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Best Fairy Tale Books for Kids 2014

There are some fairy tale books that are considered to be classics, while others have a more modern twist to them - but which ones are right for kids? Here are the 2014 top picks in fairy tale books for kids to read, or to have read to them. =)

Fairy Tales: E. E. Cummings

"These fairy tales are beautifully nonsensical and touching to even those who are less than sentimental. They are precious, without any reservation using such a word..."

Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know

"Navigation for this ebook as well as others without active table of contents is simplified by adding your own highlight on the story title or chapter # as it first comes up..."

A First Book of Fairy Tales

"It is as if a fairy waved her wand and these illustrations appeared! Julie Downing discovered her desire to illustrate children's books when she was studying at The Rhode Island School of Design. Her characters have believable personalities..."

The Random House Book of Fairy Tales: Amy Ehrlich

"From 35 year old mom of 6: I have read from many different fairy tale books over the years and this one is still my favorite. The reasons it is my favorite fairy tale book are: 1. It contains 19 of my favorite stories 2. Amy Ehrlich who wrote the stories, consulted several different versions, and retold them in their full splendor without dumbing the text down..."

Top 10 Fairy Tale Books 2014

There are quite a variety of fairy tales available for children all the way from very young to stories that are more geared toward older children and teens - The top 10 fairy tale books for 2014 represent just about any group of fairy tales available.

Choosing Fairy Tales for Different Ages

Download the article: Choosing Fairy Tales for Different Ages Deciding which fairy tales are appropriate for which age group is a problem which faces every kindergarten teacher as well as every parent who wants to offer fairy tales to children.

Grimm's Fairy Tales and Other Versions

Before you select a book of fairy tales for your child, get information on scholarly research and versions of popular Grimm's fairy tales, such as Cinderella, which were originally written for adult audience and not for a child. Now, some of the most popular children's books are based on the fairy tales by the brothers Grimm.

Are Fairytales Too Scary for Children?

First came word that British Mums were no longer singing traditional lullabies and nursery rhymes to their children. Now it seems that old-fashioned fairytales have fallen out of favor, too. Of the 3,000 British parents polled by the, earlier this month, 50 percent said they would not read fairy tales to their children until they were at least five-years-old.

8 Reasons Why Fairy Tales Are Essential to Childhood

Not everyone believes in the importance of fairy tales for kids. In fact, 25% of parents recently surveyed said they wouldn't read fairy tales to a child under five years old because they didn't teach a good lesson or were too scary.

The Case Against Fairytales

Let's face it, fairytales have become quite the staple in our society. Not only do the Disney Princesses continue to reign supreme in the preschool to elementary school crowd, but we have currently seen quite the boost in fairytale inspired cinema - whether it be live action remakes of classics such a s Snow White and the Huntsman, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Jack the Giant Slayer, ABC's Once Upon A Time, and NBC's Grimm ...

Fairy Tale Comics: Classic Tales Told by Extraordinary Cartoonists

"I was a little disappointed in this comic anthology until I read the afterword. FAIRY TALE COMICS achieves what it sets out to do: illustrate the big tales and only a few obscure ones. FAIRY TALE COMICS is truly a collection for children, who aren't so familiar with the tales or expecting of subversion..."

Top 5 Children's Fairy Tale Books 2014 - Best Fairytales for Kids

Like many other parents out there, I have noticed that sometimes fairy tales sometimes so not seem like the "happiest" reading to do with the kids - with that in mind, which fairy tale books in 2014 are the best for kids? Here is a list I put together of the top 5, from reviews and popularity...

Best Kids' Fairy Tale Books 2014

What might be considered the "best" fairytale books for kids? For me (and apparently a number of other parents), "one fairytale does not equal another," and perhaps not all of them are actually appropriate for kids - unless they are pretty thick skinned!

2014 Best Kids' Fairy Tale Books - Various Ages

You may have had this experience: You are reading a fairy tale from a book to a young child, and you come across some parts that you realize might "scare the bejeezus" out of him or her. So - are some fairytales better stories for older children and teens rather than younger kids?

Best Children's Fairy Tale Books 2014

Which fairytales are the best for kids in 2014? Get reviews, lists and other helpful tips on which fairy tale books are the best this year for children...

Three Fairytales Classics That Never Fail - Best Reading for Kids

In my humble opinion, the best fairytale books for kids are the same ones I loved as a child. And the same ones that my parents, their parents, AND their parents loved as children. These stories are timeless - never failing as the perfect bedtime must-haves for dreamy-eyed cuties with their imaginations in the clouds...

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