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Top Rated No Mold Shower Curtain Reviews 2014

To remove mold from your existing shower curtain, you have a couple of choices. If you are keeping your current fabric shower curtain, it's going to need a good scrub. To keep the mold off your newly clean fabric curtain, hook up a plastic no mold shower curtain liner between your fabric shower curtain and the shower. Alternatively, you can do without a fabric shower curtain altogether and just keep the inexpensive shower curtain liner.

How to Remove Mold from Shower Curtain : Shower Curtain Mold Removal

Is disgusting and can be embarrassing when unexpected guests pop in for a stay-over. When those tiny black spots begin to appear on the the bathroom tile, walls and the shower curtain; you know that you've got a problem. Shower curtain molds come in many colors, sizes and shapes.

Why is my cloth-like (polyester) shower curtain liner molding so quickly? - Yahoo Answers

Edited after typing my question: I just checked and my shower curtain is 100% POLYESTER] I recently moved and purchased an almost cloth-like shower curtain liner (it is not thick plastic like my o...

How do I clean a vinyl shower curtain without a washing machine?

Follow publicly Follow privately Unfollow Any tips on a good way to clean a vinyl shower curtain without using a washing machine? Can I soak it in the tub with something? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

How to hang a cloth shower curtain & use a liner? - Yahoo Answers

Do I put both curtains on the same rod & use same hooks or use different hooks and need a second bar? No directions other than cloth label states liner recommended!