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Headline for iPadpalooza Youth Film Festival (HS)
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iPadpalooza Youth Film Festival (HS)

Below are all the qualifying entries for the elementary level of the film festival. In order to vote, you must log-in and click on the "up" arrow on the left hand side. Only positive comments are allowed and any negative ones will be deleted. These votes do NOT guarantee victory as this counts towards 50% of the final score. Good luck!

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DRINK UP: A Hydrated Documentary explores the importance of staying hydrated. By interviewing the coaches of various sports, this documentary will provide information about ways to stay hydrated, some myths about hydration, and the dangers of dehydration.

Ever After

A young boy in love with a girl tries to empress her with gifts. After she rejects his offer he gets depressed, almost takes his own life. However he finds out there was always a girl worth keeping in his life.

Up, Up and Away

Up, Up and away is the story of a boy, a balloon, and a dream. The boy, played by Tommy Derken and the balloon do everything together, sleep, brush their teeth, shave and more. The boy and balloon go through all of small town Barrington, Illinois exploring the city for all it has to offer. Tragedy strikes after what seemed like a normal day, took a turn for the worse.

The Infatuation

The Infatuation is a short love story a bout a girl who is new and meets someone. The boy and girl click instantly. He gives her a bracelet (made of balloons, literally.) And one day, unexpectedly, moves away. He never says goodbye or lets her know he's leaving for good. A week goes by and he's back, and their world's are back to normal.

Just A Thought

A short story of a nerd that gets made fun of because they do not wear a certain type of clothes. A girl names Keiloid helps the nerd through a makeover...

Up In My Thoughts

This film is a short and creative expression with different uses of symbolism to show you what goes on "Up In My Thoughts."

Traveler Balloon

An eight year old girl steals a balloon from a four year old girl. The eight year old then falls and lets go of the balloon and it goes straight UP. On the next day, the four year old is walking by and the ballon returns straight back to her.

Getting Strong

A girl's sister is crippled in a car accident and she tries to figure out how to give her sister inspiration to get strong again.




I think its about apples..

Jim and Balloonie

A boy named Jim taking a walk and finding Balloonie in a costume. Balloonie begins to bully Jim and Jim finally ends the life of Balloonie with a needle.

Speaking Out And Moving On

Three high school kids getting over something tragic in their life's and overcoming obstacles in their way to letting go of their "insecurities".