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Project Managment Tool

Scopidea project management techniques and project planning tools are useful for managing any tasks in which different outcomes are possible.

Zenkit | A project management tool that grows with you

A platform for collaboration and project management, Zenkit is the home for your ideas, your projects, your business. Let your data grow with you.

Agile is widely accepted as an alternative to traditional approaches. Who adopt agile they know the benefits like faster delivery, closely match the customer needs, high quality and so on. Agile is an iterative approach. The major part is it delivered the software in different development cycle rather than delivering all at once. Old methods like waterfall can’t deliver the product efficiently and quickly than agile.

It comes to managing remote employees then it is very difficult to calculate their productive hours working from home workers ratio increased in about 70 percent in between 2005 to 2012 and 2014 this ratio increased overall 10% because many companies have noticed that working remotely from home increased the work satisfaction and reduces the many company expenses and this gives the access to the talent in the larger scale which ultimately gives the benefits to the company.

Time tracker is a software that helps to record the time of the work you performed. Time is a most precious thing once gone it will not come back again so you should know how you are spending time what is the outcome you getting by that or how productive you are your time.

As there are many tools in the market that will support you and maintain your work and time efficiently people working from home finds it easy by this software to communicate when required and to keep the records of the work done with spending extra time on maintaining different worksheet or different files this software helps them to save time from arranging documents and easily recover when required. This type of tools is called project management tools.

Scopidea provide Project management software and It's free for five user's. This is free and It's easy to use. It has many feature's Like Time tracking (employee tracking), Document management system, Issue tracking, etc. Please sign Up and enjoy our free software

In early ages Maintaining the file system needs physical involvement, which leaves heavy loads and stress to their staff. As in previous times, people used to keep records in files different shelves which are very complicated and time taking process more over the security of these files or document is always at risk, like the threat of being stolen paper are completely damaged not able to read things.

The Board is divided into different parts like, to do, in progress, and done. This board is made where all the team member is working like in. Whiteboard and hang it on the area where members are working this board should be visible to each team member so that they can also check where they are standing right now as a team.

The agile process helps in systematic project management that helps infrequent inspection and adaptation, that encourages teamwork, this helps in the rapid delivery of high-quality software. Agile Development process refers to concepts of the Agile Manifesto.

It helps to make you aware of modification date, the creation date, deletion date and other operations done on the document. This helps the user to find and share things very easily. This can be used as the knowledge base for the organization for the future projects or for training purpose. Mainly it is used to maintain the records of any organization.

Online project management is particularly vital for small & flexible businesses where all tasks are based on a few individuals who has to communicate & develop the workflow. Online project management and collaboration skills, play an important role in every business & often outcome of a project are highly affected by the starting planning & monitoring phases of a project.

Project management is the name given to planning, initiating, executing, controlling, and closing the work to achieve specific goals. Project management works like a backbone for project manager because it helps to execute the project from the starting face till it gets completed without any hurdle in the project.

In team management the most important part is communication if the communication is not done in the right manner or from proper channel or files and thoughts are not shared at the right time then it can be a disaster for that project.

Document management system (DMS) helps the employee working from home to share their files easily with one another. It also helps to reduce the cost of paper and space that different cabinets are acquiring and it helps to free the space from the system disk as well all this saved cost and space can use for any other productive work.

After making the complete chart that how you will be performing things in your new business then you will give start by implementing these planned things that you have made and these planned things will help you to focus on the main target rather than other things. This is called process of project management.

Agile also works in the same way. Agile is the biggest word in today's IT industry, which helps the project manager to run a project in a systematic and effective way. Agile is just an incremental, iterative improvement in the project development process which helps the developer.

Successful project management is a process that evaluates the plan in terms of how to execute it. How it will work and will be the out what will be the cost incurred. All these things are decided first and project management helps to in all of that. Sometimes with the failure of any project, you might think to complete the project anyhow with little success as well.

It is the set of different task that needs to be done, which leads to achieving the aim is called the project. For completion of the project for a better result, you can use different project management tools, which will help you to minimize your work with the best result in completing the project.

Most of the bugs come due to human error. Bug testing checks the bug of the software before the release of the software which helps in smooth running of the software and bug testing works like a quality check to the project, which checks the quality and its working process that everything is working fine or not before it reaches to the customer.

Workspace plays an Important role in productivity and how well you performed. You can’t achieve your target in a mess that you can’t control. Research shows that there is a relation between productivity and workplace.


Bug Reporting Tool

Bug Reporting Tool

Bug reporting tool are valuable tools that companies use to maintain and manage lists of problems that surface. Scopidea provide issue tracking tools for tracking and managing bugs easily.

Managing software projects have always been a complex task. Project management is all about managing people, managing a business, risk, technology, and expectation. It’s like too many things in the air at once. You can have little training to learn project management or to make Gantt chart, but many project managers rely on their painful experience of learning it when they are working on the live project.

Bug tracking is a tool that helps to rectify the error in the software development process so that software run smoothly without any hurdles in it. This is used by the programmer or quality assurance personnel to find software error and fix them. It is normally used to store the bug report in the system. #bug_tracking_tool

The Project is a task or any work assigned to complete it with some deadline and which gives you some positive or negative result which can be beneficial for your company or it can be loss or failure of that project. The Project can be of any type like software development, product development, ETC.

Agile development is a part of project management. Agile method is a systematic approach to complete the project on time with some valuable benefits. The agile process helps in collaboration and self-organizing team in discipline manner it encourages the teamwork which helps in the fast delivery of the project with more benefits.