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Posts Writing About Content Shock

Content Shock: How To Avoid It With Social Media Optimization

Content Shock: How To Avoid It With Social Media Optimization Everyone probably has a solid idea of what information overload means. The threshold for our ability to absorb, retain, and recall information is not infinite. Content shock takes this idea to a whole new level, and marketplace.

The Truth About Blogging & Content Shock [Infographic]

Lately we've been hearing a lot about content shock. We touch on it a bit in our infographic here, but we'll be going into it far deeper in the coming weeks. But today, we've compiled some really quick and dirty facts. The truth about blogging that you should keep in mind whether blogging for yourself or for your businesses.

Avoid Content Shock Capture Leads

The New Neuromarketing Rainmaker Secrets That Convert On his blog, Mark Schaefer recently wrote about what he calls "The Content Shock." The idea behind The Content Shock is that while the amount of content available to us continues to increase; the amount of time we have to consume that content is finite.

The Digital Nirvana " Blog Archive " What's YOUR Vote on "Content Shock"?

Writing at on January 6, influential blogger Mark Schaefer postulated that content marketers are in for Content Shock, "the merging marketing epoch defined when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it." In other words, too much to read and not enough time.

Content Shock: The Future of Social Media

We are entering a period where the intersection of exploding content and limited consumer attention will intersect, creating an economic shockwave that will render many marketing programs unsustainable. In some markets, it's already happening before our eyes. Just look at the rapidly-diminishing impact of organic Facebook reach: Too much content, not enough attention!

5 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Content to Combat Content Shock

2014 was barely underway before Mark Schaefer's Content Shock article put a bit of a hitch into our year's content marketing plans. Those who have been content marketing for a while were all gung-ho for the new year, and reading Schaefer's theory definitely caused myself and many of my peers pause.

Content Shock: Myth or Reality?

"Content shock" has been a hot topic in the content marketing space lately thanks to a recent post by blogger Mark Schaefer. Should the industry be worried? In a recent post, top content marketer and blogger Mark Schaefer created quite a stir with a piece titled "Content Shock: Why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy."

Content Marketers Could Become Their Own Worst Enemy

Content is powerful. It helps websites and companies earn traffic, earn amplification through social media, build trust with an audience, all at a cost far lower than traditional or online paid marketing channels. But, sometime in the next few years, I'm worried that it may become a more challenging, more risky, and less dividend-paying investment.

3 Big Reasons Why I'm Not Worried About Content Shock

At first glance the patchwork of covers seemed overwhelming. Handyman, Outdoor Life, The New Yorker. People, Money, Time. Esquire, Maxim, ... All About Beer. And of course, who wouldn't want to spend Every Day with Rachel Ray? I could find the "Secret to Dynamite Delts" in Krave Fit.

Content Shock: What We, the Obscure, Can Learn From Shocking Content

Sometimes we can learn as much from what the experts do, and how they do it, as we can from what they say. Assertion Mark Schaefer wrote an article about "content shock" that caused quite a buzz in the content marketing community. What can we learn from what Mark Schaefer did?

Avoid Content Shock: Ask These Questions Before You Create More Content

Share Everybody seems to be jumping on board with content marketing. In fact, 78% of CMOs think custom content is the "future of marketing" and they are in a mad rush to produce A LOT of it. Because if they don't do it, won't their competitors?

Are you trying to battle content shock?... - Social Media Examiner | Facebook

Are you trying to battle content shock? Mark Schaefer (one of our speakers at SMMW next week) has talked about the ever exploding amount of content...

The Long Road to Content Shock

by Frank Strong Have we reached the limits of content marketing? Is the birth of a trend just now starting to hit the mainstream destined to crash? Mark Schaefer calls it " content shock," which comes with an eloquent explanation that boils down to this: This intersection of finite content consumption and rising content availability will create a tremor I call The Content Shock.

Content Shock: A Real Threat - Prince and the Panda

Is Content Shock Risky Business? Wow! What an incredible ride content marketing has taken. If the rumors are true, content and content marketing has gone from one extreme and may now be approaching the other. Like a roller coaster with all its ups, downs, and loopy-loops, marketers and freelance writers have seen it all.

Will You Survive the Content Shock?

We're about to be deluged with a flood of content of Noah-esque proportions that could get so bad, we may have to actually pay people just to read our work. At least that's what Mark Schaefer is saying. He says we're about to enter a period of content shock, which is going to render content marketing unsustainable as a marketing channel.

5 ways to awe your customers in the era of content shock

Author Mark W. Shaefer believes the exponentially growing supply of marketing content will soon outstrip our ability to pay attention to it, and the growing cost of producing compelling content will soon outstrip our marketing budgets. I'll explain how your company can thrive in the era of content shock.

Is 'Content Shock' Just Another Scare?

At what point does the exponential increase in content production make the cost of trying to grab and hold attention no longer cost-effective? This is the basis for an article by the excellent Mark Schaefer, published a few days ago, that caused quite a stir!

Content Shock? Brands Must Focus On Content Distribution

Brand managers and their content creation partners should put content distribution at the heart of their content strategies to see results. If we think back to the 'fast food revolution' of the 60s and 70s, the world couldn't get enough of the golden arches of McDonalds, Wendy's, KFC and Pizza Hut.

The Digital World prepares for Content Shock

The Digital World prepares for Content Shock Content marketing is hoisted onto the digital scaffold... but too soon? "I believe as marketers, we have been lulled into a false sense of security thinking that this consumption trend will continue to rise without end. That is simply not possible.

Nuances in the content shock

Nuances in the content shock

5 Reasons Why 'Content Shock' is Unbelievably Stupid

Mark Shaefer's 'Content Shock' post is huge at the moment. It's also the stupidest article I've ever read. If you aren't familiar with Mark's post, you can read it here . It contains Schaefer's prophetic belief that the end is nigh for content marketing, and a rapturous event, known only as 'Content Shock', will tear through the industry and render all of our efforts obsolete.

Content Shock: What it is and How You Can Avoid it

Is the world of world of content marketing roaring towards a head-on collision with the law of supply-and-demand? That's the suggestion blogger Mark Schaefer made in a recent posting titled, Surviving 'Content Shock' and the Impending Content Marketing Collapse.

Managing and Overcoming Content Shock: Part 2 (of 2)

In my last blog post, I talked about how some marketers have an opportunity to create meaningful, valuable content through a focus on both strategic insights and an emotional, human connection. This may seem like common sense, and you may be thinking, Of course those are opportunities...

Recovering from Content Shock

March 5, 2014 - Posted by Andrew Gordon The phrase "Content Shock" sounds like a title for a bad movie. One in which a rouge robot with artificial intelligence, named Artie, takes over a power grid with the plan to create an electromagnetic shock that will destroy all modern technological devices.

What to expect in 2014: Content Shock -- the theory and the solution | SmartBlogs

Are you caught up with the most recent online marketing changes, updates and theories? Wishpond's James Scherer, in this four-part series, will examine the most influential changes that have happened in the past six months, and how those changes affect you and your business on a daily basis.