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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Nov 11, 2014
Headline for Disney Reenchantment: 10 Disney Characters with a Makeover
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Disney Reenchantment: 10 Disney Characters with a Makeover

Disney characters have a life of their own in these re-imagined artistic fictions. Even Disney has a history of building upon old stories, because culture builds upon itself. Here are 7 Disney characters taken out of the Disney myth and placed in new stories.


Mouse Liberation Front

Mouse Liberation Front

Leave it to a renegade underground comic group called “Air Pirates” to shake up Disney by taking their precious Mickey Mouse and re-imagining him. This art lead to a large copyright infringement lawsuit, and eventually the pirates lost the case (but really won because of unrecoverable cash). The group started the Mouse Liberation Front (M.L.F.), as a cheeky political action to continue drawing Mickey.

Snow White having a Smoke

Snow White is tired of her Disney role model position and just wants a smoke. Artist Gregoire Guillemin is happy to help her break free of those princess stereotypes by offering her a cig in one of his famous pop art pieces.

Snow White's Revenge

The bandana masked Snow White is out for revenge with her own apple. Snow White, barely a character in her own story, now has the leading role by taking fate into her own hands.There are many versions of this Snow White on Etsy to buy for yourself.

Merida as a College Student

Deviant artist Hyung86 has enrolled our favorite Disney characters into higher education. Wearing fashionable college kid clothing, you can imagine Merida as your college roommate, ready to take on the freshman world.

Capcom Jasmine

Artist Mike V has created our Disney princesses in Capcom style fight positions. It’s kind of funny to picture them as part of the Street Fighter world, but I’m sure they could hold their own.

Little Mermaid Punk Rock

Who knew Ariel was actually into piercings and neck tattoos? That’s probably the real reason she wanted to walk on land so bad. It never really was about some guy after all, she wanted to live happily ever after with punk rock and body modification freedom.

Pooh Bear Clear Cut

Pooh Bear’s home has been destroyed by mans over consumption of resources. Artist Jeff Hong has taken Disney characters out of their happily ever after world and placed them in scenes of real world problems. It’s a clever way to take us out of the fantasy and slap us with the reality check we need.


Belle in the "Real"

Belle in the "Real"

Jirka Väätäinen, a graphic designer out of the UK combined photos of women to make lifelike representations of Disney characters. It's like they're pulled right from their Facebook pages.


Disrupting the Norm

Disrupting the Norm

Artist Kevin Bolk took Disney's cemented gender binaries and crushed them for this refreshing depiction.


Disney's Zombie Apocolypse

Disney's Zombie Apocolypse

Need I say more?