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Mother's Day - Celebrating the essence of being a mother / DietKart Official Blog

It's that time of the year when we take some time out, from our daily hectic routine, to honor the contributions of a mother in our lives. A mother is someone who loves unconditionally and wants to give every joy of the world to her children.

Top 10 Online Shopping Websites in India 2014

Top 10 Online Shopping Websites in India 2014 HD...Current/Updated List of Best Online Shopping Websites 2014(INDIA) [ ] has emerged as one of the biggest online shopping Megastore in Punjab 2014. Headquartered in Chandigarh. It is is now ranked amongst the top 10 Online Shopping websites in 2014.

Running Spikes for Fitness Purposes and Competitive Athletics / DietKart Official Blog

Getting started with an exercising routine for fitness purposes or for competitive track and field events? Well, you would need not much apart from a pair of shorts or track pants, a t-shirt and a nice pair of running spikes. You may bring along your iPod, smartphone or any other music playing gadget to enjoy while you sweat it out.

Mental Health: Get rid of stress and depression / DietKart Official Blog

Are you feeling depressed, sad and anxious about some sudden losses in your life? Are you looking for the effective ways to change your thoughts and get better your mood? Or, are you wondering how to improve your mental health and keep your mind healthy for long?Data shows that almost one in five people feel fretful a lot of the time in their life.

Dietkart Blog: How to buy baby strollers

For the first-time parents, choosing a right baby product can be a daunting task. There are so many things that need to be purchased such as - baby carriers, baby strollers and various other things. Making a right choice for the stroller ensures the safety and comfort for your baby.

What are the key accessories for table tennis / DietKart Official Blog

Table tennis is considered as one of the most intense and most skillful games that is played across the world. The rules can be quite bewildering for all those who don't have much knowledge about this sport.This sport is played on a table, with a racket and a ball.

What makes Mapple Amour so effective

Sex is considered as one of the key pillars in order to enjoy a lively & healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda, is defined as the science of life and it gives great importance to love making. Ancient practitioners of Ayurveda have developed varied treatments & therapies that help in the promotion of sexual health.

Effective herbal remedies for quick weight loss / DietKart Official Blog

Everybody desires a healthy body, but it is only possible through exercise and healthy nutrition. However, maintaining a body weight can be a difficult task because people are leading a stressful lifestyle and busy in so many things.Most of people are turning to herbal remedies because they are natural and considered to be safe and secure to lose weight.

Ideal Foods for Diabetic Patients / DietKart Official Blog

For effective management of diabetes, you need to be very conscious about right diet. Ideally, first of all you need to know about the type of diabetes and afterward select the right food for effective results.Food is an essential tool for managing weight and controlling diabetes.

Dietkart Blog: Pamper Your Feet with right foot Massager

When you walk for several hours, your feet will start crying for some loving care. It will be a blessing if you give a massage to your foot by using a right foot massager. Massaging your feet can be helpful to manage stress.

How to maintain healthy eyes / DietKart Official Blog

Please do not take your eyesight for granted. Try to give them the best care and protection from harmful environment because being very sensitive organs, they need extra efforts from your part. In this blog you can read about the effective ways of the eye care:Eyes are described as the windows of the soul through which you see the world and the people around you.