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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on May 07, 2016
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Help (un)Wanted: 10 Songs for the Long Work Day

Think of this as your mixtape for the thoughts you have during your shift.

Maggie’s Farm by Rage against the Machine.

Rage takes a Bob Dylan song and adds their fist raising fury to the mix. This can be your secret protest song before you go to work, or the song you blast when you quit. It’s the ultimate stand-your-ground anti-exploitation song.

Carry Out by Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake

You might need something to sing along to while getting ready for your shift at Burger King. It might not be a work protest song but it’s perfect for primping in the mirror while adjusting the uniform. Sometimes, little things like this can make your day better.

Shiny Happy People by R.E.M

Anytime I’ve worked in retail and this song came on the radio, I knew it was a cruel joke of irony from the universe. You’ll find yourself humming it when someone is rude to you for no reason. We’re told that shopping and happiness go hand-in-hand, but this might not be true.

I’m a Lazy Sod by The Sex Pistols

Here’s the anti-work anthem about taking back your free time. Leave it to the Sex Pistols to take back the word “lazy” and throw it in the face of a narrowly defined ‘work ethic’. Even if you’re tied to a job, this one’s good for the ride to work just to blow off steam.

Career Opportunities by The Clash

When you’re listening to The Clash, you’re listening to smart social commentary. It was written for the time they were living in, but also says a lot about youth and job opportunities today. Punk doesn’t shy away from having a critical opinion about what work really is.

Breathing Underwater by Metric

This song might not be directly about work, but it’s perfect for that feeling of being stuck in something. You might feel out of place or feel like an underachiever when you punch in everyday. You can add this song to the soundtrack of your workday, and feel a little less alone.

Novocaine for the Soul by The Eels

The 9-5 can be a psychologically painful routine that needs numbing. This song is so good it might be able to provide that escape for about 3:45 minutes, and then it’s back to work (or nap).

Fountains of Wayne-Bright Future in Sales

A bright future in sales? They keep talking about that bright future stuff, like they're some kind of economic psychics. Is the future bright or blinding?

MGMT-Time to Pretend

Let's pretend its anything but this 9-5, sitting in traffic, staring at screens kind of life.

MIA-Born Free

The song speaks for itself. It's that feeling of being trapped in a cubicle, behind a cash register, or clutching a broom.