. Certain keywords which best describe your app should be repeated many times in the description to increase search results.

How to test mobile apps rigorously?

Mobile apps need to be tested because they have to perform optimally on a variety of devices types including phones and tablets. These devices have different screen sizes, different memory configurations and also different operating systems. Cross platform devices also cause different kinds of challenges for app testers

Mobile Application

Mobile phone applications are the demand of every industry today. Surviving without them seems difficult for any business. Xperts Infosoft is an Indian company which provides solutions for developing mobile phone apps which are highly user-friendly and always deliver a good user experience. The company prides itself with a portfolio of apps which it has designed for clients across the globe. The company has dedicated teams for app development for every platform, be it IOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry. We do it all.

7 Unheard Business Apps Which Might Interest You

A smart phone was designed, keeping in mind a modern working professional. But a smart phone is just simple hardware and requires these business apps as software to provide functionality. There are many common business apps like Microsoft office 360, PayPal and Adobe reader which users use commonly.

Have You Bothered To Think Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App?

With the passage of time the relevance of advertising in the print media like newspapers and magazines has diminished a little. People now prefer and highly depend on the internet for knowledge or for looking for the services they may require. Businesses today need to mark their presence online to succeed and what better way can be than launching an app for your business

What is Multi-lingual support and how can it help my app in succeeding?

For adapting the app according to a country or its language an app developer must be careful to keep in mind the sense and sensibilities of a particular language carries. Here are a few ways and techniques which an app developer should employ to localize his app and ensure a monumental success of his app internationally.

Popularising your app before its release

A website for your app is like a home for your app. Your app’s website will provide a lot of space to write about your app and explain its detailed features. Screenshots and videos of your app can also be displayed on the website. The website for your app need not be an elaborate one, but a small blog will suffice.

Functional differences in types of Mobile applications

A business first needs to look at its specific requirements before choosing the right type of mobile phone application. An e-commerce website selling health supplements through its online portal will require a Hybrid mobile phone application, so that a user can be redirected to the products page of its website while accessing its mobile app. So every business needs to pick and choose the right kind according to its needs.

Do I really need to test my mobile app?

Not testing a mobile phone app before its launch can damage the reputation of an app developer and put his career in jeopardy. Reputation damage is most likely if the app fails to succeed in the market.

Have you tested your mobile phone app for errors yet?

Have been careful enough to test your mobile phone application yet? If not, then test it immediately. A trouble free app will get good user reviews and maximum downloads.

"App Deep Linking" How significant is it for every App Developer today?

Come 2015 and the mobile phone technology would have travelled a notch further. Catching up with it has almost become like catching a butterfly with bare hands. The harder you try, the further it gets from your grasp. Endless varieties of smart phones and android apps continue to flood the markets, adding to the ever increasing population, reaching saturation levels.

5 magnificent mobile websites and app analytics tools

App Analytic tools are important for business persons who are running mobile app business because they tells the statistics of the mobile app either of installing or purchasing any item or any other analysis report related to mobile website and mobile app purchase.

How Can I Advertise My App For FREE?

Mobile app developers are not worried much about their app designing but they are more worried about the cost they have to pay for advertising their mobile app. Well they no more have to pay anything for marketing their designs and developments. Now you can advertise your mobile application yourself with these superb techniques. Read more.

5 Deadly Mistakes that spoil your App Store Optimization

Are you also processing App Store optimization for promoting your app on the play store? Well are you sure it is going to work for you? How are you doing it? Make sure that you are not making the given 5 mistakes while performing your App Store optimization. It can cost you a lot. Read More.

6 Superb Mobile App Predictions for the Year 2015
If you are a mobile app user then you must know that this year mobile applications are going to surprise you with something really different. You will see the difference in functionality, difference in usability, reliability and lots more. Learn more
8 Wonderful Mobile App UI Trends to be followed
Are you searching for something new to add to your Mobile app UI to make it more interesting and interactive? Well with the advancement in the technology and the upcoming New Year Mobile App UI has also changed the way to design your mobile apps. Want to know what all has been changed? Please read.
How mobile eCommerce is attracting Mobile App Developers more?
Mobile app development is a very safe and secured profile where you have to work with your creativity and have to design mobile apps with unique functionality and features. But these days the trend is moving towards mobile eCommerce where these mobile app developers get more benefits and advantages. But what this mobile ecommerce is offering mobile app developers? Read more
5 Signals That Your Business Is Asking For Mobile Marketing
Your business is not following the trend of mobile marketing? Are you sure you do not want it? Great it seems that you are ready to loose on your good customers and users. Yes, if you are unable to reach your users on time, you are definitely going to lose them. To keep them intact with your business every time you need to go for mobile Marketing. Read more
10 Worthy Landing Pages for Making Your Mobile App Work Better

Are you sure that your application is perfect? This is good but what are you doing to market your application or make readers understand what your application is all about? Landing page is also a good example for making users know about your application. But what types of landing pages are best for your application. Read more

Shall I go for iOS Or Android First? What Experts Say

Designing an application is somewhat easy but deciding which platform to choose for your application is the most difficult job. People have ideas but fail to decide where the idea will fit the best. So if you too are among those, here are some suggestions from mobile experts that will help you in deciding your platform.

10 Important Questions You Need To Ask To Your Mobile App Developer - Dragon Blogger Technology

Are you looking for a Mobile App Developer? Well it is good to hire a mobile app developer for designing your mobile app but what is more important is hiring the correct one. How will you find out if the person is right for you or not? Simply ask some questions and if you get satisfactory answers hire him. Read more to find out those questions