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+ 20 Fitness Ball Workouts & Tips

Big collection of the best fitness ball workouts and exercises. You can also find useful tips about how to use a stability ball efficiently and other information.

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Collection of Swiss Ball Exercises

Do you have a gym ball and no idea how to use it? Take a look at the pictures below for some inspiration.

Best Stability Ball Exercises For Beginners - 12 min Workout

Total body workout with stability ball, specifically created for core training and total body toning. Best for beginners. Tone your abs, core, butt, legs, and more.

Best Stability Ball Ab Workouts

This is a collection of the best ab workouts using a stability ball. You will so how powerful this fitness equipment is for strengthening and toning your abs.

Ten Minute Workout with Fitness Ball

Personal Trainer Donna Hutchinson demonstrates a 10 minute workout routine using only a fitness ball.

Total Body Exercise Ball Workout Video - Express 10 Minute Physioball Workout Routine

This routine comes with several very efficient exercises to work your entire body. This is my favorite routine of this kind.

Denise Austin: Core & Legs Workout

Denise Austin: Core & Legs Workout is a 15 minute core-strengthening exercises that is designed to chisel six pack abs, burn fat, and sculpt long lean legs specifically targeting the hips, thighs, buns, and calves.

Balance Ball Bosu Charts - Stability Swiss Ball Exercise Wall Chart

The stability ball was a mystery when it was first launched. Now it is a common household item and yet we often forget the dozens of exercises. Stability ball exercise posters guide you through target toning exercises and provide a great way to motivate you to exercise at home.

Full-Body Exercise-Ball Workout in Just 15 Minutes

Tone up and slim down with these six easy moves. The Routine Go ahead-have an (inflatable) ball. When it comes to fitness equipment, there's little that works your whole body better. To stay on the ball-literally-you're forced to engage all your muscles, which builds strength and improves stability.

10 Fun Moves to Reshape Your Body With an Exercise Ball Workout

10 Fun Moves to Reshape Your Body With an Exercise Ball Workout Remember how much fun it was to play with a ball when you were a child? A simple sphere was an endless source of inspiration and activity. And it still is.

15-Minute Ball Workout

You will earn 3 SparkPoints Click here for a printable version of Coach Nicole's 15-Minute Ball Workout! About This Workout If your stability ball is collecting dust in a closet somewhere, or if you have one but aren't sure exactly how to use it, then this workout is for you.

Leaner Legs-Tighter Body Workout with Fit Ball

The Fit Ball is a great implement to make a workout challenging and fun. This routine is designed by Andrea to make you sweat, feel the burn and tone your body for a fit and sexy shape.

Adam Ford Swiss Ball Basics 32 min Fitness Video

This is the longest video in this list with lot of exercises and tips on how to use a fitness ball efficiently.

Total Body Physio Ball Workout - PhysioBall Exercises

I love the workouts from Fitnessblender and, of course, they have a fantastic full body workout using a ball.

100 Abs Exercises on the Ball

This is what I call a collection. This guy presents 100 fitness ball exercises for abdominal. Great collection!

10 min Beginner Workout: Top 9 Stability Ball Exercises

Exercises for the Stability Ball do more than crunches on your stability ball. These flab-fighting exercises will work muscles from head to toe. Work your abs, core, legs, butt, arms, and more. Repeat 2-3 times with no break between sets.

20 Super-Effective Stability Ball Exercises

Looking for ways to ramp up your gym routine? Use a stability ball to improve strength and balance for the lower body, upper body, and core.

Exercising with a Fitness Ball

The fitness ball - basically a big, somewhat bouncy ball - was supposedly developed by a physical therapist in Europe who wanted injured patients to be able to get some aerobic conditioning. The therapist put patients on the ball and had them bounce. Eureka - the patients got a great workout without impacting their injuries.

Gym Ball Workouts Application

This app is a incredible collection of 330 easy to follow video lessons on Gym Ball, Swiss ball, Balance Ball & Exercise Ball Workouts plus more!

Reaping the Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball

Besides developing good overall muscle tone for your entire body, the ball provides numerous other benefits that range anywhere from rehabilitating back, hip, and knee injuries to delivering a powerful workout to improve core stability, posture, and muscle balance. You also improve your flexibility and your cardiovascular system by using a low-impact workout.

Best Books about Fitness Balls

If you want to learn more about how to use a Swiss ball, need more exercises, tips and information, the for some books you can get great books.

The Best Abs Exercises with Fitness Ball

Some very powerful ab exercises you can do with a stability ball.

Best 20 Stability Balls

Would you like to buy a stability ball for your home workouts? Then, here is the list of the best 20 fitness balls based on customers reviews. We only pick those swiss balls that are rated over 20 people and the rating is over 4.5.

How To Use Stability Ball for Effective Workouts

Within this list you can find the best books about how to use your stability ball to get far better results. You can check out hundreds of fitness ball workouts, tips and others which helps to form your body with this simple, but very efficient fitness equipment.

Benefits of Stability Ball - Why Workout with Exercise Ball

Check out what are the benefits of using a stability ball here.