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Headline for iPadpalooza Youth Film Festival (Elem)
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iPadpalooza Youth Film Festival (Elem)

Below are all the qualifying entries for the elementary level of the film festival. In order to vote, you must log-in and click on the "up" arrow on the left hand side. Only positive comments are allowed and any negative ones will be deleted. These votes do NOT guarantee victory as this counts towards 50% of the final score. Good luck!

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Balloon Mail

Two girls are best friends when one of them moves away. Both are very sad until one of them sends the other a balloon with a letter in it which starts a life of communication and balloon letters for both.

Basketball (UP)

A great memory about some good basketball players against a great team. These crazy shots will show the players' enthusiasm for the game.

The Campout

Mell and Kell go camping and meet a mysterious creature.

Look Up!

2 Girls in a very scary situation.

Flight of Childhood

This film is about a little girl who lives in her own world. She gets a balloon when she is little, which represents childhood. Her friends start to grow up but she stays young. Although she tries to hold on to her balloon, it seemingly floats away along with her friends. When she almost loses her balloon, she realizes it is time to let go of her childhood and gives her balloon to a sad younger girl.

The Uprising of Getting Down

This Lego animation is the story of two worthy tribes confronting each other in a small battle. Borrowing the "Trojan Horse" concept, one tribe overcomes the barrier of the wall to gain entrance into the castle compound. However, this short film has an uplifting twist at the end.

Follow Your Dreams

A girl named Alex is being bullied for wanting to be a artist. She has two balloons that she lets fly away for her inspiration to not let anyone hold you back.

Don't touch the Elf

Jacque receives a unique gift for her birthday, a magic Elf that is supposed to remain on a shelf to retain its magic power. But ignoring her father's advice to keep the Elf on the shelf, Jacque and her friends begin playing catch with Elf. To teach his daughter and friends a lesson about honesty, Dad begins a scheme that creates mysterious appearances by the Elf. But in the end the kids get wise and quickly plan their own scheme to outsmart dad at his own game.

UP Island

The crew boards a party ship, an engine fails, and the ship crashes. Some of the crew (Hudson, Wes and Oliver) are separated from the rest and wash up on a unknown island. They want to get home but they don’t know how. This is the tale of their journey up into space, crash landing on UP island, survival and adventure. Are they UP to the challenge? Will they get home? Watch and find out...

Patrick To The Past!

A boy named Patrick finds a time machine and accidentally travels back to the time of knights. He gets caught and needs to escape.

The Genion

4 Girls (Tammi. Kenzie, Jamie, and Isabella) find a mysterious envelope. To there surprise that note is not from Kenzie's psychotic grandmother but a Genion (Genie is feminine) The Genion can grant one with and what they wish for is a little to unexpected. The rest starts now...

The Balloon

4 girls and a balloon

Growing Up With Cancer

Our film is about Rex Ryan. He is a boy who was diagnosed with stage 4 nueroblastoma cancer at 18 months old. He has overcome many struggles with his life.

Zoe's Cancer Story

Zoe dies from cancer. Her sister, Leelee and her sister Julia are remembering her.

Soccer Dream

This movie shows a kid who wants to be good at soccer then trains and wins a soccer game and completes his goal of being a good soccer player.

Begging to Forgive

This film is about a girl who get bullied and what the bully does to make it up to her.

Stand Up to Bullying

This film is about standing up to bullying and becoming a new person.