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Lead Generation: Sales and Marketing Strategy

B2B Lead Conversion Optimization Tips for the New Year

As 2014 creeps in, marketers brace themselves for possibly the most challenging year of the decade so far: the intimidating expansion of technology is expected to rise even higher, new marketing strategies are becoming more popular, and buyer behavior has never been so revolutionized in years.

Slow Sales? Try These Tips For Productive B2B Lead Generation

You might learn something that can help in your future B2B appointment setting plans. And in case you do not know where to start, you can use these tips as a guide

Hello 2014 - May Your Business Start this Year with a Bang

It's a lame excuse to wait for the beginning of every year before we start improving the flawed aspects of our lives. Why can't we just strive to be better every single day of the year?

3 B2B Lead Generation Fundamentals to invigorate your Campaign

Do you sometimes feel that your marketing operations, although productive, do not have the vigor and energy it's supposed to have? Do you have fears that perhaps one day, your entire marketing strategy will collapse because of weak foundations? Can you honestly identify which core values your marketing concept is attached to?

Strategic Insights for More Effective UK Lead generation in 2014

So, here we are. 2014 is well and truly upon us. As a marketer, you are probably busy getting your new marketing plans off the ground. In highly competitive B2B markets like the UK, you have so much the advantage over competitors if you are able to get your campaign running as early as possible.

How To Win More Sales Leads In Today's Market?

You know that this is a tall order, what with today's highly commoditized market. It is just so hard to stand out against the competition. All of you are practically offering the same thing to your sales leads prospects. Be it is price, quality, or even in quantity, you can see that there is no [...]

Do your Lead Generation Campaign A Favor: Improve User Experience

One doesn't need to be Sherlock Holmes just to conclude that the main reason why visitors leave a website quicker than expected is because they didn't enjoy the experience. You see, it's not always about finding what you're looking for. There will be times when prospects will exit your site even though they found what they need.

Go Beyond The Usual In B2B Lead Generation

These days, it is important to keep up with the market trends. Considering how quickly things can change in the market, you really have to be constantly on your toes. That is the key to surviving. This is also the same situation with B2B lead generation campaigns.

How to be Irresistible in B2B Lead Generation

Let's say we go into a fictional universe where you own a little book store around the corner just like in You've Got Mail or Notting Hill. People would go in, look at some of the stuff, and decide whether to pick up something or not. If not, then they can just leave.

Client Profiling

Selling to people you don't know is like shooting in the dark. While a few pitches actually hit the target, most are not even near-misses. Client profiling can quickly solve this problem. Unlike your typical company profiling technique, we don't simply split business leads by differences in income, status, or age bracket.

Handle A Crisis Like A Pro For Your Lead Generation Company

A company crisis is always a possibility. Just imagine a bunch of police officers with a search warrant waiting for you in the office. Something like that happens, and you might end up curling up in fear. But that should not be your reaction. When trouble occurs, this is the perfect time for you and [...]

10 Characteristics of a Good Lead Generation Blog Post Topic

The demand for content is becoming more overwhelming as years pass by. The growth of other marketing channels such as social networking sites and email means more need for marketers to produce content and maintain its flow to ensure lead generation success. But there is also demand for quality content.

Want To Catch That Hard Sales Leads? Tap Into Their Heroes

Who does not have a hero, someone that you idolize or admire? Everyone does, and even business owners are not excluded. And that is one factor that you can tap for your lead generation campaign. Really, tapping into the inner hero worship of business executives can be a good way for your appointment setting team to [...]

How To Find Your Lead Generation Market

It sure is great to have a winning business idea, but that would all be a waste if you fail to find a market for it. This is a challenge that everyone involved in the lead generation business is concerned about. Poor production of sales leads can be usually traced to bad planning and integration [...]