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Munni of all Trades

Kitschy, cute and mysterious. After all, it contains all the secrets of my beauty. Let's try to look for my elusive Beauty Bag. You see it, there it is hiding in one corner. Yes, the one with the world map on it. After all, I do carry my world in it J But currently it is empty!

Color and Glitter: Take Care Tuesdays!! What's in my Beauty Bag!

Today in Take Care Tuesdays, I will be sharing with you what I carry in my beauty bag! Summer is fast approaching and to deal with the scorching heat I like to keep multi-tasking products with me on the go. It is not only space effective but helps me look put-together on a budget.

Colours of the world!

Why somebody like me is participating in Beauty Blogathon? Someone who's never bothered about her skin, hair and complexion , who's skin has been touched by more than 100 cities, who lost her complexion in African summers, glow in European winters and bouncy hair in humid Asia.

A little of everything

Hi everyone...... I am the one who used to read everyone else's blog, till a few days back when i decided to have one of my own. I was still thinking what should my first blog be about as i came across this competition going on, on healthkart. I was super excited....

Beauty & Beyond: Whats in Your Beauty Bag?

Although I generally carry an entire world of products inside my travel beauty bag, I would definitely want to narrow it down to some basic necessities due to the fact that I would like to travel light and you actually do not get so much time to invest on your beauty regime while travelling.

Our External World - Makeup and Beauty Blog: What's In Your Beauty Bag

This post is part of a fun contest by Healthkart where I've been tagged to post about #WhatsInYourBeautyBag. So I thought why not go ahead and show you what I cannot do without and always carry with me specially during summers. Whats In Your Beauty Bag Now this is not a regular Whats In Your Beauty Bag post.

Potsnpalettes Beauty Blog

This post is in response to the ongoing contest by brought to you by Votre, powered by Auravedic and co-sponsored by Vaadi Herbals and Sattvik Organics where I have been tagged to post about #WhatsInYourBeautyBag Hello beautiful ladies! I hope you all are doing well.

Plums and Beauty Blog: What's in your Beauty Bag?

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So, I have a budget of Rs.1500/- only, and have to fill my bag with 5 beauty essentials. I generally have more than 5, but they might be variation of the same item. For example, I might have two different face-washes ( usually the smaller sized ones ) or lipstick and so on.

Summer Fiesta #1

Now that summer is surely here, I want to share with you my favourite skin care products for this season. The dry parched months of Delhi can make even the best skin cry out for help, and my skin isn't the best. I am prone to bouts of dryness, and if I apply regular moisturisers,...

Its all within us- the happiness... the sorrows..

Come summers and it's time to show that extra love for my skin (without making my wallet suffer). So, here is a sneak peek into my beauty bag all within Rs. 1500 that keeps me fresh and safe while the Sun keeps guessing J I prefer washing my face after lunch with this face wash from Votre.

Makeup Beauty Talk

Posted by Nia Posted on 10-05-2014 Hi Everyone! Beauty Bloggers generally have alot of products to use up as we tend to haul alot, either to review or,well, we just love to haul :D but we all have HG or Holy Grail products that we cannot live without or in this case, leave home without!

Bits n Pieces: Top 5 : Summer Beauty Essentials Under A Budget

I love the Indian Summer. Sure it's hot as hell but we can flaunt our skin and flaunt our mane and what's not to love about that! But one thing that often goes wrong during the hot days is the laziness that takes over when matters are taken beauty wise.

What's in your Beauty Bag
  1. Maintaining The freshness: Isn't it important to maintain what you naturally has, thus Just Herbs Ready To Use Face Mask.
Indian Natural Beauty and Makeup: Whats In Your Beauty Bag? Products On The Go!

We should keep our bags clean from any junks like leftover packet of chips (or may be that happens in my case only!) or stray tissues, bills or anything. And, with all the important stuffs like, wallet, cards, hand sanitizer, handkerchief, wet wipes, facial tissues, we all should keep some skin care products and makeup.