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The Polyamorous book review roundup

Instead of trawling through blogs, Amazon and Reddit, London Polyamory has brought you a selective group of novels with a 'polyamorous flavour', that people are discussing online.

Love You Two

Love You Two: Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli: Books

Though this novel is aimed at teens, it themes seem to appeal to young and old. It's certainly a family drama and the plot centres on a young girl finding out her mother has been having an affair, with consent from her own father.

What have people been saying?

George. S : "It quickly built up layers of complex connections and emotional exploration"
Linda says: "I really loved reading this book, and was inspired to find a book that didn’t discuss Polyamory only in terms of sex or a bad light”

The Compass Rose by Gail Dayton

If you want fantasy romance, then this one is for you! Battles, magic, warring kingdoms; it has it all.

What have people been saying?

Anna Suave says: "I really enjoyed this book- it was pure fantasy, easy on the brain, titillating, good story, good characterisations, tawdry, but not smutty enough to make a person feel guilty for reading it”

Open: Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage by Jenny Block

Drawing from her own experience, this book confronts open marriage head on.

What have people been saying?

John Storhm says "This memoir is an attempt to shock the reader awake with the clear message that anything is possible, as a couple, as long as it is engaged with openly and honestly”

De Anna says: "The first half of the book I couldn’t relate to, but the detailed evolution of her marriage from a traditional monogamous marriage, to an open marriage was illustrative”

'Love in Not a Pie' in Come to Me by Amy Bloom

Ellen looks back at her life and grapples with how to tell her fiancé about her mother, who loved more than one man openly.

What are people saying?

Jim Breslin says: “Love is Not a Pie is an excellent story that inverts the traditional beliefs of love and marriage in a daring and profound way. It was truly a pleasure to read and reflect upon”

The Fifth Sacred Thing by Maya Greenwood

This one is a bit futuristic! Set in San Francisco, 2048. It tells to story of Priestess Maya Greenwood who lives in a community run on ecological principles. She finds her world threatened and has to reconcile her principles of non-violence with defending her community.

What are people saying?

Juniper says: “This book is a passionate representation of what our world could be like, good or bad, and what it takes to get to there. A must read!!!”

The New Amsterdam by Elizabeth Bear

This one is a based on the life of vampire detective Don Sebastien de Ulloa. It's a bit supernatural and surreal, with Polyamorous themes.

What are people saying?
Anna says: “In general the city is an open and tolerant place, where every sexual orientation feels welcomed. Respect for diversity characterizes the approach to sexuality and family life-and no one way of being is considered the ideal or the norm. Gay, straight, queer, bi, and transgendered people are valued. Coercion and force are considered deep illnesses and crimes.”

The Anita Blake Series by Laurell K. Hamilton

For those who can't get enough of vampires! The Anita Blake series has a main character who is a vampire executioner and supernatural consultant for the police. The plot centres around the mysteries she has to solve but also her romantic interests. Anita becomes involved with several men and in short story ‘Shutdown’ is in a polyamorous, kinky relationship with a few characters.

What are people saying?
Elia says: "The polyamourous relationships in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series is actually, in my opinion, is one of the positive aspects.”

Six Dinner Sid

This one was recommended to me by our readers!

Is he a 'Polycat'? Well some people think so. This is one for the children and secretly the adults too.

Sid is that cat who lives at number one Aristotle Street. But, he also lives at number two, number three, number four, number five, and number six. He likes having six homes--eating six dinners a day and be petted by six different owners.

What are people saying?
Mellisa says: "As a child, my favourite book was Six Dinner Sid"