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Best Wooden Swing Sets 2014 - Top Outdoor Swing Set Kits

Wooden swing and playsets - we're talkin' some serious backyard fun! Here are the "best of" 2014 in kids' outdoor wooden swing set kits, reviews, additional resources...

Backyard Discovery Tucson Cedar Wooden Swing Set

"My 3.5 year old loves this swingset. Assembly takes about 8hrs (with breaks) but totally worth it..."

Backyard Discovery Independence Wood Swing Set

The Discovery Independence Swing Set Kit is a full-featured set your kids will love. This design features an upper play deck with colorful canopy - the perfect hideaway for your little ones. Kids can climb up the step ladder or the challenging rock wall ladder to reach the play deck, and then speed down safely on the 8' slide...

Atlantis Swing Set

Features: Swing set.-Upper deck with wood roof, gables, bay windows.-Sun porch.-Solid rock wall.-Step ladder.-Snack window.-8' speedy slide.-Two belt swings, two-person glider.-Sandbox area. Assembly Instructions: -Assembly required. Warranty: -One year warranty.

Willows Peak Swing Set

The Willows Peak Wood Complete Swing Set comes complete with lumber, accessories and hardware. The playset includes 2 swings, a glider, an Super Summit slide and an 8-rock climbing wall, to provide hours of fun activities for your child. The Willows Peak also offers 22 sq. ft. of deck space and plentiful seating.

Skyfort All-Cedar Play Set

"The last board went on last night, five weeks to the day from when I received the four boxes and the slide. If you have a full-time job, have to go out of town one weekend and get rained out one weekend..."

Top 5 Wooden Swing Set Kits 2014 - This Year's Best Picks

Best kits to build wooden swing and play sets - find the complete top 10 list @

Top 10 Wooden Swing Sets 2014

One of the most entertaining forms of outdoor play can come right in a family's back yard - the ten best wooden swing sets for 2014 can provide some of the best children's spring and summertime activities. What's here: On this page are the top 10 wooden swingsets for the year of 2014 based on both consumer popularity and ratings.

5 Best Wooden Swing Sets - 2014 Top Picks for Kids This Summer

This spring and summer's best - the 5 top wooden swing and play sets for the "great outdoors" of the backyard 2014. Sets available for both smaller and larger spaces, and all budgets...

Best Outdoor Wood Swing and Play Sets - 2014 Top Sales and Reviews

Playing in the back yard never got better than this...

Reviews, ratings and shopping tips on the best wooden swing sets 2014 - info based on top sales and/or consumer reviews...

Backyard Discovery Playset and Swingset Do It Yourself Resources

Read helpful hints on how to set up your backyard playset, proper positioning for your swing set, safety tips and more.

Best Backyard Wooden Swing Sets 2014 - Top Swing Set Kits

Whether you have a little or a lot of space in your backyard, there are some top-notch wooden swing sets to be had in 2014 -- Get reviews, lists and more helpful info on the best wooden swing and play sets for kids this year...

Building a Wooden Swingset

A slideshow of building a wooden swingset. The Kids sure do enjoy it

How to choose a backyard playset

Spring is here, and as temperatures rise, trips to the playground become more frequent for many families. Some parents choose to try to replicate the playground experience in their yard with an outdoor play set. Although a play set is more of a luxury than a necessity, it can be an investment that your child will enjoy for many years.

Build Your Own Wooden Swing Set From Plans

Author: Adam Peters You can easily build your own wooden swing set or glider by getting a detailed plan online or through your local hardware store. Plans come with full, easy to follow instructions as well as precise lists of everything you need to complete the project successfully.

Look before you leap into kids' playsets

Choose equipment with child's age, safety in mind Selecting just the right play set for your family might be a tad tougher than a cruise down the slide. With so many options to mull and factors to consider -- children's ages, yard size, safety hazards, materials and cost -- getting the right set to fit your family could take a little time.

Best Wooden Swing Set Kits 2014 - Top Picks in Wooden Swing Sets

Love the idea of making your own wooden swing set in the backyard, but not crazy about the idea of gathering together all the materials before even putting it together? Kits! Get reviews, ratings, lists and shopping tips on the best wooden swing set kits in 2014...

Best Wooden Swing Sets and Kits 2014 - Top Sales and Reviews

Top picks, reviews and more lists of the "best of 2014" kits to create small to extensive wooden swing and play sets.

Best Wooden Swing and Play Set Kits 2014 - What to Keep In Mind Before Buying

When it comes to looking for what might be best backyard wooden swingset for your kids this year, there are some thoughts to keep in mind.

Where to Get the Best Toys for Kids Online

Not only are this year's best picks in wooden swing sets FROM Backyard Discovery, they are designed specifically FOR backyard discovery. See what I did there? Ha!

These swing sets are absolutely beautiful - some with stained glaze for a rustic appearance, and others with natural woodwork to keep things simple.

Top 5 Wooden Swing and Play Set Kits - 2014 Best Reviews

Whether your backyard is large or has less space, there are wooden swing sets that probably will fit your needs and budget. For 2014, here are the ones I found with the best customer reviews...

Best Backyard Wooden Swing and Play Sets 2014

On doing some rather extensive research online for what would be the best wooden swing sets (in kit form) for the summer of 2014, I came across some great finds. Here are lists, reviews, etc. - top rated and popular wooden swing sets...

Best Wooden Swing Sets 2014

Best kits to set up wooden swing and play sets for the back yard. High sales and reviews, lists.

Wooden Swing Set Kits - Best Picks 2014

With that in mind, here are some resources that provide info on which wooden swing set kits (with all materials to put the set together yourself) are being chosen more than the rest, and rated the best for 2014...

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