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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Dec 27, 2015
Headline for Making a Mockery of Reality: 6 Incredible Cult-Status Mockumentaries.
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Making a Mockery of Reality: 6 Incredible Cult-Status Mockumentaries.

Mockumentaries take on the same style of documentaries, but have actors and a fictional storyline. The fake documentary is a clever way of picking apart our culture and exposing it by using tactics like interviewing characters.




Borat uses the documentary style by taking the (fictional) Borat out of his home in Kazakhstan and watching him during his travels in the U.S.A. The character is a stand in reason for turning American culture on its head. Borat uses what is offensive to uncover the ridiculousness of it all.

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous is big beauty satire at its best. In small town America, there aren’t many avenues of escape. Inside the frame of beauty-is-best American culture, Drop Dead Gorgeous pulls out truths about society wrapped around its hilarious scenes.




Farrel is a creative, hardworking, filmmaker who points his camera at Terry and Dean, the two kings of anti- ambition. It mocks meaning by “documenting” what would otherwise never be considered watch-worthy. In the end, it’s Terry and Dean who show us that life isn’t about serious documenting, but actually about having a good time.

Hard Core Logo

A story about a band on the road is bound to have some tension and epic moments. Hard Core Logo provides both of those things and more. We witness the struggle of a band trying to maintain authenticity, while one of the members is on the brink of fame.

This is Spinal Tap

This hilarious mockumentary follows a group of dated rockers as they give us naive insights about the world that only the famous (and sheltered) can give. Fame can be a fleeting thing and sometimes chasing what you once had is pointless.

I’m Still Here

Joaquin Phoenix makes himself a character in this film that manages to be critical of celebrity culture, while at the same time manipulating it with its hoax mystery. It’s a wonderfully confusing walk through identity and crisis. It’s not surprising Phoenix would have something to say about the destructive celebrity world as the brother of the late River Phoenix.