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Best Digital Slide Converters - Reviews and Info

Slide to Digital Image Converter Review 2014 | Convert Slides to Digital Images | 35mm Slide Converter

Which is the best slide to digital image converter for you? Find out here. Take a few seconds and easily compare several top rated converters. See how each stacks up using a side-by-side feature comparison chart.

35mm Slide Converters and Scanners to Digital Review

I highly recommend this inexpensive scanner for anyone who just wants to preserve the images contained on their old slides which have been sitting for ages in some closet or for most other purposes which don't require professional quality scans.

Slide Converter To Digital - Best Buy for the Money
  • Convert 35mm, 110, 126KPK and Super 8 Slides & Negatives into digital in SECONDS
    • Unique Speed-Load adapters for fast loading slides & Negatives
    • Stand-Alone no computer required
    • Save images to internal memory (holds min. 40 images) or optional SD/SDHC cards
    • Compatible with all Windows and Mac Operating Systems
Customer Reviews: Wolverine F2D14 14 MP 35mm Slides and Negatives to Digital Image Converter

This is the second slide scanner I've owned. The first one was a pain to use and the images were bad at best. I don't recall the brand and I tossed it out a long time ago.

Converting Negatives to Digital Photos: The Superior Slide And Negative To Digital Picture Converter

This is the only portable device that preserves cherished slides and film negatives at 14 megapixel resolution-the highest available on models of this type-without being tethered to a computer or electrical outlet. The provided trays hold 135 mm slides or negatives (110, 126, and 135) and the touch of a button captures the image in 3-5 seconds as a JPEG.

Slide to Digital Conversion: The top 5 mistakes to avoid when converting your slides to digital format

There are a number of mistakes that people often make when converting their old slides to digital format. Watch this video to find out what they are, and how you can avoid making them!

Scanning vs Converting Slides: Digital Slide Converter Comparison Winner
  • Converts all 35mm color/monochrome negatives and mounted slides to digital at the touch of a button, requires less than 1 seconds to convert an image
    • 5 Mega Pixel Standalone Film Scanner -- no computer or software required to operate
    • Built-in 2.4-inch color LCD screen to view and edit images, USB Power from Adapter
    • Supporting Preview, Playback, and Editing Function, Auto Exposure/Color Balance Algorism by Powerful Processor
    • Saves images directly on SD/MMC memory cards, and with TV out feature
Scan Slides to Digital? The Best Slide Converters vs Scanners

If you have a bunch of slides that you would like to convert to digital images, buying a slide converter is generally the faster and simpler choice. You could buy a slide scanner for better quality scans, but going that route is a bit more involved and a b...

Scan 35mm Slides to Digital: 35mm Slide Converter

Find great deals and read consumer reviews for all the top-rated 35mm Slide Converters in 2014.

Best Digital Slide and Film Converter: VuPoint Solutions Digital Film and Slide Converter FC-C520-VPD

Aimed squarely at casual photographers who want to turn their old 35mm slides and film into digital photos, the VuPoint Solutions Digital Film and Slide Converter FC-C520-VPD can do what it promises. However, there's only so much you can expect from such an inexpensive solution.

Best Tool To Convert 35mm Slides to Digital Photos Easily and Quickly

This excellent scanner allows you to convert your old film into high resolution JPEG photos that are 5 or 10 Mega pixels in size. It will scan 35 mm color film, black and white film and slides. This is all selectable in the device in the setup mode.

The unit has a color LCD display so you can see your photos and you can flip them, make mirror images and adjust the brightness to get a good copy.

It comes with:
* The scanner
* An AC wall power supply
* A USB cable to power it or to connect it to your computer
* A cable to connect the scanner to your TV
* A film holder for strip film
* A film/slide holder for single pieces of film or slides
* An instruction book
* A film removal strip

The unit is compatible with both Mac and PC computers and it requires no software. When it is plugged into your computer it looks like a hard drive and you can transfer the photos to your computer for further editing or posting.

The photos are stored on a SD card and the storage and conversion is fast and easy.

What I like is that you can convert your film into JPEG photos without the use of a computer and it is fast and easy.

I hope you watch my video showing how it works and find it helpful to you in making your purchasing decision. My wife and I love this product and we are beginning to go through boxes of film now to be to convert them all.

Photo Scanning Services: Pictures, Slides, Negatives to Digital - ScanDigital

ScanDigital has expertly transferred millions of photos, negatives, videotapes and film reels to DVD.

This is a REALLY great service that makes it simple, fast, and affordable to have your slides, photos, and negatives converted to digital images.

==>> See how it works here

This service brings new life back to your old memories. Photos do not last forever and as they sit out of sight in a closet or basement they are deteriorating a bit more each day. There are endless dangers that put your photos at risk and the only way to guarantee the safety of your memories is to preserve them digitally.

ScanDigital is the perfect photo scanning service to help you preserve the memories of your life.

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